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  1. I was quoted about 180K total, with an overnight stay in the hospital, by the Ortho Dr. by the river. 3 years ago. This was for a total. I went back to the states and was told by my doctor there that a partial replacement would suffice. I didn't have it done, returned to CM and started weekly 2 hr thai massages. Zero pain or medication needed now. Go figure.
  2. I just came back after 8 months in the USA and notice that Hillside4 Fitness has changed it's name and hopefully is under new management. I've walked past and see that they've upgraded their cardio. The rates don't appear to have changed much. I wonder if anyone who works out there could give a report? Before I worked out there nightly but had to quit because of same sex harassment. That really sucked ( pardon the pun ) as I was renting there and it was really nice being able to stay in the building.
  3. Chotona Road. Mercure Hotel vicinity. I believe this is part of a chain restaurant.
  4. I've recently become a fan of Salad Terrace at the Topps Market on the near north side. Somewhat close the business mentioned by the OP. They take credit cards to boot.
  5. Pack attack!!!
  6. Rimping by the Ping carries this.
  7. I took about 4 private lessons there late last year. I didn't see any foreigners teaching and there seems to be a Thai woman and foreign man running the school. Both the teachers I had were OK but I had a problem with the management and didn''t continue. When I return to CM next year I'll use the school on the 3rd floor.
  9. I'm leaving CM for good in 10 days. The poor air quality was a major consideration in my decision.
  10. Rimping has whole wheat burrito shells in the refrigerated section. Specifically, the Rimping on the mighty Ping River. I purchased a package recently.
  11. I took a total of 6 hours of private lessons with them late last year. Their teachers seem pretty much the same as those at Easy Study, now renamed, and Pro Language, where I also studied. I had no complaints with the 2 teachers i had and felt they gave me a good effort. They began the classes on time and taught the entire 2 hours, with a 10 minute break. This is important to me as I've had teachers at other schools be on "Thai time" when it came to beginning and ending the class, and length of breaks. The textbook was adequate. I had a problem with them as I had told them I could only study from 11:00 onward and before I purchased a block of 30 hours I was told this would be no problem. After they took my money I was offered first 8 o'clock, then I settled with them at 10 but soon received an email asking me to come at 8 again. I said no and asked for a refund, which they gave but found an excuse to keep 650 baht. They seem to be doing quite a good business though. There is also another language school on the 4th floor called Manna (?), which has a website, and also the old Easy Study is downstairs on the third floor under a new name (TSL?). You might want to do some checking, then decide.
  12. I also am a patient of Dr. Chadathip and have had at least a dozen appointments with her from routine to complicated work and she, along with Dr. Bero of West Bend, Wisconsin, are the two best dentists I've ever been to. Conversely, I've had two bad experiences with the dentist at the title of this thread and have instructed the receptionist that he is not to be my dentist again.
  13. I was told today by Yai that the school was sold and will re-open on 4Feb with a new name and the same teachers.
  14. To the OP - if the Panthip Plaza is convenient for you there are at least 3 other language schools located there, all on the 4th floor.
  15. Mr. Diddy, that manual juicer looks interesting. How is the quality? If you're going to get a slow single gear juicer it seems to me that a well made manual would serve quite nicely. With centrifugal juicers there are 2 types. The ones that eject the pulp after one pass, and those that keep the pulp in a drum and continue to squeeze out the juice, similar to the spin cycle of a washing machine pulling out moisture from washed clothing. I've simultaneously owned an Omega drum centrifugal and a slow gear juicer and my experience was that the drum centrifugal got more juice out than the slow gear, with the caveat that some mushy items, such as tomatoes don't do well in a centrifugal. The manual machine in the above post can also be used for other purposes such as finely grinding meat to make kabobs. Ooh la la.