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  1. A way to circumvent missing out is to stick it into an Australian superfund and afaik you will continue to receive the credits. There are limits though. I think you can contribute $100K/year if a certain age or you can "bring forward" 3 years worth up to $300K.
  2. BaanOz

    Tax changes for expats

    OK found some info explaining about how franking credits are distributed within superannuation funds... https://cuffelinks.com.au/direct-investment-options-deal-franking-credits/ Basically, what I'm getting at is (it seems) if investing money within super as a non resident I will receive a few percent more income due to franking credits ...unless Labor get their way.
  3. BaanOz

    Tax changes for expats

    Thanks Elvis, No, a SMSF becomes "non complient" if trustees become non residents. I think it's possible if you make a trustee a resident but they are meant to make decisions about the SMSF in Australia. Might have to have meeting too I'm not sure. As a non resident it is easier to have a normal Australian superfund. What I meant if you had money outside of super and investing long term for income, it might be better for tax (for non resident) if you did it within an Australian superannuation fund. Really need professional advice but say you invested in for example some Vanguard ETFs (for income) outside of super, you could do the same within. Some fund allow direct investment rather than the cash, conservative, balanced, growth, high growth. Yes the government can stuff around with super but if retired you could pull it out. I wouldn't be adding money if I was young :)
  4. BaanOz

    Tax changes for expats

    Was also wondering if it's possible our tax free super could be taxed in Thailand. I don't think so. If all things being equal (fees or brokerage, returns etc), comparing $'s inside and outside of super as a non-resident, I'm thinking better off inside of super. Reason why, unfranked dividend being taxed as a non-resident plus no franking credits which are built into the returns of the super funds. Also, you can do your own buying within some super funds and take advantage of the tax situation. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks, yes it's the same thing. Just a name change and now they charge for wills . Back then I don't think they did. Anyway I've a feeling it's the NSW Trustee and Guardian (Public Trustee) only way to go for us. Unless you have relos back home, I'm guessing expats here would use them (or similar) too.
  6. Our cash is and will stay put in Australia and we living in Thailand. My Aussie/Thai wife and I are thinking to use NSW Trustee & Guardian and as executor. Everything going to her family if we "go" together and if I go first want to make it easier for Mrs Baanoz. Wife has no family in Australia and I am the youngest of my siblings. We have no other family I would trust to be executor. Whoever is the executor would have to sort out and transfer to the wifes family. Anyone with ideas about this and wondering what others have done, is there any other options other than using the Australian Public Trustee? I'm thinking using a solicitor/lawyer as an executor could be riskier.
  7. Just had a look at this form. I'm curious, who do you get to witness? I'm thinking best place is an Australian Embassy. BTW enjoy that super cash! :)
  8. Haha, yes the eye test is frightening. Woman sitting on the other side of the counter asked me to read the bottom line (there are 3). Must have got at least one wrong. Asked to read the middle and must have guessed right :) There is one more line on top and not sure if you read that one ok then you pass. If that is the case I think I’d be ok. There is some eye test standard and rta has it written somewhere but not sure if it’s the top line. Anyway thanks, good to know you can apply once from Thailand :)
  9. Fair enough collecting data these being free to use sites but if I can turn off data collection or block it then that’s my choice. It’s not hard. All of the data collecting afaik can be turned off your Google account but can break stuff. I turned off the voice recording and my Google Mini stopped working. I turned it off because the Google Mini was next to our TV and the TV occasionally sets it off (thinks it heard Hey Google from the TV). When that happens it can record our conversation and store on Google. Will turn recording back on but move the Mini away from the TV :)
  10. You can use a VPN on your mobile too. I use one at work while on their wifi but can leave it on all the time. Also, on a PC to cover Microsoft have a look at Spybot Anti-Beacon. A few clicks and your done
  11. Do you want the good news or the reeeally good news? Just been for the NSW car licence renewal and the good news is it was half price (A$90) as I have had no demerit points in 5 years. The really good news is I passed the eye test after the woman said "ohh your squinting a lot" hahaha. Middle line was a bit of a blur but must have guessed it correctly. Yay BTW if you have a condition on your licence "glasses" and get pulled over not wearing them it's around a A$450 fine. Next time in 5 years, a good chance I'll need them Edit: 5 years ago (and every previous) I waited a bit and got the licence on the spot. This time I got a temporary paper licence and the plastic one is sent to your home address within 5 days.
  12. Over 45 it’s every 5 years for eye test. Yes 10 for photo. I always get the max 5 year licence so it’s a check every time for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Over 45 it’s every 5 years. I always get the max 5 year licence so it’s a check every time for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yes, just checked and I can’t do online. Need an eye test. Damn! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ahh maybe just NSW behind the times. I have the renewal in front of me and no online option. Have to show up for a photo and eye test. You can get a 1, 3, 5, 10 year expiry but with the 10 must be under 44 [emoji20] Edit: ohh I need my glasses! ...a small box saying “you may be eligible to renew online”. Will try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk