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  1. Ah, this sounds great. So after a short holiday in another country, can we return by road and get the 90 days more or must we fly?
  2. Thanks, if I understand correctly: If we leave during my current visa and not extend we would return dec/jan time having obtained a non immigrant O visa whilst in Europe before we return. On the 60th day of the visa I think I have to pay 1,900 B to extend it to the full 90 days. Then as that visa expires we leave Thailand for a holiday in a nearby country, say Myanmar, how do we get my next non O, 90 day visa? Is there a Thai Embassy there?
  3. I can comply with the 800k but it seems a pain to have so much just tied up for visas.
  4. Thanks Mario. What would be the most cost effective way for visas for 6 months. Mind you, the least pain regarding 'having' to do visa runs....
  5. My retirement visa is due to be extended near the end of May. We intend to travel to Europe for 6 months or so and then return to Thailand. 1) I would like to change to a marriage visa, I was married in Thailand and live in the Bangkok area. 2) Would it be OK to depart whilst my visa is current (not extending it before I leave) and apply for a marriage visa during our 6 months in Europe? 3) Otherwise I could return on a 90 days tourist visa - applied for in Europe, do 1 visa run to say Penang and apply for another 90 days for Thailand. 4) We intend to spend about half our time in Thailand and the other in other countries. I see the advantages of 3) being: a) No need for money in the bank (400k for marriage or 800K retirement visa) or proving income with a letter from my Embassy (costs 2,750 B ) plus the costs of travel to get it, it takes two days. No need for multiple reinrty visa cost 3,900 B. b ) The cost of the 90 day visa is 1,900 B because I understand it's actually a 60 day that can be extended for 30 days. Total cost is than 3,600 B plus the cost of travel. Disadvantages being: z) A pain to "have" to do visa runs. x) The cost of travel, hotels etc. Maybe some of my assumptions are wrong and I need guidance please.
  6. As he drinks another beer, ( legal drug because it's taxed by governments worldwide, any drug they can't tax is illegal). You have been totally brainwashed by the governments of the world, their taxed drugs are good, non taxed drugs are bad., you buy into it, because you don't wanna have any stigma on your drug of choice, Alcohol, it's legal, the fact that Alcohol kills more people than all illegal drugs put together means nothing. If I invented a drug with the same power as Alcohol, I would be put to death if I tried to sell it privately, not for anything other than, Alcohol and Tobbaco companies that are responsible for millions of deaths per year, who give massive political donations, would see me as a threat to their massive wealth. Now how much can l make from an ounce of beer, hmmmmmmmmm, now how much can l make from an ounce of dope. Ahhhhh, yep worth the risk for some who do not want to work eh. If were legal and Taxed - what would the price be then?
  7. laislica

    Big Fire On Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok

    Thank you TT. As for the strange reply got got earlier, it says rather more about the writer than you. to Ignore and move on , as you have, is good.
  8. laislica

    Big Fire On Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok

    PaullyW, on 07 Apr 2013 - 16:28, said: I think what is reprehensible is when people cannot part with their emotions and think logically about a situation and cannot identify what things complicate the issue that could have reasonably been avoided. How else do you explain this very common phenomena here of fire fighters not being able to fight fires? Some of us prefer to use our brains and think things through so things can be improved. Some of us prefer to simply do the "RIP" or "oh, that's so terrible" thing. It would seem pretty obvious which type of person is more useful. As has been said many times in this forum. The RIP is a gesture of comfort and compassion for the relatives and friends of a lost but treasured loved one who may read these posts. Curtsey and civility does not cost a penny! I wonder how you would feel to read a post like yours on a thread involving one or more of your loved ones?
  9. laislica

