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  1. I've got a idea, lets take a boat out at night while tropical depression Sonca is crossing over Thailand.
  2. you got to be kidding me...
  3. "I would like encouragement from my fans and my Thai brothers and sisters." this should be interesting.
  4. are you from the UK by any chance? (I love my UK friends, I have many here in Thailand) do you see the irony of someone from the UK telling Americans we should not have guns? gun ownership in the USA is to defend the Constitution against the government. Try staging a military coup in the USA, see what happens. I own a Glock 27 and a AK-47 with thousands of rounds of Ammo. It is no big deal. I am not going to kill anyone. (man I am going to get the sh*t quoted out of me.)
  5. don't laugh, but one of my criteria for living in Hua Hin is just this scenario, because of this being the big guy's home away from home. or maybe you should laugh...
  6. people with a lot of money need many bank accounts. I have six as an example. I had a girlfriend in Los Angeles who carried $20,000 in cash with her everywhere she went. She had $10 million in the bank.
  7. she can live with me... I just bought a French Maids outfit for her.
  8. how for north of Bangkok will the DMZ be?
  9. Thais are free to do whatever they want. This is the trade off for putting up with a totally corrupt government. Good luck changing this culture over night. I think civil war is more likely. Good luck out there.
  10. " Chai told police that he was tired after ferrying a group of passengers on Sunday night and fell asleep." What about the all knowing GPS system and drivers log? See how the mini vans are growing back like weeds? Execute the driver to set an example for others. Next case.
  11. i wonder if the Thai government keeps maps of areas that have a history of flooding? you know, so people don't keep building in those areas. I just read my post, I crack myself up sometimes.
  12. wow. looks like a HiSo psychopath on the lose.
  13. I just read on a Thai website that the two tourist have died. There was a photo of their dissolved bodies in two large jars. I am sure the story will be translated soon.
  14. i really can't see Thailand becoming a real democracy any time soon. it requires sacrifices that most Thais are unwilling to make. They got their Toyota pick-up trucks and KFC and are happy with that.