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  1. jimmiejackson

    Help for sleep paralysis?

    Thanks again for all of the input. I will pass the information along and hopefully it will help him to get a handle on everything. I appreciate you all taking the time.
  2. jimmiejackson

    Help for sleep paralysis?

    Thank you both for your input, I'll pass that on. As far as I'm aware the only medication he's on is insulin. He is currently self treated, which is far from ideal, he knows it. He is on a budget and doesn't really speak Thai so I think he's struggled with the "cheaper" Doctors and got frustrated and given up. It's not that he doesn't care but depression can make these things more of a struggle than they need to be - adding on the night terrors doesn't help of course. I'm trying to help him back on track. Are there any recommendations for a good Doctor that could manage his condition for a reasonable price and speak good enough English to avoid too many frustrations? He is in the Sukhumvit area so locally would be most ideal. Thanks again.
  3. jimmiejackson

    Help for sleep paralysis?

    Hi everyone, I'm enquiring on behalf of a friend of mine who lives in Bangkok but who isn't a member of this forum. He is having a lot of trouble recently with sleep paralysis/night terrors. He describes it as waking up and not being able to move. He tries to shout out but he can't. Although he doesn't know how long it lasts he feels it can be up to 8-10 minutes sometimes. Sometimes he sees a "demon" type creature standing over him and he's always wearing the actual clothes he's wearing in real life during these "episodes". Once he eventually regains control he wakes up screaming to make sure he's in reality. He says this happens several times a night recently so obviously he's suffering from lack of sleep which just makes the problem even more stressful. Looking online it seems that there's no real known cure for this. A lot of people say avoiding sleeping on your back helps (which I've advised him) but he says it happens whether he's on his back, side or stomach. He is a type 2 Diabetic who self treats with insulin, if that makes any difference. Is there any help either in person or online that anyone is aware of, or any tips/tricks/supplements/drugs that you'd recommend or have heard that works? Thanks for your advice!
  4. Thanks again for the help I received. As a note for anyone who might read this in the future. Collected on the 16th with no issues, nobody asked me anything at all and received my 11 months as usual.
  5. Thanks Ubonjoe, I'll go to collect on the 16th then. For arriving back on the date, I actually land on the 12th but just very late. Will report back if there's any issues.
  6. Hi all, I have an issue that I'm hoping someone can help with. I applied for an an extension of stay based on Thai wife to a non-o (my fourth consecutive) at CW last month. The date stamped for collection of the 11 months was 13 October 2017. I'm currently out of the country (with a re-entry permit) returning on the 13th very early in the morning. Apparently the 13th is now a holiday (anniversary of the death of the King). We called 1111 last week to check and they said that at that time the holiday wasn't official so they weren't sure if CW would be open or not. Called again two days ago and apparently they're now closed, but different calls have resulted in different answers. I don't want to go all the way there to find it's closed, but I'm also concerned if I go on Monday I will 1 - technically be on an overstay over the weekend and 2 - that CW might actually be open on Friday and then they won't give me my extension. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this? thank you!
  7. I doubt having a 30 day "under consideration" stamp would be an issue for an airline (not that I put it past them). I have a valid permission to stay in Thailand that expires after my flight lands and even if they don't believe that to be the case, I would get 30 days on arrival anyway. Going back and forth about it in my mind, going to get a multiple entry. 1800 Baht down the toilet saves me either a second trip to CW or an early morning panic at the airport. Appreciate all the advice!
  8. Thanks for this. I hope that they don't have an issue with doing it for the under consideration period. I'm trying to avoid a second trip to CW for the second reentry permit but maybe I'll just have to bite the bullet to make sure.
  9. Hi all, I am going to be doing another 1 year extension of stay to a Non O visa based on marriage and for the first time ever I will be traveling during the 30 day "under consideration" period. I know I can keep the entry alive with a re entry permit which I will get on the day I apply at CW. The thing is, I'm leaving twice during that period and it doesn't really make sense to buy a multiple so I plan to get a single at CW for the first trip and another single at Suvanabhumi for the second. Two questions: 1 - is there any issue with this? Apart from being a waste of passport pages! Learned never to assume when it comes to this stuff. 2 - I want to get the second one at Suvanabhumi around 5am. Very usefully the airline official website lists re entry permit service is both 24/7 and open 5am to Midnight. Either of which is fine but still thought I'd check. Thanks as always.
  10. jimmiejackson

    Extension of stay for Chinese citizen

    Thanks for your comments. I will be able to check her passport when she arrives soon and see exactly what entries were given and for how long as she may misunderstand what she had. Good to know she can extend for 30 days, thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a friend who's a Chinese citizen who's struggling to find the correct information, and having searched all over Google and the Bangkok immigration website I'm not getting many clear answers. Two main questions: 1 - can she extend a 15 day VOA entry at CW? If so, how long will the extension be? 2 - she has had 3 tourist visas for Thailand issued in China in the past. Every time she has been given 30 days on entry. Can she extend at CW for 30 days for CW? (If you can provide a link to the actual rule on this that would be great too!) thanks as ever for your assistance.
  12. jimmiejackson

    Pound Weakens.

