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  1. Hachikô monogatari (1987) is a much better movie and it's based in the country where it happened.
  2. You feed them so they can have more puppies. You are part of the problem not the solution.
  3. They stop wherever there is a passenger that wants to embark/disembark. Sometimes it is only a few meters between stops. If passengers got their act together getting on or off whre others are doing the same and walking a bit then then whole thing might actually get better. It is not the bus driver that controls the bus it is the passengers. I've even seen passengers wait by a pedestrian crossing and when the baht bus arrived and stopped it blocked those crossing from the other side. 2 meters away was a loading/unloading zone, but the <deleted> passenger couldn't be bothered to walk that.
  4. "why do we need to talk just write the ticket" is what I can hear in the video. Reminds me of 30 years ago when a policeman tried to get 500 out of me for a parking offense. "Don't have 500 on me, write me a ticket" was my repeated reply. Eventually he gave me a ticket that said at the bottom "maximum fine 200".
  5. He was following the "When in Rome" rule. 3 on a motorbike, 2 survived. How many helmets? I'd guess zero. RIP to the lady but lets remember with a less passengers on the bike she might have been able to avoid being hit.
  6. If the cops got the money and the ATM cards it shouldn't be too difficult to return the money to the bank accounts.
  7. Don't care. Not interested in soi dogs/puppies. Stop hijacking the thread.
  8. Don't care. Not interested in soi dogs/puppies. Stop hijacking the thread.
  9. Maybe not 100% but close. For the Golden's and Labradors I've had and others I've met it has always been 100%.
  10. Which November? 2019, 2020? They surely don't mean 2018 do they!
  11. 2 toilets...30 years....much usage...cleaned daily using all the usual chemical cleaners. NEVER had to have the tanks emptied. Why
  12. $$$millions+scooter = irresponsible. How wrong you are. What about the environment? What about the traffic? If more people rode scooters instead of some gas guzzling 4 wheeler the world might not be so polluted, the roads not so clogged. And the reason that a lot get killed on a scooter is because of all the drunk, speeding 4 wheelers out there. You say you don't judge them but you call them irresponsible when you too are irresponsible, using your definition, in using scooter taxis. Jeez..................
  13. Words fail me. Not used to dealing with 5-year-olds.
  14. Border collies are great. Very energetic, would I ever be able to keep up? Whippet, done some research and there seems to be some doubt about their swimming capabilities. Both are now under consideration but I'd still rather a Lab or Golden cross-breed. Thoroughbreds can have health problems due to inbreeding. Thanks