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  1. Internet and tv in khon kaen

    Where is your bar in Khon Kaen? Nothing can beat a nice cold beer and some sports.
  2. Nothing like relaxing on the beach, digging your toes into the sand and have some idiots filthy ciggie butts stuck beteeen your toes. I’ve never smoked, love the beach and also embrace the idea of the smoking ban. Now all they have to do is stop the smokers from throwing butts on the sidewalks and into drainage ditches. Although like most other counties it won’t happen. Singapore is strict in smokers and it works there. Inwas in the UK last year and seen smokers outside the bar throwing butts on the ground even though ashtrays and bins are provided. Smokers you have brought it upon yourselves. ???
  3. Good on you mate. Age is a number only and don’t concern yourself about others. My gorgeous Thai wife is 20 year younger than me. We’ve been married 9 years and been together 11 years.
  4. Retirement visa expired.

    Thanks Ubonjoe. I'll be back in LOS in a few weeks and will get my retirement and multi entry visa done then.
  5. Retirement visa expired.

    Sorry to crash the PM's question. I have a Non Imm extension of stay and a multi entry visa obtained in Thailand. It expires whilst I'm out of the country working. When I return to Thailand I will get a retirement visa. My question is, Do I need to apply for 30 or 90 days visa from a county outside Thailand before I can return, or can I get a tourist visa on entry and then apply for retirement visa? I have the funds in my Thai account already. I'm travelling on an Australian passport but not in my home country just now.
  6. Renew expired British passport

    Thank you ubonjoe. Much appreciated.
  7. Need advise on renewal of expired British passport. I emigrated to New Zealand about 18 years ago and have been using that passport since. My British passport expired 7 years ago but would like to renew it so I can apply for a passport for my 5 year old son. I'm living in Korat now. Any information on how to go about renewing my passport would be appreciated, either doing myself or using an agency. I realize google is available but I would prefer to hear first hand from any members who have experience with renewing their passport.
  8. Small Hotel Near Embassy BKK

    Thanks all for your help. Reserved the Sukosol Hotel so all is good. Thanks
  9. Small Hotel Near Embassy BKK

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  10. Small Hotel Near Embassy BKK

    I should have put any helpful answers "not idiotic answers" from people who don't actually take the time to read the question. Recommend was the hint to the question. Yes for your information I have checked google and seen many hotels. I wanted a "Recommendation" "MALT 25, NOTE the word Recommendation "from people who might have resided in one around the said area. Although Malt25 don't bother replying just stick on the kettle and have a nice cup of coffee and swat some mosquitos to cheer yourself up this morning.
  11. Friend of mine wants to take his 5 year old son to USA for a couple of months holiday. Son has both US and Thai passports. His ex-wife is ok with the trip bit they are not sure what is required as she will not be travelling with them. Do they need to get any papers/documents signed by her before they travel and where can they do this? They live close to Khon Kaen city area. Appreciate any helpful information.
  12. Can anyone recommend a reasonable but not backpacker hotel around the British Embassy area? Only for one night and travelling alone so doesn't need to be flash. Will be going to both British and Indonesian embassies on Feb 20th
  13. I was in blood pressure and cholestoral medication for years but decided to take action. Started walking, cut down alcohol, eat healthier. Actually started taking rolled oats each morning and added fruit. Lost 20kg over 18 months and went from walking to jogging 10km 3 times a week plus joined a gym. Off all medication now.
  14. Relocating back to UK

    Thanks guys for being so informative. We are planning a visit there next year for a months holiday and look at some areas and schools. Would my wife be able to open a bank account in the UK on her holiday or tourist visa or can we open a joint account? We will be staying with family during our holiday as my apartment is rented out long term.
  15. Relocating back to UK

    Theoldgit, thanks for the info. Very much appreciated. Yes getting the money out will be an issue. Hopefully someone might have an idea.