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  1. Ha ha ha 555 comedy time again this will never happen
  2. Pay Peanuts you get Monkeys My Kids want a Mickey Mouse outfit for there Birthday I will buy them the R T P
  3. Rip Sad But I think Helmet might have Helped
  4. Love those brown Envelopes now where will we put our Bomb
  5. I wonder is this one of the Confiscated super cars out for test drive with the girls from Soi Nana
  6. My Wife works in ICU her shifts are up to 16hrs at a time she also does many shifts 12 on 6 of 12 on she has to look at babies mangled from bike accidents drunken farangs with heart attacks and as you can imagine many other sites and Traumas she is paid sweet F all she does not get holidays she has to train new Recruits and has been doing it for 27 years at same Hosp and before the A H start remarking why she not leave Thing she is Traditional Lanna and that is how she supports her parents and family so from fist hand experience for the last 6 years they get Squat
  7. What about the ones Hawking their fork on Nana
  8. HO Hum what's on Telly today
  9. Yada Yada Yada here we go again
  10. RIP little girl so sad but nothing will be done walk around the streets of Chiang Mai and see how bad it is
  11. He was a Begger for Punishment spreading the word which was Legs I think I will join a church Not
  12. Stupid Is Stupid Does invite the family not the brightest thing to do
  13. He could have called me mine is here with her Mum and all the other hanger ons RIP my Friend
  14. Ivan The Terrible go Boris