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  1. Jean Claude Juncker for PM he has done a hatchet job on the Tory's destroyed the pound and will rinse the economy so he is the ideal candidate
  2. What's a worm collector or is this some kind of ladyboy analogy
  3. Could it be subliminal messages from the temple Tannoy affecting this mass failure of brains and brakes
  4. Who has the job of carrying the turd found in the jungle into court is all I'm waiting for
  5. Its always hell for Pusey's here being knocked up by a pack of dogs
  6. Diane Abbot is on standby as a impartial advisor to make the figures more plausible in fact she has started counting already
  7. Added to the insane ways to die on and off the roads here RIP
  8. Legitimacy is barrel shaped and amazingly the bigger the calibre the more legit it becomes
  9. An image of a piano wire hanging Gary Glitter may also serve as a deterrent for any would be nonce
  10. Oi Nong the lads were wondering if you would get your
  11. Cor- blimey statesman that's some imagination you have
  12. sammieuk1

    Do Thais Fart?

    A change from Brexit with a similar result
  13. Keeping kids safe here is a nightmare walk down any pavement and see a mass of wires and cables at kids height hope the lad recovers and learns a life changing lesson
  14. Easy money v long bird scenario with the kids as collateral damage what a waste