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  1. Went there last year twice and it was amazing. Yes it’s a good climb but plenty of stop off points with drinks food etc. We are going again next week, staying 3 nights and really looking forward to it. The first 1km is daunting but after that it gets better. Once you get to the 2km mark it starts to cool down and a lovely breeze from then on up. A bit pricey for food, water and goods up there but as everything has to be carried up and down by hand I didn’t mind the cost. Once you get to the summit it’s a flat 4km walk to the campsite. It’s not a run up the hill so allow yourself 5-6 or more hours to climb it. I’m certainly looking forward to our trip next week. Oh and the entry fee is 40 of local and 400 for foreigners. Even though I showed my driving licence they still wanted the 400. As we had reserved and paid for our camping we paid. However when I seen the site and how well it’s looked after I had no issue with the extra cost. This is a bit of a ramble I know but I can’t speak highly enough of the place.
  2. You have your view and I have mine. I prefer mine so let's agree to disagree.
  3. I think a lot of TV posters here are missing the main point. A criminal wanted for fraud has been caught during the investigation. To me that’s a good result. No idea who he commited his crimes against but good riddance to him and well done the cops. As other posters here have commented, just play by the rules and follow the laws.
  4. Perhaps a tad harsh, but if you can dish it out then you have to be man enough to take a bit of it back too
  5. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or one million members. Get this piece of dog crap and his mates off the streets, our kids deserve safety.
  6. Or just maybe the Thai cops are not just as trigger happy as USA cops. Although in this situation I would have applauded if the cop had shot him.
  7. I just hope you are not an English teacher.
  8. Tongjaw

    My Thai wife always ask me when will my salary come

    My Thai wife of many years and I have a housekeeping account and a holiday account. Direct debit on the 1st of each month from my account into the housekeeping account. Whatever’s left each month gets moved into the holiday account. Been doing that for many years now with no issues. However with my first wife an Ozzy girl, she could not save a penny no matter how much she had. That was my fault in a way because she had access to the account my salary was paid into, yes I know, silly move on my part. I learned the hard way and it will never happen again. Sometimes your lucky and sometimes your not.
  9. So it was Kavanaugh and his friend who forced her into the room and tried to undress her? Is the friend being investigated too or is he not rich/famous/newsworthy enough? Kavanaugh produced calendars from that time which he said exonerated him. Wow, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast never mind almost 40 years ago. Come to think of it, did I have breakfast this morning
  10. Interrogated, why? Or do you mean he was asked to fill in a questionnaire?
  11. Tongjaw

    Excess Superstition

    I just looked at the tea leaves in my cup and it wasn’t good news. Mainly because I was drinking coffee
  12. I agree fully with what you say. Strange however how all these apparent suicides all over the country and no members on Thai Visa seems to know the victims. I’m sure quite a lot of these people who apparently commit suicide have mixed with other foreigners who might know what mental state they where in. They might be able to offer evidence as to wether it was a suicide or a crime had been committed. RIP young man. My condolences to your family and friends. Hopefully others reading these stories or family members, friends can reach out for help before it’s too late.
  13. It wasn’t a sick crazy British or Australian couple who left the child in the woods they are Americans. The post however is not about sick paedos and it happened in the good old US of A not another country. The poor defencless child also had multiple black and blue and red bruises on his buttocks and back which the authorities say had been inflicted over time. Please do not try to redirect the OP from the horrendous crime committed by these two vile parents on a little child. Hopefully the authorities will do the right thing and not allow this young child back with them.
  14. Scottiejohn, yes your still confused. Try to google Red Honda CRF and you will find it’s a bike.
  15. Yes, you just might be confused, What car?