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  1. Reading this thread and the responses is just quacking me up.
  2. The one on Chiang Mai Land is called Arirang, like the TV station. I used to eat lunch at Jin Mi several times a month but was eventually put off by the number of flies buzzing about.
  3. Medium rain / very steady / beginning to overwhelm the drainage system and accumulate in the streets. Maya area. Anyone else up for a little rain talk? It's a turn down day - nothing on my mind - just a turn round day - and I like it.
  4. The above mentioned is closed to new residents until " early next year ". Room renovation. A man's gotta do.....what a man's gotta do.
  5. I would hope they could find a way to accommodate those folks that have the financial means to weather a serious medical crisis without having to take out an insurance policy. Back in the homeland I have very good coverage that unfortunately doesn't cover me here.
  6. The guy that stations himself on the river side of La Kroh has been doing that for several years. He's gotten me twice when I crossed Chang Klan for get to the Iron Bridge. It's really gotten annoying going through those freaking check points 2 or 3 times a day while trying to run errands. I've taken to carrying my IDL in my shirt pocket. They appear to be here to stay. Now if they would start hassling the people driving vehicles that spew out black diesel smoke, I could get behind that. You must try some of my purple berries. I've been eating them for six or seven weeks now. Haven't got sick once.
  7. If you're talking USA, they no longer take walk-ins. Must make an appointment online. Don't know if that applies to passport but I was turned away once.
  8. Yok - Japanese powdered Matcha 200 baht for 100 grams. Also has other brands and options. Aroma Shop - Thai powdered Matcha 160 baht for 100 grams. Aroma Shop frontage road Super Hwy between Tesco and Hwy 107. This topic has come to a conclusion. You ain't rockin unless your spinnin Dokkin. Now get out there and start breaking the chains!!!
  9. Thanks Balo. It just dawned on me to try Yok's and also the baking supply store located to the south and a little east. Otherwise the link you provided is just what I want.
  10. Their Sour Dough Rye is one of the best breads I've ever had. I also like their least expensive baguette. Some of the other breads, such as their "cereal" line, not so much. I was surprised to see one of outlets way out in Hang Dong - way out. I hope they eventually open a large flagship shop in a central location. Very popular with locals and farangs.
  11. Thank you E/S. I will check out Green Valley. Mae Rim appeals to me anyway. The Beverly Hills of Chiang Mai?
  12. Touted for it's health benefits.
  13. You sure?
  14. Thank you CMKevin
  15. I'm in Rimping almost every day and have looked in the tea section and there doesn't seem to be any. Based on your advice I'll go back and scour the place top to bottom. Thanks for the tip.