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  1. Hi, one other thing about this and the reason I was looking into it. An article today reminded me: I'm not certain but think in the future might have to pay 2.5% even on 100% fully franked shares. Edit: I understand this starts with small business ie: the 27.5% tax rate but moves up (bigger business) in a few years so don't think it will effect the WOW, CBA shares etc just yet.
  2. Haha, lived in a capital and not seen a fraction of it compared toThailand. Like the idea of spending that time actually seeing the country. "Grey Nomad?"
  3. Go snorkelling without a dive flag and lookout.
  4. Maybe wasn't clear in the first post but I'm talking about an "Australian non-resident for tax" and taxation on dividends if not 100% franked. I know 100% that 100% franked is tax free :)
  5. Thanks, bit off topic (not about pension) but I've been looking further into this and Thailand has a tax treaty with Australia. If you advise the share registry/company they will withhold 15% tax from the dividend. No tax return if you advise but otherwise have to lodge a tax return. Same thing if you don't advise banks to withhold 10% interest tax. Here:
  6. Nice, I'm just trying to work out if franking amount drops and need to pay some tax. Thinking ahead. Found this: Under Dividends there's an odd thing about 15% tax "if the company paying the dividends engages in an industrial undertaking" and 20% for all other cases.
  7. Cheers madmitch. Done a bit of looking and this place "Phuket Brewery" sounds like it would have been good but closed... Another one I found is "The Avenue" nearer to Phuket town but just noticed it's permanantly closed too Seems it's Brewpub in Patong or nothing :)
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows of any micro brewery places anywhere in Phuket please? Something like a place I remember going to in Bangkok many times but is now closed. Called "Brew Pavilion" in the Din Daeng area and somwhere like that would be great. Serving German style beers, pork knukel etc etc plus live music and comedy. We have family coming from Oz for a 60th birthday and looking for a spot to take them. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, I had a good look at the PDS and the bit that covers the length of time is below. It's 12 months for a Diamond cardholder... What I think is the fly in the ointment for long term is this: I know in Australia you can be classed a non-resident after 183 days if you have no house/accounts etc in Australia. I'm thinking we would get away with this (credit card insurance) just once as later we would probably become be non-residents. Maybe use this insurance for a year (we have no pre-existing problems) then research and get local heath insurance after a year. About travel insurance and claiming that is mentioned above. The only experience with that is once in over 25 years I made a claim and it was paid no worries. Dropped a mobile phone while in Thailand. Busted and and it was replaced, no problems.
  10. Thanks tonray, Yep, add that to negatives! I take it normal health insurance would pay the hospital before checkout or there is some agreement between hospitals/health insurance companies. Also, I'm thinking it's not a great idea if you find out you have a long term problem ie: not an "emergency". Something like that I suppose (if using this travel insurance), then a trip back to Oz and use Medicare. Well it was worth a thought :)
  11. Hi, we are planing much longer stays in Thailand. Bit concerned at the cost of health insurance and wondering if using my card travel insurance is even worth considering. The idea is to return back to Australia every year and this credit card covers travel for 12 months at a time. The Commbank insurance basic info is HERE. The Product Disclosure Statement is there too and wondering if others do this and/or there might be any problems doing this. I'm thinking there might be a problem proving your an Australian resident after doing this a few times.
  12. Dismayed by the barman's poor grasp of basic equine biology the horse leaves.
  13. Yes, shill comes up when I add หน้าม้า here: Maybe it originated from feng shui... "The Chinese horse symbolizes success, loyalty, courage, forward momentum, and endurance. It is also said the horse can help cure a struggling business and foster a good reputation".
  14. Thanks tgeezer, Thai wife has called me this, I've asked her about it but doesn't know where this slang comes from. With her perfect English translates it to horse face. máa is ม้า horse. Just wondering how this slang came about.
  15. By the way this slang is not for falangs, it's for anyone. For example, say someone has a restaurant and Thai friends of the restaurant come to sit down to attract customers. These are "naa maa".