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  1. Certainly a sackable offence under the Trade and Description Act to announce Consular Services as "superb" when they are clearly not.
  2. Thanks @blackcab! Very useful.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for information on a company registered with the Department of Business Development. The company is registered as "Company Limited" and I can see their name, location, and record number in this database http://www.dbd.go.th/Applications/cds/ but nothing else. How to obtain more detailed information, such as name of promoters, directors, objectives, date of incorporation, etc.? Which information is publicly available under Thai law? Thanks!
  4. It's the news focusing on this nonsense and the case was taken up because of the "morality" issues. But she is now investigated for the product itself. Police have sent the cream to forensic labs.
  5. I'm sure the gentleman's house has a utility room...
  6. Surely the video clip is not really offensive. But selling dubious cosmetics that claim to do miracles, that are inadequately labelled, and very likely contain poisonous substances, is not only highly offensive but a serious crime. As such it should be pursued by regulators and enforcement agencies. Sadly nobody cares about this, as long as you don't show your big booty.
  7. Looks more like they are enforcing existing statutes. Sadly on a rather selective basis, as dubious "cosmetics" products are sold everyday here that don't confirm to the rest of the Act.
  8. Nope -- they're "celebs", hence the disproportionate actions by the police even for Thai standards. No one would have flinched, if images of a random Somchai's willy were accidentally broadcast to the world. But because Thai netizens were so excited about the private parts of some celeb's boyfriend, police waded in pandering to hypocrite moral facadery, despite the case having no legal merits. Meanwhile the celeb couple --included the attending paparazzi corps-- are loving it, as this absurd panto seems a welcome publicity op for everyone. Yet, law enforcement and due processes are presumably nobody's concern.
  9. An accidentally taken image of a flaccid penis constitutes pornography? Surly no Thai court of law would no uphold such nonsense. These Rozzers are beyond stupid, pandering to hypocrite moral facadery.
  10. Looks like some major progress! I was wondering did they put in some mesh where concrete pillars join masonry work? Or did they just render/plaster over it?
  11. I think in the Imperial Russian Army around this time, not all soldiers had a pair of boots. Many just walked around in footwraps (Portyanki).
  12. What is it with the embassy staff trespassing on railway lines?
  13. That's exactly what I trying to point to. I couldn't imagine that people could just move their money around in the Netherlands or in Germany. The enforcement mechanism of civil courts would pounce on them.