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  1. I did it online couple of weeks ago without any issues. Just use the IE browser and give it a try first. In my case it was approved within 24 hours. I am in Bangkok though
  2. Remembered to do the online reporting this time - approved within 24 hours - phew
  3. Many thanks @ubonjoe for the quick response...
  4. Hi Everyone, I am on Ed visa in BKK and my 90 day report is due on two days. I went to the online reporting site and it says can only do it online 7 days before expiry. Since I would like to save a trip to the immigration in Chaengwattana, can someone suggest a good cheap agent that could do the reporting on my behalf. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Is it possible to study (university or private school) under the TE visa? or would one need an Ed Visa for that?
  6. Got this in the response from the Elite when I requested information for a new application. Posting here in case it might help someone. *Important Notice* Please read thoroughly; · Elite Visa is categorized under Tourist Visa which does not allow the holder to legally apply work permit to work in Thailand. · Non-Immigrant Visa must be cancelled before Elite Visa is validated. Members have to take responsibility for the cancellation of Non-Immigrant Visa on their own, and then apply the 7-day stay extension in order to validate Elite Visa. · Member who has record of any type of over staying on the current entry must leave Thailand and come back to get Elite Visa stamp later. · Only members holding Tourist Visa, Visa on Arrival or on 30-Day Exempted Tourist Visa are eligible to validate Elite Visa. · All required documents(Including scanned soft copy of application form) need to be submitted via e-mail, or by visiting us at our office to start the application process. · **The signed original application form with photo attached and proof of relationship have to be submitted to Thailand Elite head office in Bangkok** · Getting a stay extension, members will be charged THB 1,900 directly at the immigration when apply. · Thailand Elite Members are required to do 90-day report at the Immigration Office in case of continuously stay in the country without leaving for over 90 days. · According to the immigration regulation, if the length of your current passport is not up to 5-year period, we will issue Elite Visa accordance with the expiration date stated on the passport. · If your current passport or passport pages is nearly run out and you need to renew passport, please kindly send Member Contact Center (MCC) the 1st page of new passport in order for them to update your information and affix new Elite Visa for the remaining period. Furthermore, you should have at least 3 blank passport pages to affix Elite Visa. · For your information, Terms of visa shall be granted in accordance with the validity of membership.