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  1. findlay13

    Royal Enfield V twin

    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorcyclecruiser.com%2Froyal-enfield-unveils-v-twin-powered-kx-concept-at-eicma%3Fsrc%3DSOC%26dom%3Dfb%26fbclid%3DIwAR14MBFIzjkyxrSrTLHIkH8KSBffnhkNCthPM2KNccgdc03LTT_lkIjOr1E&h=AT0istFukJq8E_plFNb3LHmFLNeD7r9qXT6osmuKA4zvoild6QOzCHNgEeWTNGs69LxkL04tysD_Kkj3np79jSUHzybEWBp3j2MK6nrJzuE-Pap1V_QwMk1P4ib8chhMfNLPvkXB1t6XWAxmtj5KiIowa-vSF5-a_-tsteos44krh07Emk_Ri1Li_O7qM__cJK8U-YUTgtCdCXT5D2_xfRxrYxEOvQIJoNsnnYOomIWFiVAbIipMlP-LPwh8v7ZUVcz-RLuNtzNb1lgcJQcWj8YanQ8RGopq7V-t6PpDFX9PTcm7V27sM_Ph0p31emK-OpYT8UtLkbmtZGht7VPIC1pPYv4D-J506im8zvvoqpbfoX8LCXJNSIoiWixvc6O1V5oecMe9rKU1ZBaxnC5Hn3OIN6UMrFUQhS14QLpKeJsVcuM89JDkbL3YjBAxheQOskX08jAiKw3Gk1Q14piHT5N3q8XFWLA63DE0XJwYvQKvxXMwpVC_nZGsnkNN5Au_OQx8DBWNVmEt_rY0lQB69tr-5B8 May be your style by the looks ThaiGuzzi ? The old original in the photo looks better IMO. Bugger it's come out like this again.I AM a dinosaur
  2. But I thought Tourist arrival numbers were at an all time according to TAT?
  3. Kawasaki seem to be about the best Value bigger bikes in Thailand at the moment to me.I need forward controls so that limits my choices .As mentioned the shit exchange rate[Aussie Dollar as well as others]doesn't help though.
  4. findlay13

    Ok who's not paying their fines? 😂

    Australia now,20 kph and + over and it's double demerit points .Virtually kiss your licence goodbye.Fines and demerit points doubled in some states on public holidays when everyone's driving [but it's NOT revenue raising.It's for our safety]
  5. findlay13

    British bikes

    Yes the 140V I had was oil tight.The first one, the T110 was about 17-18 yrs old when I got it.Hardly two screws or bolts on it were the same. Whitworth,BSF,Phillips head screws, allen key bolts etc etc
  6. findlay13

    British bikes

    No relation I'm afraid.But I just read Wikipedia about him .Impressive.
  7. findlay13

    British bikes

  8. findlay13

    Loud pipes

  9. findlay13

    Jawa coming back?

    I sat my motorcycle licence on a 350cc Jawa like the one pictured.In those days if you went on 250cc or under you got a licence for up to 350cc but if you went on 350cc you got an open licence.
  10. findlay13

    Jawa coming back?

    Yes if they can't do a half decent copy of the original they shouldn't bother.Royal Enfield for instance,as we've said, had a perfect chance to do a modern decent copy of the interceptor,but didn't.
  11. findlay13

    Jawa coming back?

    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorcycle.com%2Fmini-features%2Fjawa-return-new-293cc-single-bsa-may-follow.html%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2wlx8vP_5uHjwyCNvefOTkFEgVL6AdUXaefFXF-XJN6Z9N8Cc6MxLD_OM&h=AT34YIb6zt6w7sauGlF7idSTJ4r5RoSOtFwzB68IZF2Zn9Sgkfd2_iRR4YTJHMV4S1dCobqx0ytMj1WjGPGvnEJwG6GTWqEiIfheWzdfYCaakmjprz8g1ni-ZXr51RdebSdqQHHbtR23RgiuVNwvBLBXvXfnjQm03J_XtdhVe_416E6jqnpw3moYNwm8qPSSl7G_6KU-9OapHwlRACup4ERY5mu_1tTwYTUQiv1I7x5mlaUlrth0_GxyNb33gvaDsiQhqRVaoqWJCPZBSFQcbB12ECONkJBxQMbVZ5f7KuBku9aMg8phnUqzUt_GIJukDr1ozrt1-8LC7A4Ey3YqLMfifQytYpUQFzKWi0T0XFeET55QWTkA5fuxPW6x2BdaeoMLH5cckxBYECVCAphIEkWmCRQx43HKNFfdYXf7mJdHDKXsj8ScyeTsgO0yBl5Rpb-XwrawE-heqxsgnn8upTPHtqDZcnpSL0inVA Sorry folks I posted this and this is how it came out. Maybe BSA too
  12. findlay13

    British bikes

    They are all 5K pius more in Thailand than Australia [and more now the Aussie Dollar is dropping] .I picked up a 650 Kawasaki Vulcan last trip for about 10K which was only about 500 more at the time.A new speedmaster iis 632,000 baht and is 21K here which was about 505,000 Bht [now 475,000 bht approximately]
  13. findlay13

    British bikes

    I didn't know that.Yep he saved the day
  14. findlay13

    British bikes

    You lost me.Do you mean Bloor? or "Bob the Builder"?