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  1. Cost Of Helmet 300B Cost of Funeral Or Hospital Care ????? Cost of Brain Damage for rest of Life ???? Can not afford fine but can afford Motor Bike Priceless
  2. Sick Mother <deleted>%%%% in this Country but he will get of scott freee
  3. Uber is cheap fast polite and clean in Chiang Mai 100% on the rest of the Clowns
  4. I use the Uber App In Chiang Mai taxi modern fast service polite and Cheaper then The Bastards running around in Taxis and Tuk Tuks so easy and so much more respect if you haven't tried it try it
  5. oh well another day another dollar
  6. It Just gets Funnier asking a Hooker did she clear her Throat First
  7. WHAT A jOKE next it will be no Bar Girls on Loh Koch Rd
  8. The Comedy show continues what is the world coming to I could not believe this sort of thing is available in Thailand
  9. IS This the Joke of the Day or Joke of the week
  10. Ha Ha One More T T Thai only in Thailand got to love the Place what his name Thai De Dundee
  11. There is no such thing as Mafia in Thailand and we kill any one that disagrees with us Good Luck with the Suit
  12. Oh well best if luck but i cant see him getting a dime
  13. Just drove from Tak to Lampung at 100kph 4 of these crazy bastards passed me one came up behind me from no where when i was passing a truck lights flashing horn blasting i puleed back in he was gone in cloud of dust he had to be doing 130 those poor passengers
  14. SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT TO me where is it safe