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  1. If the authorities rounded up all the strays they could have the veterinary students in the universities practise neutering and spaying. Keep the students busy for a long time.
  2. https://www.topmastersinhealthcare.com/30-most-technologically-advanced-hospitals-in-the-world/ https://www.advisoryhq.com/articles/best-hospitals-in-the-world/ http://www.healthcareglobal.com/top-10/top-10-hospitals-world
  3. Oh great Titanium Member of 9,318 posts please forgive a lowly 35 poster for having the audacity to respond and disagree with your ridiculous accusation. Read my post again and again if so required. Nowhere did I say it was not an evil act. I'm a dog owner and fully agree that this was a disgustingly cruel act. My post however was to disagree with you and your wife accusing Thailand of being the most evil country in the world. No apology needed oh great one.
  4. What countries have you visited, apart from touristy holiday desinations. Every country has evil people and evil deeds happening almost daily. Try to do some proper investigation before posting comments with no factual basis. Or better still ask your wife to answer as she seems to be the one wearing the trousers.
  5. I booked Air Asia flights yesterday through the App Traveloka and paid at 7/11.
  6. RIP young man. Hope it ended quickly and painlessly and your in happier place now.
  7. Obviously your IQ is no higher that your shoe size. Repeating what you read in the newspapers or internet is not intelligence it called being a parrot. Why not get off your bar stool and meet some real Thais with substance.
  8. Thanks Phon Thong, interesting site. Looking at the world air quality it’s not just a Thailand and others in Asia with pollution. London and many places in Europe are extremely high and unhealthy.
  9. I don’t disagree that the use of pesticides is dangerous but I do disagree the statement “ foreign importers say no thank you “ to Isaan rice. Studies over the last few years have proved that the opisthorchiasis parasite found in raw fish is a major factor in liver cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma). This parasite is also found in the uncooked Koi Pla which is eaten in abundance in Issan. My mother in law was diagnosed 6 years ago with it, luckily surgery and chemo worked. She or the family have never touched the dish since.
  10. Can you tell me where you got the 161 reading from? I do a lot of early morning jogging and walking and from now on would like to check the air pollution first. Might have to stick to a boring treadmill for a while 😂
  11. Khon Kaen from my hotel window looks fine this morning. Not 100% clear but certainly not like the places shown in the photos on this thread.
  12. What a total prick you are too sir. A young boy is hurting and obviously needs some help and all you can do is call him names like a schoolyard bully. A grown man bullying a young child online is the sickest thing I can ever imagine. Sorry sir but you are the dweeb not this young guy. Please all TV members back me up and put a couple thumbs down for this terrible post, this young man needs help not more rejection and bullying.
  13. Never been bothered nor seen any taxi touts in Khon Kaen airport. Taxi desk is next to car park, turn left after walking out of arrivals. All the taxis use meter and I have never had any problems.
  14. UK visa question

    They got married in Thailand and got all the papers at the amphur in Bangkok. He got papers from the embassy to say he was free to marry etc. He says he never registers the marriage with the British embassy at the time. Does he have to register the marriage with the embassy? They have registration certificate from the amphur in Bangkok.
  15. You don’t drive a gigantic pick up so no one should, is that your view. What a pathetic statement. I drive a humongous pick up truck and also a small motorbike. From what I’ve seen over the many years living here is motorbike/car/pick up and truck drivers show zero respect on the road for anyone even pedestrians. I’d say the fault is 50-50. Incidentally was the motorbike driver wearing a crash helmet? Now I’ll just fire up the old gigantic pick up 4 wheel drive and head 100m down the road to Big C Mini for sandwich,,,, because I can.