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  1. Many thanks kind Sir. I have made my complaint to Solvit (I didn't know about them, so many thanks).
  2. Thanks for your commentary, I shall not send these thoughts. Although it would be nice if a visa allowed a foreign spouse to settle in the UK without needing to pass all the language exams, if they are not intending to work and are fully supported by their other half's pensions etc. Makes me wonder how the system would cope with someone with learning difficulties..... as to: The Spanish requirement you speak of is a Spanish requirement, not an EU one and certainly not a UK one. As you have always been unable to register your Thai marriage in the UK, how did you manage to meet this Spanish requirement previously? I did not deposit our marriage certificate because I was told that it was unnecessary. What a mistake to make..... Our marriage certificate was new and within the three month window that Spain required. We were also required to swear oaths at the Consulate in Malaga as I mentioned. The Spanish system is somewhat strange in that a date on a marriage certificate does not signify anything as far as I can tell. The Consular Office in Malaga said that they have tried to get the Spanish to drop this requirement because it causes unnecessary work for the Consul, extra expense and stress for the people concerned. The Spanish do not care..... We have visited the Consul again and have sworn new oaths, the cost was 175 GBP which I think is excessive when considering what is actually involved. Now we have our fingers crossed...
  3. laislica

    Keto and Back

    Oh, so much to lose..... Actually, the trick is to find the lifestyle that you can live with. Then All OK. For me, it seems to be bits of Paleo, Keto and plant. Mostly veggies. It seems to work for me and something that I can stay with on the long term. The link I offered was very helpful. Maybe you can find it on youtube? Whatever. Eating is NOT a religion full stop! It's just what we do. When we follow the SAD (Standard American Diet) - well you know what follows..... If we choose to eat healthily, then we only need to detox the <deleted> that comes in that we cannot avoid..... Then we good.....
  4. I too shall be submitting my proposed thoughts: (Any quick feedback would be greatly appreciated, I will wait for a day and then send it.) (Cheers) In response to your “Call for evidence: Home Office approach to charging for services” Please email the Chief Inspector: [email protected] https://www.gov.uk/government/news/call-for-evidence-home-office-approach-to-charging-for-services 1. I married a Thai lady in February 2013 and we travelled to Spain where I have lived full time since my retirement in 2000. Sure there were hoops to jump through and some expense and it took about 5 months but she was granted a Residency ID Card which, along with her Thai passport, allowed free travel for 5 years before it needed to be renewed (No further Visa’s or other paperwork or fees required). There was No verbal language test, No written language test and No knowledge of the country tests (so no fees). We had to pay the British Consul at Malaga €243 (for a 15 minute job) to create a sworn document in both English and Spanish to prove that we were still married and living together (the Spanish Foreign Office required this document). 2. The UK has changed the law so that we are no longer allowed to register a foreign marriage and this is creating big problems in Spain. To renew residency, Spain requires a current copy of the marriage certificate which could be obtained from the UK after registering the foreign marriage. We are currently in limbo and unable to renew my wife’s residents ID Card. 3. At that time there were only two types of Visa suitable for us, a General Visitors Visa (no longer available) or a Settlement Visa. In October 2013 My wife applied online for a general visitor’s visa to visit the UK (to meet my family and friends – a 2 week visit planned) which required a 1,200 Km round trip to Madrid to visit the British Embassy to present the supporting documents and have her fingerprints and photo taken. I think the cost was €114. The application was refused “On the grounds of probability” that she would overstay or need funding from the UK Government, among other things. 4. In Spain, the local Foreign Offices have fingerprint scanners and photo capabilities. They are used during the process of issuing the Residence Card. Why does the UK not arrange for this system to be used? It would save costly visits to the Embassy with the need for hotel accommodation etc. 5. I am retired and have sufficient resources and pensions such that we are fully independent. So why is there not another Visa to allow people like us to visit/stay in the UK? When in the UK we contribute to the economy by spending our money in the local shops etc. 6. As European Residents in Spain, we are allowed freedom of movement within the EU and we have since visited the UK for a short holiday on that basis – No Visa required! (We were grilled at the point of entry each time to ensure that we were genuine visitors and I have no problem with that). I am not sure what will happen after the UK leaves the EU. My hope is that you will create another class of visa for retirees (and others?) who have sufficient resources so as not to be a burden on the UK Government. I think that it is intolerable that a British Citizen is forced to live outside their country of birth because they choose to marry someone from an “Unscheduled Territory”. Do we have any human rights?
  5. laislica

