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  1. laislica

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    As I see the post, I see 4 Likes, one laughing and one confused. Perhaps the 4 liked (agreed) with the poster. However, I agree that laughing is not appropriate for posts of this nature., Perhaps we should have more emoji to choose from to avoid confusion. Does Like = agree?
  2. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

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  3. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

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  4. laislica

    Worst Joke Ever

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  5. Interesting that windows defender is rated so highly on TVF. Can it prevent an application from using the web? Ive used the free Comodo Internet Security for a number of years, it has a Geek service which you need to pay for to use, but you can disable it and sort out any detected problems yourself. The firewall is easy to use. It will sandbox any app it thinks is dodgy, but you can tick a box to say: don’t sandbox this app again. Just scan a single file if you worry that what you just downloaded may be untrusted. Etc etc. so having used it for many years, I don’t fancy trying anything else coz of the necessary learning curve.
  6. laislica

    Measuring Carbs.

    OP, just use the free www.cronometer.com. enter foods and beverages you would like to eat. cronometer will show you the content in terms of carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins etc. you also get to choose your eating model goals. A recent study showed that keto folk who ate a little carbs lost more weight than zero carb folk. Personally, I think that zero carbs is possibly dangerous. Just don’t overdo them and avoid all drinks like soda and processed foods. Can you walk for half an hour daily? Get a good nights sleep every night. Eat a variety of foods, mostly from plants. Not too much protein either. look at the palm of your hand. A piece of meat or fish, that size and thickness is all you need per day. Not Every Meal lol To gain weight be sure to eat carbs and fat together, so best not do that? good luck
  7. In the above post Crossy gave more advice which may be very helpful for a new installation.
  8. Some years ago, the UK made some changed as to what a person may do or not do in his own home in an attempt to improve safety. Years ago a non technical colleague ectended his mum's standard lamp and couldn't understand why it blew the fuses. After all, he had "correctly" joined all three wires together and safely taped them up!!!! Sometimes, a little knowledge can be dangerous.. I am so out of date, I got me City & Guilds on the 13th edition of the IEE regulations LOL https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/1285/can-you-do-electrical-work-yourself-in-the-uk
  9. I had a Safe T Cut installed, no earth! the Thai professional said, no need Earth, Thai electricity not same as faring electricity! The aircon bypasses the main circuit breaker and can only be disconnected at the meter in the street. Our whole moobaan is wired this way. well, the main breaker would have to be bigger and cost more? There is no safety thinking in Thailand, life is cheap. RIP poor man.
  10. laislica

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    Hee hee. What you did was a short time lifestyle change and you saw the benefits. Then another life style change - got un fit again. Answer, go back and make it a life style change and keep it going. Stop the Yo Yo!!!! Best of luck, I'm sure you can do it!!!
  11. laislica

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    Really great to hear that you have a good set of medical supportors that know what they are doing, so really hard to find. Having said that Aus might be the best place to find em! There are so many ""urban Myths" out there. e.g., a recent study showed that a group of strict Keto eaters and a group that also included carbs did a same calories/day controlled diet. At the end, the group with the carbs lost most body weight!. Thus: we need carbs..... I'm an old geezer, 76, now weighing in at 70Kg or less. Now, more or less off all meds. It's not easy to stay this way, especially since there are 2 things I can't resist. Pain and temptation ! LOL Good on you M8, stay strong and on top!!! x I
  12. laislica

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    Sorry to hear your story, Meds can be both good and bad and when bad, they obscure everything and stuff things up so that you body no longer responds as it used to. A good friend of mine had meds that actually made him depressed. Recently, he moved to another Dr and had his meds changed. In just a week he is much more like the guy he used to be. Can your meds be tweeked in the hope that the weight can be losed? Great that you are doing your best to take control of things. Only prob I can think of with a constant and reduced calorie intake is that your metabolic rate may turn down. Thus making it even harder to control your weight. Because of the effects of your meds, it must be difficult to find a MD who actually understands nutrition to the point that they can make a diet for you and exercise program that is sustainable in the long term and with the goal of returning you to your healthy weight and yet continue to gain the benefits from the meds. Thanks for sharing and showing that someone in your awful situation can still keep control and not simply fall into the lazy trap. Well done M8, good luck and keep it up.
  13. Great stuff. IMO, "diets" are short term tools to correct a specific problem. After tha it needs life style changes to stay as healthy as is possible for any particular individual. May I suggest that you look into doing an occasional detox and also consider doing a five day water only fast. The benefits of which are amazing. There's loads of info on the web, Facebook etc. Do you have sufficient iodine in your diet? One quick test is to paint some iodine on your wrist, let it dry and see how long it takes to be absorbed. If it takes only a short time, you may be deficient. If little change, then your levels may be OK. I do this about once a week. Our bodies are clever and if they need iodine it will be absorbed through our skin. I never read about anyone overdosing by applying iodine to their skin. (In the past, it was spread all over woonds to disfect them - no problems) Do your own research. There are hazzards to Keto Paleo, Plant based diets if not done correctly. Me, loads of multi coloured veggies as the base and a bit of everything else. Generally, no added sugar and fairly low carbs. However, there are days when carbs are high and I pig out. I think it is nothing to worry about and it keeps the body in balance. If you stay low calories for too long, expect that your metabolic rate will go down - not something you want to happen. Best of luck
  14. Many thanks kind Sir. I have made my complaint to Solvit (I didn't know about them, so many thanks).