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  1. The Greek bailout, the Caymans, Brighthouse, tax avoidance the DHSS and doggy parentage is against protocol.
  2. Are the hordes of rats being rehomed in the city or just ploughed in.
  3. They need to make a promise to kill less people in future.
  4. Nice to see so many out cleaning but not so nice if you were in the traffic snarl ups around Ching Mai as a result yesterday.
  5. Its ok I took my door knob off.
  6. This thread is going the same way as other connected threads The facts so far Novichock 100% Russian 100% Russian made smeared on the first attacks door handle a documented Russian KGB tactic .It must be contained only in glass the bottle now found in unknown circumstances .One woman dead .Large parts of Salisbury and surrounding areas closed. Millions of pounds spent on decontamination so far Russia denies everything despite other high profile assassinations. All roads lead to Moscow 100% so far.
  7. It looks like a who's on the payroll roll call to me.
  8. He was more interested in the up frocking first surely.
  9. No sympathy with this one should be hanged on looks alone.
  10. Only when on drugs or booze do they see just how bad their driving really is.
  11. In all cases of hammering and hanging chickens will now be part of the forensic kit you learn something everyday cluck me.
  12. What a bunch of leftie goons if you want to protest stay at home or work if you are not on universal credit a bunch of Corbyn muppets Trump will impeach himself by tweet sooner or later.
  13. Defiantly no joke for the Salisbury area population and businesses having weapons grade nerve agent sloshing around.
  14. Oh my god what a distressing story don't think there was any need to show the severed limb hope the poor lad is ok.