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  1. NCC1701A

    Help Me Design My Motorcycle Trip.

    Still alive. I am at the boat race festival in Phimai. Great fun here. This is it for now.
  2. NCC1701A

    Help Me Design My Motorcycle Trip.

    NCC1701A has departed. We are awaiting telemetry. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. This is mission control.
  3. NCC1701A

    Help Me Design My Motorcycle Trip.

    Yes I am bringing a hoodie.
  4. NCC1701A

    Help Me Design My Motorcycle Trip.

    anyway... Mission control has moved the launch date up to tomorrow morning.
  5. they have both union pay and mastercard.
  6. The Chinese own Union Pay. Bangkok Bank went with that.
  7. the girl escaped being raped or worse. she was lucky she was sober enough to still fight back.
  8. yes I was told it is much worse that that! so now I really pause and think before I say "Suay" so I hopefully get it right. I can tell by the look on the girl's face if I get it wrong or right.
  9. these poor girls indoctrinated into the misogynistic cult of Islam. it is disgusting.
  10. The suspects are sentenced to two years of picking up trash while being led around by a red flag. Next case.
  11. I very first things I learned to say before I came to Thailand were "You are beautiful" "What is your name?" "I love you". you know, your survival phrases. followed by "Hello, how are you?" "yea and no thank you" counting from 0-9, then 10-100, "how much" "where are you going?" "it is hot" "its raining". Sadly that is about it. I can still remember my high school Spanish 101 which is about million times easier to learn than Thai. I am still learning to pronounce Prachuap in Prachuap Khiri Khan. I have been told that the few things I can say I perfectly. Many bar girls tell me they think I understand Thai based on that. I had a girlfriend who was sure I had a wife in Udon Ratchathani because I could pronounce it correctly. my two long term girlfriends earned to speak English much faster than i could kick up Thai so we always speak English around the house.
  12. NCC1701A

    Help Me Design My Motorcycle Trip.

    OK I need more suggestions for the area around Chiang Rai.
  13. the opposite is happening in Hua Hin. Its booming. Hi So Thais everywhere driving Mercedes and BMW. I'm not dying in ten years. and those that do they will be replaced by expats who can afford the 800k or what ever. it might feel like that up north. i know when I visit Udon Thani it feels completely different than Hua Hin and Bangkok. but it is sad the Thais are not making a lot of progress. I was stunned watching them install storm drains and electrical improperly.