    Out of purely selfish concerns, what do you guys think the effect on the Eur will be? Seen quite a dip this morning.
  13. jimmiejackson

    Wife diagnosed as HIV+

    Thanks for the info Sheryl, I'll get her to look into that and report back how it works out.
  14. jimmiejackson

    Wife diagnosed as HIV+

    Just want to make an update now that it's been a while since the last one. Eventually, the rash went down, I'd say it took about another week to fade away to the point it wasn't really obvious from a distance. Still now there is some faint sign of the rash on her arms and legs, like little dark spots under the skin that get more prominent when she's hot. The Doctor says this is normal and will just take some time to fade away. After the first month of medication had finished my wife went back to her SSF hospital to get more medication. It was another drama, with her coming for an appointment, the Doctor not being there, then having to wait while the Doctor came back. The Doctor then told her she should change medication because of the rash and prescribed something different. She then had to see the Psychologist again who said that she will give her the same medicine (at my wife's insistence. I told her not to change anything without the go ahead of Dr Asda) again. Eventually she was given 2 month's supply, again for free. In the meantime, her request to the SSF to get her registered hospital changed to Rajavithi in Victory Monument was approved. There is a limited window of time each year where you can change hospitals, and a limit to how many people each hospital will take, so luckily it all worked out. She hasn't been there yet but as a big hospital with a lot of specialists, we're hoping the experience will be better. My main reason for wanting her to change hospitals was in case she needs to be admitted for any reason, and the two private insurances that she has don't work out, at least we have a decent back up option. She enquired about the blood tests at her old SSF hospital but the hospital said that if she wanted them more than once every six months (the first one being six months from her first visit), that she would have to pay for herself. As it is much cheaper, my wife went back to the Red Cross and got the blood tests done there. The tests were similar to last time, except this time we added on a few things - liver function, kidney function, a urine analysis, and didn't need to do a few others (HIV test, Hepatitis etc). The results came back and her CD4 had gone up to 650 with a percentage of 30. Her HIV viral load went down to 51. We went to see Dr Asda again later that week to go through the results. The Liver Test came back with a few things a bit high, which is to be expected as it is coping with the medication, but he said if they stay at that level he is happy. He said that the CD4 looks very good and the HIV viral load is where it should be, and we're hoping it will be undetectable by 3 months into treatment. We will get another round of blood tests in two months and see how things are. As for costs, the medication is free so that's a good thing. The blood tests cost somewhere around 3000 Baht a time, the consultations at Bumrungrad between 1000-1400 Baht. In general it's just a part of life now. There is an alarm every evening for her to take her pills. She didn't drink or party before so not doing so now is not a major issue not to do it now. We're lucky in a lot of ways to have caught it early enough and to be able to get good treatment. Thanks to the many on this forum who have given constant support and an outlet for me to discuss my concerns and hopes, it's made things much easier to deal with.
  15. jimmiejackson

    Wife diagnosed as HIV+

    One week on from the peak of the rash, it seems to be improving. A week ago it really looked terrible, it was bright read and all over her body and face and to be honest, a little scary. I think it's human nature to see something like that and think that it's something really serious and terrible. Right now the rash seems to be fading. From bright red, the patches have faded to something resembling a bruise. They are still very noticeable but appear a lot less "angry" than they did. On her face and neck they have faded to the point of not being noticeable unless you're looking for them. On her arms, legs and back they are far more noticeable but seem to be fading. Apart from that, no other major side effects have reared their head (touch wood). She will go to get more drugs from the Government hospital and will try and convince them that they should do another blood test to see how the medication is working. I hope they do, otherwise I will pay out of pocket at the Red Cross. Either way, I will be taking the results back to Dr Asda to look over. So now we are about a month into this whole thing and it's been quite a journey. For anyone reading this in the future, it will be ok, just stay calm and take the necessary steps to get things under control. Will continue to update as things go on.