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  1. it is almost unbelievable what goes on here.
  2. " and accused former MP Watana Muangsook of seeking political gains with his promise" incredible insight.
  3. just leave it there if it gets Thais to slow down.
  4. " While he was in the shower following the conclusion to their activity she disappeared."
  5. All-girl idol group BNK48 to meet PM on Tuesday

    Devils Den has a ten girl special for about $600 USD. I guess outfits cost more.
  6. just throw a net over the entire country.
  7. Thailand is doing great. Their economy is booming.
  8. " The Chiang Mai University’s DustBoy app disclosed that by 10am yesterday, all of its PM2.5 monitoring stations had reported harmful level of air pollution..." this is what happens when you have smart people. they measure stuff. who knows what they might measure next. should close that pesky university and their 4.0 app. problem solved. and turn the internet off too. and those damn satellites lookin' down on everything.
  9. i wonder how many times she has been raped in prison?
  10. City officials placed on alert for summer storms

    "...urging Bangkok residents to closely monitor weather forecast from the Thai Meteorological Department..."
  11. City officials placed on alert for summer storms

    "Bangkok governor Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang has ordered all district chiefs to prepare for emergency response..."
  12. ngian wanted. my new hook-up app screen name.
  13. lock the French guy up for having a bad haircut. Next case.