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  1. Let's not forget that immigration have KNOWN he is on overstay for 187 days before they do anything about it. That doesn't make them look good I think.
  2. Keesters

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Also Decathlon.1 Baht for a plastic bag, more for a reusable one. Tesco are the worst offenders. Bags, bags and more bags. Checkout girls seem happy to give them away.
  3. Perhaps the tenants had seen the piles of trash strewn around Thailand and thought this was normal and they way that people lived here. DirtyThailand When in Rome etc etc
  4. Don't know if it will work in UK but their phone app is great. Since using it I've all but forgotten the web based site.
  5. I said so your post is totally meaningless in context to mine. Take it up with somebody who did apportion blame, plenty of those here including you.
  6. I am not going to apportion blame but how come the motorcycle driver not see that truck. Whoever has right of way if you see a large object such as that truck in your path you do something about it like slow down or stop
  7. The dogs are to guard a plantation. Private property. If the people being chased by the dogs are on that private property then they are trespassing and do so at their own risk. However if the people are on public land next to the plantation and the dogs cross over from private to public land then the owner is wrong for not fencing her land and controlling her dogs. The cans are just wrong, proper separation between public and private is what is needed.
  8. Anyone who knew the rules of the road wouldn't be asking this.
  9. There's plenty of advertising on Facebook asking for donations. I've heard that the boss is looking to buy a new car as it's a thousand mile journey from Phuket to where the dogs are.
  10. Looks good but will security let you into places as Tesco with it. Last time I tried to take a simple small collapsible cotton bag into Tesco the guard insisted I check it in at service counter. After shopping and getting all my purchases in plastic bags I retrieved my cotton bag and went close to where that security guard was. I transferred my shopping from the plastic bags into my cotton one, throwing the now screwed up empty plastic ones at the guard. I wonder if he got the message. The guard's education is the problem. Until he and almost everyone else here is properly educated on the use of plastic nothing will change. Decathlon seem to have managed it quite well. On purchasing a backpack there recently there was no question about how I'd remove it from the store at checkout: on my back. A lot of other shops would have put it in a plastic bag without thinking.
  11. I wonder what it feels like to be BOUGHT.
  12. Humans created the problem, yes. Now humans must end it. Best to humanely put these dogs down. My biggest fear that when the scare is over and forgotten Thais will get more puppies, not care for them properly, let them roam the streets and it'll happen all over again
  13. But I'll bet most of these dogs were let free to roam the streets by the family who claims ownership if anything happens to the dog but not when the dog causes problems with others. A proper family owned pet would be behind a locked gate, vaccinated and only taken out on a lead and would not have been given up without a fight. So they are, de facto, soi dogs.
  14. Rimping. What's that? Sounds dirty.
  15. Keesters

    Comparison with taxi runs in NYC and Bangkok

    In both cities the drivers speak English poorly.