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  1. Retirees in Thailand

    56 million reasons https://www.google.com/search?q=sex+thailand&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  2. Handicapped parking permit

    Not sure for physically handicapped but for mentally handicapped it is available at your local DVLC and called "Driving License". It entitles you to park anywhere you like.
  3. Extradition of Yingluck not easy: PM Prayut

    Why do you say so? What criminal offence have I been convicted of? Do you even know me? Stupid comment from a <deleted> person.
  4. Extradition of Yingluck not easy: PM Prayut

    Well Mr. PM, you shouldn't have let her get away then. It's a self inflicted wound. Best of luck though, I think she and her brother both deserve to rot in a Thai jail.
  5. Got nothing to do with nanny state but PEOPLE CONSIDERING PEOPLE vs. ME, ME, ME.
  6. The Mirror. Wouldn't wrap my fish & chips in that rag.
  7. Life imprisonment for you as its owner, death penalty for the dog when it manages to kill some one. Is that the price you want to pay?
  8. If the pedestrian operated crossing lights worked, tourists used them and drivers obeyed them then accidents like this could be greatly reduced. RIP
  9. Unless that part of the beach is artificially created I doubt that it is 'private'. Ambassador City, Jomtien has what appears to be a huge artificial beach. If they made it IMO it's theirs. But the part that is natural should not be. And if beaches are public what about access to them? Royal Cliff Pattaya has a beach but to get to it you have to go through private land. Used to be able to but last time I tried I was stopped. In England we have "public rights of way" which often run through private land. Do such thing exist here?
  10. His parents must be REAL PROUD.
  11. New Year road toll rises to 375 after six days

    It is not necessarily the motorcycle that causes the accident so your 'due to' (highlighted in the quote) is probably wrong.It should be replaced with 'to those riding'. And your 'lack of abiding by the laws of the road, lack of proper training, lack of driving licenses and the thinking that their Faith will protect them etc.' applies to any vehicle driver in Thailand not just motorcycle riders. Good effort at trying to blame MOTORCYCLES for all that is wrong on the Thai roads but you fail miserably in the facts. Everyday as a rider here I have to avoid idiot 4 wheel and bigger vehicles as they come speeding towards me with their I'm bigger than you, get out of my way attitude, their I'll do a U-Turn wherever, whenever I like, their overtake me and then immediately turn left in front of me driving. Motorcycle riders are generally very aware of the dangers of riding here and that when involved in an accident they are worse off. But they ARE NOT necessarily the CAUSE of the accidents.
  12. Because making a million cars at 500 baht for a GPS is 500 million baht. Do they make the price of a 500,000 car 501,000 if it is fitted or keep the price the same and swallow the 500 million themselves. Bean counters dictate how business are run these days.
  13. Thailand Civil and Commercial code. Section 1324. A finder of lost property may claim from the person entitled to receive it a reward of ten per cent of the value of the property up to thirty thousand baht, and five per cent on the additional value. However, if he delivers the property to the police or other competent official, two and a half per cent of the value of the property shall, in addition to the reward, be paid as a fee to the Government service concerned, but, in no case, shall such fee exceed one thousand baht.
  14. Government sponsored road deaths and injuries.