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  1. Winnie the Kwai

    in Thai, means,

    Winnie the IDIOT

  2. Ajarn

    You are an asshol_e

  3. I think you are very cute :)

  4. Ajarn

    Sindoi Hill Tribes Ceramics

    They responded..
  5. Ajarn

    Sindoi Hill Tribes Ceramics

    I only hope the respond to my email asking for directions that I sent to them a couple of weeks ago...
  6. Ajarn

    Looking For Buddies In Chang Mai

    That seems a bit harsh Ajarn. I recall when you were rather ill last year the concern and good wishes from so many of the TV contributors indicated that so many of them were friends of yours. Is this a one-way street? Of course not. I have, and will continue to wish folks a 'good luck' here, when appropriate. But, since I don't know any of them, at best, it makes them an aquaintence, surely not a friend...
  7. Ajarn

    Looking For Buddies In Chang Mai

    Though I agree with most farangs here being how they are decribed by you, in my experience with them, they all have been smiling and friendly... It's after I get hooked into being friendly with them that I learn how undesireable they are as friends to me. There is only one farang here I would call a friend. My other friends are all locals. Oh well...
  8. Ajarn

    New Sport For Thai Youngsters

    Wow, I'm glad they haven't gotten you yet...
  9. Ajarn

    New Sport For Thai Youngsters

    The Samurai Gang is still around, with news reports of them slashing people and forcing motorcycles to crash at the Mae Jo intersection on the super hiway a couple of years ago. I remember hearing about them when I first came here in 1986. I remember 'them' saying things like that they were mostly kids of rich or influencial families.. One thing I remember being told was, 'Don't worry, they never attack farangs'. That still seems to be true.... Anyway, since they've been around so long, they must get new kids involved, too. And, when these kind of things happen, they mostly seem to cover it in the Thai news pretty completely, but not much in the limited English press... Lousy tape because they don't show anyone actually getting hit... Years ago in Songkhla, I witnessed the police using sticks to stop people who refused to stop at checkpoints. I remember feeling glad that they conked a few people. It was pretty wild, late at night, when the kids would come with their loudest bikes and race up and down the street until dawn... They could have shot them, as they do here...
  10. Well, it seems your problem has been solved...
  11. Ajarn

    Sindoi Hill Tribes Ceramics

    Where is the Insii Thai House located? I'd also like to buy one or two...
  12. Ajarn

    Sindoi Hill Tribes Ceramics

    Beautiful stuff!
  13. Ajarn

    Electronics In Chiang Mai

    Agreed, Siam Tv is the place to go. I've been shopping there for all of my years here. Good sales and service.
  14. Ajarn


    I have been sitting, watching tv, and I did not feel anything in chiang mai...
  15. Ajarn

    Looking For Bean Bag In Chiang Mai

    If you have someone who is good at sewing, I'd suggest that you make one yourself. Every piece can be bought in the soi that runs behind worarote market for very cheap... Very nice to relax on...