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  1. "Nowhere in the Daily News article was the role of law enforcement, or the lack thereof, mentioned." the carnage has nothing to do with what Thais believe. It has everything to do with corruption. The Thais know they are free to do what ever they want on the highways because the police don't enforce the law.
  2. " Japanese ambassador Shiro Sadoshima said that the Japanese have worldwide renown in train technology and reliability and would train the Thai staff to a high standard." if the Japanese take a workforce of four year old Thai kids to live in Japan, in 20 years they should be ready.
  3. wow. what a concept! only 30-100 years behind the times. fingerprints: http://onin.com/fp/fphistory.html DNA Testing: http://content.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1905706,00.html
  4. Heavy rain, cold weather predicted for weekend

    storm cell over Hua Hin last night and another passed to south today.
  5. " whenever she has to leave the room, she says she can’t leave the students on their own, so locked them up." lock her up! next case.
  6. you can't believe the ritual I have before returning from a "mission".
  7. my new girlfriend works out every day, has abs, weights 100 pounds and is smart as hell. she knows a lot about proper nutrition. her mother has diabetes and refuses to change her eating habits. her younger sister is super fat. she showed me a photo of her from just five years ago when she was thin.
  8. " The survivors told police that the driver of a pickup truck cut into the front of the bus, causing the untrained bus driver to crash into the pickup. The bus then overturned and fell into the roadside." there I fixed that sentence. RIP victims of the do nothing police and government.
  9. he was jumping out of the way of a tail gating minivan.
  10. Gastroenterologist at Bumrungrad Hospital?

    thanks you are really helpful.
  11. number one in the world! well done team Thailand!
  12. I met a nice Thai lady who asked me why I am in Thailand. She says she hates Thailand now that she had made it to New Zealand and took a look around.
  13. " But questions were hurled at a man outside who claimed to have connections to a senior policeman and didn't want the reporters inside." " Nothing illegal was found in the Crime Suppression Division and local police raid but the owner was found not to have a license to operate."
  14. "One of the passengers, 72-year old Nopadol Jensilanukul, said the driver told the passengers to jettison as he tried to slow down the descending bus, but none heeded his word because they were all in panic." A new excuse! The passengers are to blame for not jumping off the bus.
  15. Gastroenterologist at Bumrungrad Hospital?

    Thanks Sheryl, I have had diarrhea for three weeks. I am having tests done at Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin but I think they taking to long to figure out the problem so I am thinking about Bumrungrad now.