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  1. Tommy has almost 1 million people who follow his facebook group. His words have the potential to disrupt the proceedings.
  2. That's not true. Stop making stuff up. He was revealing details of a court case where the judge imposed a publication ban. These bans are common in courts around the world to protect the judicial process. Journalist deal with publication bans at almost every trial they cover. He has a huge following on social media and he broke the publication ban. It's very simple really. In most circumstances, the ban ends with the trial. After that, you can share the details protected under the ban. This is British law imposed by a British judge. It has very little to do with Muslims, sharia law, deep state conspiracies, leftist agendas etc. These bans are put in place in almost all trials involving serious crimes to protect the legal process and presentation of evidence. If you want to be a citizen journalist you better know laws regarding journalism. Otherwise, you are likely to end up in trouble.