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  1. NCC1701A

    Where to buy a taller ladder?

    home pro sells a ladder that is 16 feet long. it folds into four sections of 4 feet each. you can make any shape you want. very strong with locks for each joint. but it would still only be 8 feet if in the "/\" step ladder configuration. but you can do 12 feet and lean it up against the wall. very large rubber feet on both ends. I use it to get up on the roof. 16 feet long. i think it was about 2800 baht.
  2. "Don't worry, I take you to special Chinese VIP lane at hospital."
  3. was it a open hand or did the train make a fist? "A moron was injured when he ran his car into a train." There that's better.
  4. I got to learn to speak Chinese.
  5. NCC1701A

    Facebook/Messenger question

    would this be your FB account from the real world with all your family and friends? or the FB account you set up for everyone you meet in Thailand?
  6. real estate in the USA that is paid for and generating a positive cash flow and my social security payments. My SS pays for everything I do in Thailand and the cash flow from real estate pays for the party. I also have a pile of cash because I worked for 40 YEARS in a high paying career. gold, silver bitcoin for for the zombie Apocalypse. And for those of you who don't understand how the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America works you should look into it. (because they own you) It is really quite brilliant. And when the house of cards finally crashes, (it won't because we have entered a place where markets no longer function normally) it will lead to massive war because China, Russia and others will want their money, and the USA will come out swinging because the Bank must live. That is why we are building such a huge military. For the day. https://www.amazon.com/Creature-Jekyll-Island-Federal-Reserve/dp/0912986212 I have four girlfriends in Thailand. I love the idea of my Federal Reserve Notes making them happy.
  7. I would worry about stuff like this all the time back in the states. It is part of the the American psyche with the constant drumbeat of fear in the media. Worrying about catastrophe is also a sign of depression. And you are the person choosing to read these stories on the web. Just do what you can and don't worry about it. I lived in Los Angeles and I had land in Montana, gold and silver, (which i still do) bitcoin, firearms and ammo, piles of Ham Radio gear, a monster four wheel drive truck on stand by 24/7 and huge pile of survival supplies. I am not kidding about this. I sold it all except the gold silver and bitcoin (for the day)and just party in Thailand now. Let me know when they finally get the suit case nuke into NYC.
  8. NCC1701A

    Thai man, 30, dies in Phuket motorbike crash

    did they find a brain? RIP.
  9. "land ownership – with permission of the Interior Ministry – to 1 rai (1,600sqm) of land for a residential purpose to foreigners who invest at least 40 million baht (USD$1.2 million) in a business that “benefits the economy and society.” I'll get right on that after my helicopter lands in Monaco.
  10. NCC1701A

    Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    did they supply the info about these two to the Thai police? Maybe selling child porn in Germany?
  11. "Hooker rips off a John" story makes the news... Thailand is such a small town.
  12. granny 100% in the wrong but notice everyone just enters the intersection without looking to the right. not to make light of a serious subject but I hope the woman in the blue dress at the end of the video is around when I crash.