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  1. The owners are those who regularly feed them. It's time for those people to clean up their shit.
  2. Pounds are not only for unwanted dogs but for those that escape custody. Pounds have NOTHING to do with dogs breeding. Learn about what Battersea dogs home does before calling UK an uncivilised country which it isn't when it comes to animals. Many dogs are gifted to Battersea if they become unwanted or unable to be cared for and then, hopefully, found new homes. Thailand just lets them loose on the street because there are no POUNDS to take them too. Pounds would make for a better and more civilised society.
  3. I'm sure why do you think i wrote it. Go ask at veterinary section of public health. They are very clear about it.
  4. SURVEY: Time to start culling stray animals?

    That wasn't people it was street dogs that invaded my house and used my computer to vote. Sorry 'bout that but I was too scared to stop them as at least one was foaming at the mouth.
  5. SURVEY: Time to start culling stray animals?

    And I don't like wherever it is you live..because you, a very offensive person, lives there.
  6. SURVEY: Time to start culling stray animals?

    Having the desired effect of removing the animals from the public street. JOB DONE. Thank you.
  7. SURVEY: Time to start culling stray animals?

    In the minds of many IT DOES and that includes a former governor of Bangkok. You cannot have the positive of feeding an animal without the responsibility of owning it and all the damage it causes. That is only for the irresponsible. GROW UP and be responsible for the animals you feed and show some respect for your human neighbours.
  8. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Let them do it to the locals as well and see how far that goes.
  9. The only time it will be UNDER CONTROL is when you can walk down the public street and not see a stray dog or cat, unleashed pet or soi dog.
  10. To be honest the police don't stand a chance. In regular civilised countries most people carry out their daily business conforming to laws not because of the laws and the chance, or not, of being caught but because they have a sense of civic responsibility, thought for others etc. Here there is only one rule of daily life ME FIRST, ME AND ONLY ME, EVERYBODY ELSE CAN GO TO ...., I'LL DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT TOO. ME ME ME ME
  11. The "good people" should be happy that they are contributing to society in keeping the "bad people" at bay. A fee per dog would distract many people from owning lots of dogs, could entice people to sterilize their dog (offered free with license).
  12. We all pay taxes. It is a large national problem that can only be effectively cured by government action paid for by taxes. Whilst I admire your resolve private actions will only ever be a drop in the ocean.
  13. Collars are put on dogs to show ownership and hopefully not get them removed from the streets they roam. But where I live, Pattaya, we have a law that says owned dogs are not allowed to be on the street unless leashed. I believe that recently a national law about dogs defecating on public land came into effect. So the simple answer is: Find a dog with a collar roaming the street, capture it and place it in a pound. Wait 7 days for owner to show up and pay the fines and get the dog released into their custody. 99% of the time that will NEVER happen. On day 8 put the dog down. End of collared dogs roaming the street. Thailand will need to invest in dog pounds, a sign of a civilised society.