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  1. Thanks Ubonjoe for the suggestion. At this point of time, it will be too late, with the conversion to non o, the retirement extension, it will get me to September at which time I have to go back to the US. I will take another look at it when I get back.
  2. Yes I wrote down "Retirement" as the purpose of visit.
  3. This morning I applied for a Non-O based on Retirement and it was denied. I had the US embassy affidavit, that didn't help. They said that I could only obtain that from the US. The person at the window might have mixed up with the Non-OA, I think. I asked if the Thai embassy in Vientiane would give the non-o, he said "no, we follow the same guidelines" but he offered to give me the Tourist visa instead, minus the plane ticket and the financial proof. I couldn't refuse. I was warned by the people who did my paperwork in front of the embassy that nothing was concrete anymore as far as the visa regulations is concerned.
  4. Would you share which visa service you used in Vientiane? And did you have to provide the Medical and Police records?
  5. FYI, Laos is a third world country, don't expect Vientiane to be like Bangkok. Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. I will apply on the seventh. Didn't know the sixth was a holiday. Thank you Ubonjoe.
  7. My tourist visa extension ends on the 24th. of this month. I am planning on applying for the non-o (for retirement) on April 6, maybe 7. Will this be sufficient time to apply with the three Songkran days as holidays for the Immigration.
  8. Thank you Jingthing Sent from my SM-J710F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  9. I will use the home state of Maryland as my address when filing even though I have lived here for a whole year. I usually don't live more than three months in my home state. Will I have to file the FBAR if I have less than $10,000 in a Thai bank?. FBAR is new to me. Will greatly appreciate any help.
  10. Thank you Ubonjoe
  11. Savannakhet can do the change from STV to non-o now? I thought it was only in Vientiane. Does anyone know if very recently, Vientiane still asks for the police clearance and the medical record? Sent from my SM-J710F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  12. I am presently holding a setv and when it expires I will go to Vientiane for the non-o. Once in Laos, I will wait a couple of months before applying. Can I do that? or I must have a few days left on my current visa when I appy. Thank you.
  13. Can withdrawal receipts from ATM to use for deposit money in account be used as proof of money coming from overseas?
  14. I will go to Vientiane for the non-o, the extension in Surindhorn. I am leaning on using the combination method. Thank you everyone.
  15. To apply for a Extension based on Retirement, is one bank account sufficient or I need two Saving accounts to satisfy the requirements. What I meant was two Saving accounts from two different banks, one is for the Extension application and one is for show as a mean of living expenses. I rather have just one. When I apply for the non-O single entry, do I need to have the full amount (i.e. 800,000 baht for example) at the submission of the application or I can wait until I apply for the Retirement extension. Thanks.