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  1. zyphodb

    Error 520

    Not had the daily email at all today, is this everyone or just me for some reason?
  2. A 5000 Bht fine for a dog killing another? You could beat another person senseless & not get a fine anywhere near that if you were Thai, Why are dogs so valuable? Amazing Thailand...
  3. zyphodb

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

  4. zyphodb

    63 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    I'll give you three guesses...
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth Mike.....
  6. Such a tragic situation for them all, I wish the Father luck in trying to get justice, but this being Thailand, I think that justice tends to be in short supply, unless youre rich of course..... s
  7. I am quite surprised to see all these members above defending the insurance company when it's common knowledge that these "human sharks" will do anything that they can to get out of paying up on a claim..... Looks like a large lack of empathy to me... But then again, this is Thaivisa so I shouldn't be surprised I suppose, It does make me grieve for the "human condition" these days....
  8. ^^^ I think your Thai friend is almost right, but it's not that the gov. haven't got anyone competent enough in English, more that the Thai population as a whole are unable to read it so it's not important to them...
  9. zyphodb

    Crash, boom, bang !

    Sounds like a fairly normal happening on Thai roads, not the actual accident but the lane changing without looking, what I always do as soon as they start to do this, or pull out from a side street is give a couple of toots of my horn so that they realize that someone's there, most Thais won't do this for fear of making someone lose face but as far as I'm concerned this is the number one reason for having a horn in the first place, as long as you give them a couple of blips rather than a long blare they don't take offence, well mostly anyway, and if it saves an accident.....