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  1. Keesters

    The plague of Baht Buses

    My only comment is that I wish they would only stop at designated stops as the (now defunct) bus service did. I've seen them stop 5 times in 50 meters. Of course you'd have to train the passengers to walk a little which might actually be the hardest part.
  2. Keesters

    Farang got Stabbed

    A few months ago I looked into the luggage compartment (boot) of a Bangkok taxi while retrieving my friends suitcase. Saw an Aluminum baseball bat. No other sports equipment, just the bat. Probably there to be used as a weapon I'd guess and hopefully for defense and not attack purposes. Maybe the bus is safer after all.
  3. 5 times this season! You're lucky. I've not seen them once in over 5 years and I live in a residential housing estate in Pattaya proper (the light side).
  4. Why? Because here they eat dog perhaps!
  5. Even if it was politically motivated it doesn't make him innocent. He is GUILTY AS CHARGED ... A CRIMINAL
  6. And just what do you see as their cultural values? I would certainly not wish to adopt any of their values as I have my own to live by. Some may be the same but many are definitely not.
  7. Pattaya ain't Thailand. It's Disney land. Last time I checked Pattaya WAS a city within the province of Chonburi, Thailand and there is NO other place in the world with that name. Disneyland is often described as "The happiest place in the entire world; life, the universe, and everything; Walt's perfect/utopian kingdom in which everyone may be happy; the last hope for goodness in the world" So perhaps they are the same place!
  8. Why? Surely some under 45s could also be "evidently honest" and have a bit more vigor in fighting corruption.
  9. Only way that will happen is "total emigration" making Thailand unpopulated.
  10. Free cremations (if needed) could be offered with each package tour.
  11. So Chonburi General Hospital that charged me x00,000 baht for a stent procedure SHOULDN'T have. I'm requesting a refund.