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  1. Solar Water Heaters

    @BEVUP Great! Would you mind posting some pictures of this oval shaped coil? Cheers!
  2. Load bearing veranda roof?

    Please post here we have a dictated topic on solar heater running here now ...
  3. Solar Water Heaters

    Cheers Eye. Yes cost is an important factor and it possibly only makes sense in the longer run. But most people in this country don't think like this and are happy to put a single 2k THB unit on to the wall. Others however spend about 8K THB on a powerful under-the-sink unit that supplies water to three points in a bathroom. A multipoint system, especially if it has a dishwasher or washing machines connected, should also have a tempering valve. This would mix cold and hot water of a simple passive system that does not require tanks. It not only keeps the temperature from spiking up, but also increases how much "hot" water you can use. Starting point is about 35 GBP/EUR for a decent model that you can set between 45 - 65 degrees C. Whether these are available here I have no idea. PS: Check out this vdo. A much smaller setup than Bluesofa's that is supposed to deliver between 55 - 65 C throughout the day. Heating up times when completely used up is between 30-60 mins.
  4. Solar Water Heaters

    @bluesofa, are you placing the coil in a box?
  5. Load bearing veranda roof?

    Please check out our new dedicated topic on solar water heaters.
  6. Solar Water Heaters

    Mr Bluesofa's recent topic showed that there is a genuine interest in solar water heaters. We should have a dictated to thread on this topic. Anything from various DIY designs to the use of off-the-shelve components, costs, practicality. There is also an archived thread on solar heaters in the electric form, you might like to check out. Please share your photos, drawings, and experiences! Discus your plans and ideas. So far we heard about coil designs, required titling angles, usable water temperatures, and what not..
  7. Homophobia meets psydo-scientificism. Atrocious.
  8. Load bearing veranda roof?

    That's exactly what I thought too, EC! But looking at most installations they seem to be at least 45 degrees. https://metaefficient.com/news/solar-water-heaters-now-mandatory-in-hawaii.html
  9. Load bearing veranda roof?

    Might not be steep enough...
  10. Load bearing veranda roof?

    Thanks @bluesofa for the clarification. All topics on sustainable energy DIY-projects are highly appreciated! We would love to read more about your solar water heater system in detail. Whether designed or an off-the-shelve system... how you connected it... what you're your local circumstances.
  11. Load bearing veranda roof?

    A "fail-safe" test? The roof holds up with a person doing pull ups, but we still don't know how it will hold up with a 100KG installation on top of it over a long time with spells of rain and wind.
  12. Load bearing veranda roof?

    John, spot on! In it's current state, I'm sure it will not collapse, but it will not be very secure either. A few simple additions, as suggested above should make it fit for purpose. May I also add a coat of anti-rust paint... Good luck!
  13. Load bearing veranda roof?

    That's exactly what I mean. From this close up it looks secure enough not to tip over the beams. But because of the angle it can still push the post over time though. I take it the rafters are about 50 to 60 cm apart and the beams are not completely rusty. Will this be some kind of water heater?
  14. Load bearing veranda roof?

    Possibly not. Because of the angle and the way the "rafters" are secured with plate beam on top of the posts. How exposed is this roof: i.e. is there strong wind occasionally?