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  1. Personally I'd do it for free. My civic responsibility.
  2. I hope it doesn't for as soon as the errant motorcyclists learn their lessons and stop using sidewalks/pavement/footpaths then it will no longer be required.
  3. What is not funny is that he may take an innocent pedestrian down with him.
  4. It's got nothing to do with the car its to do with the money it cost.
  5. They do understand. They know they are supposed to give way to traffic on the roundabout. They know they are supposed to stop for a pedestrian on a crossing. They know they should not run a red light. They know the rules of the road they just choose to ignore them and charge ahead believing themselves more important then everybody else. The "ME FIRST" concept.
  6. If city hall was shut down they'd be less sh_t to deal with.
  7. Land encroachment is rife in Thailand. Beaches, roads, sidewalks, parks, etc. you name it if it's public land some private individual has encroached on it. Well done lads but it is but the tip of a very large iceberg.
  8. Doctors are much the same. Take this, don't eat that, don't ask questions. Unfortunately the people treat them like demigods so it'll never change until their attitude changes.
  9. Lifeguards just doing their job. Without people to save they'd be unemployed. They should be thanking the flag ignoring people that keep them in work.
  10. who understands the new BIG C reward system ?

    Not a cheap charlie at all but a wise shopper. Those that don't take advantage of rewards schemes have more money than sense. Money is better in MY pocket than in Big C's shareholders because by not using the reward scheme you are putting money in the shareholders pockets that they did not expect to get. Since when have shareholders been in need of charity.
  11. Meanwhile children are being attacked by dogs all the time and NOTHING is done about it.
  12. A neighbors dog took 3 weeks to die howling and screaming in pain as it did so. City officials called round after I reported the incident but nothing was done. They just let the animal suffer. I hope they all die in a similar fashion without pain killers. Seriously mixed up morals.
  13. Had dogs over the last 30 years but none have ever licked my face. Can't see why people let it happen, it's disgusting. Not hard to train a dog out of the habit.
  14. Self inflicted wound. Thai people chuck rubbish around all the time. That includes the vendors. Then they complain about it. Jeez people wake up. Clean up your own mess before blaming others. For more disgusting pictures of the mess in Thailand see DirtyThailand on facebook. It really is a wonder they get any tourists at all.
  15. I've known about the 2008 law since it was made...why didn't they? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Their employers should also have known. Are they to be arrested.