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  1. There's an embezzling weevil woven into the Thai fabric at every level of public office
  2. Now there's a vomit inducing photo if ever there was a couple of state terrorists the world could do without
  3. sammieuk1

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    From what I've seen of bus driving here it was probably the first time he used the brakes that day was on the hill
  4. Just wondering at how he arrived at this solution as a squid rejuvenator did he do some other trial and error Narco testing before based on whether the customer came back?
  5. sammieuk1

    Phuket lifeguard deal probed for corruption

    So many sharks before you even get wet here
  6. Looking at the photos I 'd like to wave my stick to
  7. Never heard of these two women and as for Trump I wish I never heard of him in the first place
  8. sammieuk1

    Husband almost beheads wife in Krabi

    The counselling is not an option anymore thenRIP
  9. Yes it was all just coincidence even the traces of novichock found in the very same hotel room they stayed in amazing
  10. And the junta will still be holding the election in the next year
  11. sammieuk1

    Tourist Goes Viral After Getting ‘Fresh Spring Rolls’ Tattoo in Thailand

    Waiting for the follow up from the first man to have up the junta tattooed on his gentleman sausage
  12. sammieuk1

    Junta exacerbating seriousness of T-shirt case

    So they are following the Turkish model blame everything that does not fit the model on shadows supposition and hearsay
  13. sammieuk1

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    The free stuff on the plane out of here