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  1. Try putting a few dustbins around town that might help. Take a trip to Cha am and you will see bins all over town, seems to be very well managed. Also why not throw in a nice clean public toilet as we don't have any.
  2. I can't understand why they can't make more U turn gaps stopping both directions U turning in the same slot. It's a nightmare trying to U turn and not been able to see the oncoming traffic.
  3. Very expensive, in the middle of nowhere. Used to be a place that was good to eat at, good menu, and good price. Now menu rubbish, over priced building site.
  4. That would be a new one. Looks like I run out of commas. Thanks
  5. Sorry, That's Soi 55 opposite Chomsin Hotel
  6. Had a very nice Breakfast today at the Hua Hin Swedish Bakery, 2 eggs, fresh tom, 2 proper sausages, Ham, Beans. Choice of roll, I had whole grain orange juice, plus Fresh coffee or tea 150 Baht very good value.
  7. Thanks, I did call in at the office about 3 months ago, I was told 12000 Baht seems high to me. will look around. Thanks again for your time.
  8. Can anyone recommend a Lawyer in Hua Hin so I can get a Will done, any idea regarding cost? its just property and Money. Thanks
  9. Thanks to all for help, Will send UK pounds now I know they auto convert and pay into my Thai Bany
  10. Hi all, what is the best way to send money, When I send from my HSBC account it says currency to send I put Thai baht and it gives me a rate. Would it be better to send UK pounds? if so, is it automatically converted to Thai baht here and paid into your Thai Bank account. Thanks for your time.