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  1. Agreed, sadly missed, a real character, & he liked the stranglers too, my favourite teenaged punk band....
  2. Agree with the list although you've left a few out, not so sure about the order though....
  3. Poor man, my first thought when I saw the headline was that we have the opposite problem over here, lots of 25-year-old men with the minds of 12-year-olds...
  4. zyphodb

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    I wouldn't worry about that too much, if it wasn't her it would have been someone else, nothing is secret in a Isaan village, everyone knows everything that you do, I lived in one for five years, & the bush telegraph is the most efficient thing in the whole village...
  5. zyphodb

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    Sorry to hear this mate, a few good suggestions here, sensor tripped floodlights, remote lead release & a airhorn or teaser sound the best,,, I also think that he knew your wife was away, the bush telegraph in Isaan villages hears everything, stay safe...
  6. zyphodb

    Now or never for unpopular land tax

    Obviously never, only the poor pay tax, the same to a certain extent the world over, but needless to say much worse here....
  7. Wasn't Korea where the Moonies started?
  8. 1. Always assume that everyone else on the road are going to try to kill you... This makes you ride defensively...
  9. zyphodb

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    We rent a 3 bedroom bungalow & I have Thai wife & 3 kids Thai Social security, A 125cc scooter & my 15 year old BMW 650, we spend between 20 & 25k Baht/month & I do drink & socialise but generally only at w/e, we live in a small city in Isaan which makes a huge difference to costs, If I lived in Bangkok I should think I could double that for the same quality lifestyle. I used to live in the UK & spend easily treble that for not as good a lifestyle....
  10. zyphodb

    Motorbike travel around Vietnam......again

    Nice one Chris, looks like a great trip, Thanks for putting all the time and effort to post, I'm curious why you decided to do it in the middle of the rainy season though...
  11. The Auz products I notice are frozen Beef, butter & wine, all with a hefty Thai import tax on, so what are they talking about???
  12. While it's obviously disgraceful behavior, if that was a man, not a Tom doing the beating it would be a Wai & a five hundred Baht fine, ( & before someone starts, I'm not saying that's ok) where does 10 years in prison come from? huge sexism at work here...
  13. I've bought a couple of games from steam with mine in the last week with no problems, maybe something to do with your internet connection being too slow?