    Keto and Back

    I agree with you. On Facebook there is a guy who was morbidly obese. He had type II diabetes and had lost the feeling in his feet to the extent that on a bonfire night, he stood so close to the fire that he got second degree burns on both feet without realising it. This guy changed his lifestyle and has reversed everything. The before and after pictures of him are amazing. He created a documentary series of his journey and I watched it while it was free. He showed success and failure (when he fell off the wagon), it was very moving. He now had many followers who are following in his lifestyle changes and having similar successes to him. OK, so now he earns money from sharing.... So what! iTHRIVE is a closed group Here is a before and after pic:-
  6. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

    Is the truth allowed here?
  7. laislica

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    In April I did a 5 day water only fast. I intermittent fast most days. But you can't do it and probably won't try because you've given up without even trying?
  8. laislica

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    So back to your original question. Is this link a god idea? A few days of not eating apparently renews the immune system?
  9. laislica

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Can eat, but not hungry. Therefore do not eat until hungry.
  10. laislica

    Keto and Back

    Here is something I came across and I have subscribed to the group because I am interested to see Keto and other popular ways of eating from other points of view. I have not researched this doctor so I have no idea of where her funding comes from or what secret agendas she may have. This is what an email from her tells me:- About Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, is passionately committed to transforming our current broken disease-care system into a true health care system where each and every practitioner is skilled at finding the root cause of health challenges and uses the wisdom of nature combined with modern scientific research to restore balance. Dr. Ritamarie, a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with Certifications in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, and HeartMath®, specializes in digestion, thyroid, adrenal, and insulin imbalances. She’s also a master at using palate-pleasing, whole fresh food as medicine, and is a best-selling author, speaker, and internationally recognized nutrition and women’s health authority with over 25 years of clinical experience. I'm sure you've heard the buzz about the paleo diet. A huge number of functional doctors are recommending it for all their patients, with the belief that it's the best diet for inflammation, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. The keto diet is the big rage these days, too. People are buying ketone meters and working hard to stay in ketosis. And plant-based diets are claimed to reverse heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, yet many doctors and nutritionists don't think they are healthy. Each of these approaches have hazards, and it's important for you to know about them. https://drritamarie.clickfunnels.com/keto-paleo-plant-reg It's super confusing to know what to eat. Every summit, Facebook video, and expert blog is full of information, claiming to have the perfect diet for you. It's to the point that my patients and clients are becoming food-phobic. That's why I decided to put together a brand new webinar, "The Hazards of Paleo, Keto, and Plant-based Diets." Does anyone else know about this free seminar? Will anyone else check it out? I get the feeling from some of the recent posts that Keto is being treated as some sort of religion - Whereas I think of it as just a tool to help us regain control of our health - Despite all the effort that Governments, the food and health industries put into keeping us dumbded down and sick enough to just continue to pay taxes, buy junk food and medication.....
  11. laislica

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Me? Then if I felt like that - nothing. Nausea is the bodies way of getting rid of something nasty - quickly. Even pure water could be enough to cause vomiting and I have experienced that so I would leave my stomach empty for as long as it takes to feel like eating again. Retching on an almost empty stomach is no fun at all. I assume that like me, under these circumstances, you wouldn't feel like eating? If that is true, why force yourself to eat? Most of us could go weeks without eating and not suffer any long term damage so a day or two wouldn't hurt at all. When I felt better, I might have some tepid water with a spot of salt and sugar so that it is easily absorbed and helps to avoid dehydration. If that stayed down, I'd wait till I felt hungry and then start with plain soup of whatever I fancied. You know, the way Grandma used to treat us.....
  12. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

    Truer as time passes.....
  13. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

    I use to have a job sweeping up in a glitter factory, it was pretty rubbish.
  14. laislica

    Keto and Back

    Keto is a great way of retraining yourself to lose weight and get more healthy. I have done it several times over 30+ years. Veggie juicing for 6 weeks was a real winner for me. However, the long term effects have not been adequately studied IMO. Here is (one of many) of what I feel is a good explanation of Keto, the good and the bad.... https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition/ketogenic-diet/keto-diet-possible-short-long-term-effects/ Personally, I feel it should be used long enough to retrain the body. Then we should revert to a wider range of nutritious foods which will naturally include carbs if you go plant based rather than processed foods. If after Keto, weight rises, then we should review our calorie intake, nutrition levels and exercise etc. Possibly having an occasional day without eating?
  15. laislica

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Here are some normal foods..... Good luck with them https://www.webmd.com/men/ss/slideshow-belly-fattening-foods-men-love?ecd=wnl_day_061318&amp;ctr=wnl-day-061318_nsl-ld-stry&amp;mb=zNDFwGGVvcoVRb8wppMS0Xg0WleHxvIqeZAleHzGxWI%3d