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  1. Bank charges

    Read my post again, I’m asking a Question not talking about me. Your money isn’t sitting in your Branch, it’s invested all around the world, in currency, Bonds, Stocks etc. So regardless of what province you find yourself in, it should be charge free, and if the first reply is correct,it soon will be.
  2. Bank charges

    I think banks make enough already without robbing people on 9000 Baht a month salaries. The charge applies to all rich foreigners and the less well off. The charge is because you take your money from a machine outside the boundary why.
  3. Well said, wouldn’t want any kids getting hurt.
  4. Not just Hua Hin, spotted on north beach Cha am last Saturday.
  5. How do the Banks get away with charging for ATM withdrawals, I understand that using another Banks machine you will incur a charge, my issue is using your own Banks machine outside of your own Branch town you get charged. It’s as if they are saying your money is in your Branch in a box. Thai people are getting ripped off, already on low salaries they are getting charged 15 or 20 Baht for every withdrawal outside of their location. I can only comment on the Bangkok Bank but it seems to me to be a banking scam.
  6. A few years ago my friend was bitten near the police station. He was treated at Bangkok hospital, the first jab was 19000 baht. I thought it was a mistake so went back with him to check. The pharmacist told me that no it was not a mistake that was the cost of the main anti Rabies jab followed by more injections at a much lower cost. I think the city council should pick up the tab as they are turning a blind eye, nothing new in that.
  7. Did they ever arrest anyone for the Hua hin bombs last year.
  8. Managing the Infrastructure Needs of Hua Hin

    Try putting a few dustbins around town that might help. Take a trip to Cha am and you will see bins all over town, seems to be very well managed. Also why not throw in a nice clean public toilet as we don't have any.
  9. I can't understand why they can't make more U turn gaps stopping both directions U turning in the same slot. It's a nightmare trying to U turn and not been able to see the oncoming traffic.
  10. Very expensive, in the middle of nowhere. Used to be a place that was good to eat at, good menu, and good price. Now menu rubbish, over priced building site.
  11. Breakfast

    That would be a new one. Looks like I run out of commas. Thanks
  12. Breakfast

    Sorry, That's Soi 55 opposite Chomsin Hotel
  13. Breakfast

    Had a very nice Breakfast today at the Hua Hin Swedish Bakery, 2 eggs, fresh tom, 2 proper sausages, Ham, Beans. Choice of roll, I had whole grain orange juice, plus Fresh coffee or tea 150 Baht very good value.
  14. Will

    Thanks, I did call in at the office about 3 months ago, I was told 12000 Baht seems high to me. will look around. Thanks again for your time.