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  1. Haha Well Brains of Britain,I suggest if you're so worried about it you move back there.I kissed the Mother country goodbye in 1964 and would not live there for quids. but I hate deceitful politicians which it seems May and her cronies are along with most of the rest of the politicians in the world. But all the remoaner stamping of feet and "we want another vote.We didn't vote last time " too bloody bad.The people voted OUT what don't you get about that.Didn't like the result? Tough.Perhaps surgery to remove your cranium from your rear end may help?
  2. Your all ears? Poor bugger, Oh dear, never mind. How did all this work before the Brussels dictatorship? Britain USED to have a very good NHS and can again I have no doubt. Re introduce customs More than half the problems seem to be from no borders and free travel and illegal immigrants as far as I can tell. Interpol worked before and could again beef it up a bit maybe. As for the financial obligations that was paid in full in blood in 1945 .Tell them to shove it. 39 Billion pounds would be a nice kick start to re building the UK as a nation free of EU B.S.There's a world outside of Europe waiting to trade with the UK. How does Switzerland Do so well being a none EU country? Norway does alright as a none full member but they have EU problems with immigrants I'll admit. But I wont comment further. Arguing here with thai visa members is a waste of precious time and effort.
  3. Yet's have a fourth vote.!We could keep on doing "ad nauseam "and "ad infinitum" Then the remoaners would get what they want the UK would never be out! Leave means LEAVE!
  4. Definitely one of them
  5. You WILL VOTE! You WILL exercise your democratic right it's compulsory!
  6. May should be charged with Treason IMO.
  7. findlay13

    R.E. review

    I'd definitely consider an RE if I could use mid mount pegs.Although I can't fault the 650cc Vulcan so far.it's full of plastic but here in Thailand it's good value and "punches above it's weight" IMO . Out for a coffee yesterday with a friend who has the 2019 version [green]
  8. All part of the "me first" mentality!
  9. findlay13

    Police rejecting tea money!

    Yep me too Licence check "thank you Sir.Perfect" ,and on my way.Maybe they need to show a certain amount of "through the books" fines as well as the under the table payments ,but If I've been doing the correct thing I've never had any problems except once they tried to "fit me up" driving a car in Udon Thani,When after I got irate,I was let go..Everytime I've been fined ,either officially through the books, or provided "tea money" I have been breaking the law.
  10. findlay13

    R.E. review

    Triumph are priced over the top here.I can get a 1200 speedmaster in Australia for about 500,000 bht depending on the exchange rate.They are currently 645,000 bht here and are made at the Triumph factory in Chonburi as far as I know. Triumphs do seem well finished.I'm not sure about the 650 Enfields.The reports are good though and at 215,000 bht well priced.The 500 single is about 180,000 so I'd expect the 650 to outsell the 500 unless the 500 has a price drop.
  11. findlay13

    R.E. review

    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorcyclecruiser.com%2Froyal-enfield-builds-two-6000-bikes-for-everyone%3Fcon%3DTrueAnthem%26dom%3Dfb%26lnk%3DTA%26src%3DSOC%26utm_campaign%26utm_content%26utm_medium%26utm_source%26fbclid%3DIwAR0yjhBItZYZmnX_OxfMKaitwvUfaGvLT_S0Ahc9ppX0sn33pCjvvAe8Vpg&h=AT2Y-EC0AhQzFNKIDUGg2eP-nTZKtMbD6DkzuHKZGInG-sFIeip03syGgd4GOGe9jrTmEsQtp623e8rSfJVFYnOtJAb8ctjN4niP8QipOUPF3bmiMAc_xkJaWm6S75vItle9aipb-pjKJJEJDqwticGirBjoAYm7Wm3bquaSrWL6h8vdtcASL0wde_RW8Q7FhZkYj9uALdIidodRWDiGeEL3wVKfMw9Pk4qZgBUIGlKkgZCBX8NcrB_fkQ1XQKoG4eA3xl1WH_Ym_s33R85ubhoNQah4e-fx_mz5QJ6j_70w81AHTyQC0pTBmpelG2MoB2k4j2VCDoYGTMqVyU_1P7gxWTW6nGOGUDrFDFXmAZOTwrn-oX0YukWM9Eze6sGB4zqdDKaFDRaHXZsnWMHTWc8OGj71eE73nIjTHEXt20IwD4oQwL1KHRIG-Co7Ug0wov_OInrGugCGLiTdGrQHuMwSf_gYlZuV_jPIAoHLdUX6ImeLKYXqXmydpLk7J4CIV87Oezgsl94Q3w200oyTUxL2RpLsyoFabecNsJ4LY1KMBmNR3vpc9sHfWoKo4UhfAE4ndKvbRnriodDCkvofbm8R5ZBumGHCoc1kncc1FHSd__5TOZT0HgzQ_416IuLhsYpfRxQWZ8S3fnItldLrWFJt4uEqT5x6tp6V3z6D1JK21hLN Not for me but interesting I thought.
  12. And that's possibly the driving instructor!
  13. Maybe because it seems they all drive motorcy's from childhood to school the local shops etc., the habits of weaving , changing lanes, pushing in ,going down the street on the wrong side, Me first,etc. etc. etc. etc. come from the only driver "training" they got on Honda Waves and such ,and they think driving a half ton pickup is the same?I'm perhaps stretching a long bow by saying " maybethey think."