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  1. Aussie dollar Thai baht

    Remember in the '90s it was around 17 baht to the AUS $ 25 baht is great :D
  2. Motorbike school

    Ahhh thanks, know the spot but didn't know a school. Cheers!
  3. Motorbike school

    Hi, Anyone know a place in Phuket (prefer north) where a 15 year old Thai girl can learn motorbike riding/safety/trafic rules please? After numerous accidents, think would be a good idea! Thanks.
  4. Australian share broker

    OK a rouge estimate as a resident with $500K invested in shares with average return 5% dividend + 5% CG. Included: * CGT on 25K income * zero tax (due to income tax rate) 100% franked on 25K (ie: Investor 3 above) * including Medicare levy * include low income rebate = about $2000 tax Non resident as above = $0 tax Not a earth shattering for the above situation while being a non resident but still a saving.
  5. Australian share broker

    Never thought to do this but I'd be interested in a comparison non vs resident as far as tax goes. Maybe it IS worth a peppercorn fee to rent a room in Sydney :D I'll start with this as I think a fair amount, about Baht 100,000/month: Actually, I'll just make it 50k income with dividends 5% return and capital gain 5% return.
  6. Australian share broker

    LOL ...looking forward to being lazy :D Yes, was being a bit too conservative there! Yes, get the full dividend but did you mean more compared to a resident who pays tax? As a resident you would get a rebate if your income was low but pay tax if you are on a higher tax rate (higher then company tax). I don't really see a benefit being a non resident for dividends unless you were on the highest tax rate as a resident, where you would have to pay tax. I'm no where near the highest tax rate! These rates are out of date but an example as a resident. Top tax rate gets 53.5c. I think the biggest benefit (compared to a resident) is what your doing boosting capital gains and paying zero tax! :)
  7. Australian share broker

    Yes say 4% average dividend (fullly franked) plus the rest capital gain, both tax free. The only thing that capital gain is variable and could be more or less (or negative) some years so a backup to cover those years. Here's not a bad site for comparing dividends: http://dividends.com.au/yield-finder/
  8. Australian share broker

    Yeah Comsec wouldn't answer but Combank did: "Once you have updated to your overseas address, the bank is required to deduct Non Resident Withholding Tax (NRWT) and pay it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We are required by law to deduct tax from any interest that you earn on your account. The current Non Resident Withholding Tax (NRWT) rate is 10% if interest earned is above $10.00". For the record as a non resident these brokers will not accept you: Interactive Brokers (with an Australian account) Selfwealth Bell Direct CMC Markets So far have found only Comsec and Saxo will accept.
  9. Australian share broker

    I haven't looked into this much but this might be another option, a service that scans mail for you: http://www.aussiemailman.com.au/ http://www.hotsnail.com.au/
  10. Australian share broker

    Yeah, I found it. He must be young with plenty of working life left. I've a much lower risk threshold :)
  11. Australian share broker

    Haha! I was just wondering if that CDIA account is fine to get the tax taken out. I've asked Comsec but they have told me to call the bank accountant.
  12. Australian share broker

    Hope you don't mind all the questions! One more, do you have the Comsec CDIA (Commonwealth Direct Investment Account - preferred cash management account for ComSec ) linked to your trading? Wondering if you arranged the 10% withholding tax to be taken off any interest earned in that account? Thanks.
  13. Australian share broker

    Some brokers will just not allow non residents. I didn't know this at all, so it ends up I can't choose the top of my list. Anyway, your right. I've spoken to Comsec and they seem fine with having an overseas address. Good, think I'll go with them. Just wondering, do you have an Australian address that your Chess Holding Statements are sent. What do you do about those? Thanks. Edit: by the way I mentioned Saxo Australia above. They are fine too but not Chess sponsored.
  14. Australian share broker

    Yes tried that before and same result "non-resident for tax" and is due mainly to bringing all family and not moving around. No plans to do any travel so no stamps in passport to prove it. Having shares and $'s in Australia means they still will. ie: for me, bank interest and any dividends on shares not 100% franked. I could take it out of Australia but prefer the guarantees on bank accounts. I'm not really concerned about becoming a non-resident for tax but want to know the rules :) Anyway, will see if Saxo accepts non-residents. Have also asked Interactive Brokers and assume they will be OK but as mentioned prefer one that has Chess sponorship (in case broker goes belly up). That goes for the Singapore Saxo too.
  15. Tax paid by Expat in Thailand

    Yeah and thanks, other points good to consider :) I read that link to mean, if you don't notify your shares as having a CGT event when you become a non resident, then you lose the CGT 50% discount (if you had them over 12 months) as a non resident plus you pay the CGT from the day you bought them until the day you sold them (as a non resident). If they had gone up in value from the change over then you lose! :) If correct, still not 100% sure if you have to physically sell them before the event of becoming a non resident or just add details to your return. I suspect the latter. This indicates that there is no capital gains tax when you become a non resident because it is a CGT event when you cess being a resident: https://www.ato.gov.au/general/capital-gains-tax/selling-an-asset-and-other-cgt-events/types-of-cgt-events/#CessationofresidencyI I have had a bit of trouble finding this CGT stuff on the ATO site. A reason is it seems it is no longer "non resident" but foreign resident. Look here: https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/international-tax-for-individuals/going-overseas/lodging-your-tax-return/how-residency-affects-your-tax-return/