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  1. Yom River steadily engulfing Phichit village

    remove all man made structures within the flood zone.
  2. i live within walking distance of the new ferry in Khao Takiap, Hua Hin. the terminal was built at what was a quaint old Thai fishing village. the roads leading to the new ferry terminal are so narrow, not just at the terminal, but all the way up to Hua Hin, they would never be able to handle the traffic. and the owners of the multi million baht condos that line the street around the new terminal are not going to be happy with the increased traffic in the once quite area.
  3. my post is clear, people who sell yaba and meth should be put to death. and it is not nice to call people names, so please don't do it.
  4. All my UK friends keep fighting for your freedom.
  5. yabba dabba doo that is a lot of drugs. Execute everyone involved. Next case.
  6. " Boonserm’s younger brother told the police that, before the fatal shootings, Boonserm had a fierce quarrel with his wife after he failed to persuade her to return home. Then he took his two daughters home and then shot them to death before committing suicide." Horrible. I owned a shotgun in the states, and I can't imagine shooting anyone with it. It would just blow a person into pieces. RIP little girls. With all the extended family members Thais have, its hard to believe he could not leave the girls with someone and just walk away.
  7. yes, but Jack loves trump.
  8. Morons. I ride a 650 Kawasaki around Thailand and I am always amazed at how dangerously the Thai kids drive their souped up 110-125cc scooters. They pass me on the highway doing 100 kph and do the most dangerous maneuvers weaving in and out of traffic with no helmets, wearing flip flops and shorts. They seem to have zero regard for themselves or anyone. And many times a young girl on the back who will be killed along with the idiot driver.
  9. Photo caption, man on phone: "I keeps saying he wants to go to Soi 6. What is Soi 6?"
  10. "He defended that the Red Bull Heir, Vorayudh Yoovidhya, had appealed for justice and, therefore, the public prosecutors had to consider his appeals to ensure justice." I think after reading this I am going to vomit.
  11. heavy rains over Hua Hin now...