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  1. The poll can’t be accurate. It has failed to identify British people as the unhappiest people of all.
  2. My daughter holds a 3 year college diploma in advanced broadcasting from a Canadian college. She is thinking about going to Thailand to teach English. She is 24 and holds a Thai and Canadian passport as well as Thai ID card. She grew up in Canada since age 5 and obviously speaks English as a first language. She also speaks enough Thai to get by but does not read or write Thai. Questions: University Degree vs. College Diploma - Any issues or challenges finding work? Will being Thai make it easier to find work or harder? Will she be paid Falang wages? Should she do her TEFL in Canada or in Thailand? Do they look at it any differently when looking for work? She could do her TEFL at the local university here in Canada. She has an uncle who teaches in Salakam and a cousin teaching in Koh Chang. We just want as much advice as possible. I know she doesn't need a work permit. She is interested in working in Khon Kaen. Regards, Tony
  3. How can CANADA be so much better than the US?

    Now it's official. Canada is better than USA. Is the Canadian dream the new American dream? Canada vs. USA