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  1. Ubonquest

    Retirement visa

    Thanks Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Ubonquest

    Retirement visa

    How late can you apply for an extension on the last month of a non-o based on retirement visa Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Ubonjoe sticks with me, giving me answers and suggestions without being asked. I will always be grateful. Thank you.
  4. Could anyone comment on using a Hotel's address to apply for a non-o and an extension based on retirement. Thank you. Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. You might be right about the guy that accepted the applications at the window. He could be a new trainee because there was another guy standing next to him, not saying a thing, just observing. After handing him the application, he flipped through the pages and asked "this is for Retirement, right? I said yes" and then he said that I had to get it from the US, I thought too, that he had mistaken with the OA, so I said that I wanted the non-o based on retirement, not the OA. Well, Ubonjoe, thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  6. Yes, in Savannakhet, copies of letter from bank and bank book pages and embassy income affidavit were included in the submitted package. I had the bank book with me in case they wanted to see it. Maybe I should go back and try again since I have the re-entry permit with me.
  7. As stated previously, I wasn't issued the non-o in Savannakhet, so with the TV, I flew to Bangkok, went to CW. With 20 minutes left to lunch break, I was called in. The IO crunched some numbers and I was approved. I signed the documents and she started putting the information in the computer then suddenly she realized that my address was Ubon. She apologized profusely, saying that I had to go apply there. Sirindhorn was more difficult. Immigration will send applications to KhonKaen for approval. I was using the combination method. The IO I was dealing with had never seen the combination way, she said. The difficulty was that my bank book showed some cash amount deposited, when I first opened the account. Some amount was withdrawals from ATM. They wanted proof of that. Also, they wanted documents to show the source of my monthly income stating in the Affidavit. That was my SS payment plus Pension. I couldn't provide that. My options are: 1. Going back to CW, either using a friend's or a hotel's address. My thinking is that, since I am on a TV, I can move around, having different addresses. Can I use a hotel's address where I stay a couple of days when I am in Bangkok? 2. Going to Penang. I read somewhere in here that it was not difficult to obtain a non-o there. Could anyone confirm? 3. Going to Vientiane with the medical paper and police clearance. This is my last option. Don't want to deal with the extra paperwork. 4. Apply in the US. I will be there in September. Do Embassy and Honorary consulates issue Non-o (not non-O.A), 90 days visa? According to the IO in Sirindhorn, they do. What are the requirements for getting it? Thanks
  8. Ubonquest

    Savannakhet Visa

    I was there last Monday applying for the non o based on retirement as I have posted. I had all the paperwork in order. My income affidavit was attached with the application but the guy at the window just took a look at the application then just flat out said "no, we don't give it here, you have to apply for it in your country". That was the exact wording. He did not say "not anymore" Now this week they gave it. So inconsistent. Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Thanks Ubonjoe for the suggestion. At this point of time, it will be too late, with the conversion to non o, the retirement extension, it will get me to September at which time I have to go back to the US. I will take another look at it when I get back.
  10. Yes I wrote down "Retirement" as the purpose of visit.
  11. This morning I applied for a Non-O based on Retirement and it was denied. I had the US embassy affidavit, that didn't help. They said that I could only obtain that from the US. The person at the window might have mixed up with the Non-OA, I think. I asked if the Thai embassy in Vientiane would give the non-o, he said "no, we follow the same guidelines" but he offered to give me the Tourist visa instead, minus the plane ticket and the financial proof. I couldn't refuse. I was warned by the people who did my paperwork in front of the embassy that nothing was concrete anymore as far as the visa regulations is concerned.
  12. Would you share which visa service you used in Vientiane? And did you have to provide the Medical and Police records?
  13. FYI, Laos is a third world country, don't expect Vientiane to be like Bangkok. Sent from my SM-J710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. I will apply on the seventh. Didn't know the sixth was a holiday. Thank you Ubonjoe.
  15. My tourist visa extension ends on the 24th. of this month. I am planning on applying for the non-o (for retirement) on April 6, maybe 7. Will this be sufficient time to apply with the three Songkran days as holidays for the Immigration.