    Bum Gun Blues

    That could be maybe due to the pressure at the gun i have used some with a gentle wash and others you need to have your seat belt on before pulling the trigger .To much pressure at the gun blows the O rings Put a tap where the pipe comes through the wall. that way you can adjust the pressure to suit your bum.... Your tap will adjust the amount (flow) not the pressure. At the moment you open the trigger the pressure will be at it's maximum but the flow drop in a millisecond to a nice gentle shower (or however you opened the tap). On closing the trigger the pressure will be low and then rapidly build back up to full pressure. Having said that, pressure/flow rate etc, your solution is OK if you don't want to be sent into orbit every time you use it
  10. We have used the overnight bus from Phuket to Bangkok, changed at Morchit and then gone the 6 hours to Khon Kaen. No problems, the overnight bus didn't have the games stations and passengers slept OK. The bus to Khon Kaen had the full works and it was impossible to sleep with the noise of different "shoot em up" games being played. We travel on the minibuses to Bangkok very often, there is no train available from our location and we don't drive. Depending on when you want to travel and how much prior notice you have, there may or may not be a plane available - if at all. EDIT: I forgot to mention that to get to the airport involves 1.5 hours via a baht bus, minivan, baht bus or skytrain, or a taxi anyway! Overnight trains are only acceptable in first class (IMHO) and again, they may not be available. What else shall we do? If it's going to happen then it will - so why worry? As the song says: worry get's you nowhere at all!
  11. Wouldn't it be better doing something about the slaughter on Thai roads rather than hoping for "requiescat in pace" as that will serve no useful purpose, and even if it did it means absolutely nothing to a Buddhist As has been said many times in this forum. The RIP is a gesture of comfort and compassion for the relatives and friends of a lost but treasured loved one who may read these posts. Curtsey and civility does not cost a penny! I wonder how you would feel to read a post like yours on a thread involving one or more of your loved ones? From my experience, not all Thais are Buddhist and I think you may be confusing nationality with their belief system. I would agree that there and many people who have an "up to you" attitude and couldn't care less about anyone but themselves, but I do not think it is fair to paint all with the same broad "Buddhist" brush. Many Thai Buddhists, my wife included, are saddened and sickened by death and injury caused by accidents like this. They are also sickened by the corruption in the authorities that are the root cause of the problems (IMHO) That being said, do you have more or better suggestions in addition to the many suggestions that this thread has mentioned?
  12. Perhaps but more logically this is so damned easy to fix. 1. Govern the motors, (electronically) 2. Introduce log books for drivers - 12 hours at the wheel maximum being 5 + 5 + 2 with half hour breaks in between and 12 hours out of the vehicle completely 3. Speed over distance (average speed) to see if the governing has been interfered with (use of tachographs is common in the west) 4. Passenger service vehicles should be road tested every 90 days and certified roadworthy 5. Maintenance logs mandatory by operators/owners, submitted with vehicle testing 6. Driver education 7. Driver selection based on experience, age and prior clean record 8. Driver medical assessment prior to contracted 9. Urine tests weekly (this one would be easy but a lot of protests to be sure) You can blame the roads all you like - speed and driver inability mixed with mechanically faulty buses - a recipe for road carnage. But please make the urine tests random and move it to No.1 on the list. Also expand it to include random breath tests. Pay a roving third party inspector who gets a bonus for every driver who fails. BTW extend this to all professional drivers Bus/Lorry/Taxi/Ambulance/Policemen etc. It would be easy and inexpensive to implement but I have no idea if the law would allow it. If it doesn't then make a law that does accept it. The problem with this is that many drivers may fail and then there could be a problem finding replacement drivers who fulfil the requirements. Note that in many factories in the UK, the workers are subjected to random drugs/alcohol testing. We live in the time of the internet so it would be so easy to create a database of unfit drivers, including photos, maybe even fingerprints. This would ensure that a banned driver would find it very hard to get driver employment in the future. Welcome to the Nanny State - Sorry but what else could be done to stop the rot?
  13. I believe no one is innocent in this matter, and that includes the owners, the leasing companies who lend out their buses to the owners, the drivers, the mechanics, the passengers and all else. It's their country, remember? The owners do not seem to care about the others on my list. The leasing companies as well. The drivers and mechanics as well. And the passengers who continually patronize these people when things are not as they should be. It happens because they all (all) let it happen. The reasons are purely speculative and opinionated since no one keeps statistics, and if anyone did, then no one could trust them anyhow since they brag all the time about how acceptable it is to flat out lie. It's the only transport that many people, including some farang can afford. How else can they travel? Especially at high seasons when the fares rise. A family wanting to visit other family members when they only have a motorcy have very few options.
  14. What's the difference whether they are Thai or another nation? They are people that came to a tragic end. I agree but have you seen the standard BBC news about a tragedy like this, or a plane crash abroad? They give the number of injured or dead and say x No. of British (or not). It always made me angry. RIP the dead and may the injured recover as soon as possible with no long lasting problems.
  15. laislica

    Big Fire On Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok

    Oxy is oxyacetylene - not oxygen. Oxygen & Acetylene are two totally separate gasses that are mixed for use in gas welding. jb1 what colour canister are those then the orange ? oxygen is blue lpg grey or green The oxygen is in one tank and the acetylene in another. The gasses are connected to a torch and combined there. Can be used to weld or burn.