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  1. Good luck to the team. I have to assume the team will be all female as they are they only ones who know anything about hard work in Thailand.
  2. gee, maybe United Artists and the Broccoli family who owns the rights to JB had something to do with this being shut down. and there is NO WAY a Thai bartender could make a Martini properly. :)
  3. well lets not forget he may have to pay the family 8500 baht. at least that is something, right?
  4. "He is further suspected of being involved in the operations of Laotian drug kingpin "Xaysana" arrested earlier this year." Ever since this guy got busted all sorts of "tips and leads" have been flowing into the Thai police. They must be using a blowtorch on this "Xaysana" character. Or maybe he is buying his way out by giving up his network.
  5. "OK men, listen up. Welcome to Submarine Detection 101. Today we will play back a recording of the noisiest and easiest submarine to track, the Thai navy's Chinese made subs."
  6. Help. I have only worked my way through half the bars on Soi 6 and my money has run out. There are still approximately 287 girls I need to spend a "short time" with. Please fund me.
  7. good work... now if the entire Army were to join in...
  8. "WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THE ELECTION, LATEST?" "Late 2018, if no world war breaks out." but world war will have no effect on tourism, lets be clear about that.
  9. MY GOD! Could you imagine not receiving your Milo Cube? Execute this scum. Next case.
  10. "May, you have to learn ethics, honesty, fairness, respect, trustworthiness, and most important of all self-sufficiency. Or you have to go work bar on Soi 6 in Pattaya like your sister. Understand?"
  11. "...with the most popular category being indoor electrician..." I wonder if they will begin teaching the importance of a Earth ground in electrical wiring?
  12. after watching them install storm drains in the street in front of my house, I can tell you Thais are not on the same page as to which way water flows.
  14. " apparently intoxicated Jakkrit Phrom-arak allegedly claimed to be a narcotics suppression police officer during a fight with others in Kalasin’s Muang district, was under investigation, said Sirinya. He also allegedly demanded that they undergo a urine test." OK. Get your hands up! Now unzip fly. Hurry up! I don't have all day. And remember, no funny business!
  15. " The government’s supreme committee on reform, reconciliation, and national strategy would continue working..." You want to play a game of tic tac toe? No, too easy now. Lets try to play checkers instead. O.K