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  1. Perhaps he was in a hurry to meet his family...
  2. Early every Sunday morning I read the Rooster and have a cup of coffee. Today's column was especially an enjoyable take on the trials and tribulations in Thailand. His mention of Harrow school reminded me that I once worked there many years ago. Ok, it was just for summer school and they were desperate for teachers. The kids got to hear an American accent for a change and I got to take food away from one student. He was a heavy set boy from a former prime minister's family and was on a harsh diet while attending school. Neither one of us had fun. Another highlight of that summer at Harrow was one morning on the way to school. My British friend was driving and I was watching the traffic officer trying to get us to go faster. Apparently, someone big was coming through and the roads needed to be cleared. We were at the end of the line and my friend's old Toyota would barely hit 80. The policeman kept waving us on but in the end, he just cruised at our top speed and escorted us off of the highway. Once again, thanks for the read Rooster.