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  1. zyphodb

    RTP website hacked - police scurry to rectify

    They upgraded to pirate copies of XP this year...
  2. This is deliberate to allow room for all the corruption...
  3. Probably a good job Thais don't understand Russian...
  4. 7? they're still on pirate copies of XP, aren't they?
  5. The hi so's & bureaucrats whose pockets most of the money went into won't consider it wasted... TIT
  6. Especially after midnight once the whiskey has had a chance to kick in on top of the Yabba.....
  7. ^^ ^^ It's going to "rain" marijuana...
  8. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they.....
  9. And where are you going to find them then???
  10. They (the BIB) were probably struggling to find an officer sober enough to drive to the pub at that time in the morning...
  11. zyphodb

    What game are you playing

    I'm gonna wait for the PC release for RDR 2, does look good though...
  12. Absolute rubbish.....