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  1. Mr Ben is a serious babe magnet. He gets laid more than your grumbling TVF bar-stool member. Good on him!
  2. Hurrah! Nice one! We love Mr Big (Leg) Ben.
  3. I know what you mean. I every time I go to 7/11, I feel sorry for the cashier. First, she get to hear (in Thai) 'No bag please.' than 'I don't need a spoon/ straw, thanks.' To top it all, she get the stamps returned she just gave out with the change.
  4. I once went into a major supermarket in the UK and complained that my "Bag for Life" was broken. The cashier had no sympathy and said she had to kill me if I keep insisting on a replacement bag.
  5. At every second conference, trade fair, or biz event I have been to in Thailand, marketeers gave away reusable cloth bags. Like my Thai colleagues, I got dozens and dozens of these bags... I asked my colleagues what they are doing with these bags and they told me that they collect them. Using them did not occur to them.
  6. Carpets and rugs

    IKEA in Bang Na, BKK.
  7. On the contrary!! Songkran will be held after The major socio-political Thai event in December. All subsequent festivals are ordered to be overly joyous.
  8. Bummer! I was planning to have a massive farting in public event.
  9. This is already an "advanced" way. Your average formwork is a hole in the ground... While at MIT and elsewhere in the West, star architects are experimenting with expensive flexible formwork, many Thai builders have already mastered the art of clay formwork.
  10. steel on concrete

    Enclosing walls like this are build on pylons in many places in Thailand. These pylons don't need to be as deep as those for houses. Place gravel along side your wall as surface cover to create a neat permeable finish. I think, your choices would be limited. I.e. what soil is available within the area. If you only have some heavy clay soil, I would recommend to have sand for your garden area that you can cover with humus. Areas for roads and buildings should just have additional layers of gravel on top of the soil. Local builders tend to use sand for this instead to marginal reduce cost; not a good idea I'd say. Where abouts in Thailand will this be? PS: @Crossy, this might be better in the DIY forum.
  11. Safe Cities Index 2017: Security in a rapidly urbanising world About the report The Safe Cities Index 2017 is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by NEC. The report is based on the second iteration of the index, which ranks 60 cities across 49 indicators covering digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security. http://safecities.economist.com/safe-cities-index-2017
  12. I thought it was some form of urban Ikebana...
  13. Movie set in Pattaya.

    So you read what the film is all about.
  14. Order from Ebay send to your house in Thailand for a few baht... May look OK in a utility room out off site. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC380V-3-7KW-Cutting-Machine-On-Off-Push-Button-Switch-230B3-/172347087666?epid=1949345786&hash=item2820afdb32:g:tvEAAOSwmfhX3z0I Good. This is how it should be.