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  1. I think the people are already mostly aware. It's the government that keep pushing immigration. The people need to take control of their government. Far too much kowtowing to the minority groups. They, the immigrants, need to remember and respect the countries original people who made it so great that they (foreigners) all want to live there.
  2. They shouldn't even think of migrating (running away). They should stay and fight for what they believe in. It is not the rest of the world's problem.
  3. It is a paradise. You don't have to get involved with criminals. 30+ years here and I've had no trouble with them. But it is good to see them being rounded up.
  4. If you take all >2 wheel vehicles out of the equation Thailand's roads would not be so crowded and there would hardly be any accidents at all. Anybody can make up stuff.
  5. If I was Muslim I'd renounce my religion. Nuke the lot of 'em Fight extremism with extremism.
  6. If your town/city has a Public Health Veterinary Section you could try there. The one in Pattaya is fantastic.
  7. Sounds like a North Korean rocket test.
  8. Not found one that you can trust yet? Or is it that none of them want to work for you anymore?
  9. Which is what he said with "I beg to differ". No need for him to take a reality check. He is already spot on. You however might do with a reading lesson.
  10. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I was unaware of my parents relationship difficulties until my adult life. They, as responsible parents with marriage difficulties, kept us children out of it. It is never better for parents to separate. It is better that they control themselves and think of their children rather than themselves.
  11. My parents would have split up if it hadn't been for the kids. That kind of thoughtfulness doesn't seem to be around any more. Divorce or split and let the kids be bounced back and forth seems the rule now. No wonder we have so many badly behaved kids around these days.
  12. Was this a 'professionally' run display? If so they should have known that 10 meters is just not far enough.