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  1. Somebody is getting rich making those booths. That's what it's all about. Like the removal of the old & pretty beach shade areas replacing them with ugly multi colored umbrellas. Like the installation of pedestrian controlled crossings (pandas, pelicans). Like so many things in Pattaya & Thailand it is only done for the money it makes somebody.
  2. 200,000 million baht to get to Thailand's third class resort. ?
  3. And you need to put one on sometimes. Road rage, road markings are all serious things and should be taken seriously and not with a flippant attitude.
  4. I have read the code thank you and they mean the same as anywhere else in the world. They may be ignored by some but that does not change their meaning.
  5. facebook search DirtyThailand. Plenty of worse pictures there.
  6. The whole of Soi Kopai has double yellow lines down the center of the road meaning no overtaking. If people followed the law altercations such as this would not happen.
  7. Cure for a weak bladder??

    Google reckons it is called Saw palmetto also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saw_palmetto_extract
  8. I have no problem with any of the proposed changes. Don't want a gun, fireworks, or explosives. Anyone who does shouldn't be here. Peace.
  9. Public Health building is on Soi Buakhaow in the same area as Pattaya City Hospital. You can enter through Fire station on 3rd road. There is a car park. Veterinary section is in basement. Last time I was there I found they don't speak much English so you may need a translator to go with you. FYI: City vet is located in same area in porta cabin on fire station exit slipway road. The building may be primitive but the vet and nurses are excellent. Good for annual inoculations and de-sexing.
  10. Good to see the pictures that I took and uploaded being spread around.
  11. Your post has little to do with my post. Why quote it? Follow the conversation back and you'll see we were talking sterlisation not biters and how people treat their dogs.
  12. Sorry but you're the one who's wrong. I have successfully had street dogs removed from the estate, owned dogs on the loose returned to owners and warned not to let them out again and noisy dogs kept inside where you can't hear them. All depends on how you handle the matter. You it seems don't know how.
  13. Not much better on the lightside. The words 'customer service' do not exist in their vocabulary.
  14. Beach Road zebra crossings repainted

  15. Beach Road zebra crossings repainted

    It is not only the Thai drivers here that are at fault. You'll see plenty of Farangs doing it too.