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  1. Just now Front page Bangkok Post. 3 dead 14 in hospital. Surin.
  2. Numerous Thais work in the hotel industry in Manama.
  3. Its been sometime but had a restaurant at Noen Po on highway 117 had an Ostrich farm and I had an Ostrich Steak. No idea if it is still there or not. Also in Kap Choeng at the Surin Provincial Border Area Development Center they has 4 Ostrich but that too has been some time back. Best advice is given by KB.
  4. Bartender in other words. Have to keep the locals shyt faced.
  5. แคนา Canaan
  6. I would cut off these so called illegal sanctuary cities monies by the cojones.
  7. With that head line I thought you were talking about a mans winky..
  8. An update. The unseasonal rain we have had is the number 1 cause for the chicken die off in lower isaan. Now that the rains have stopped and the weathers is back to normal for this area for this time of year...GUES WHAT ? Chickens are laying eggs like there is no tomorrow. The Fog Horn Leg Horn alongs with RoadIsland Reds are busting lose.
  9. My fl lost two fingers the first of the year due to Necrotising Fascitis. Still does rehab for the other two fingers every week at the hospital. He is back to normal as he will get and mentally he has no problem.
  10. Don't hold your breath as this latest terrorist attack has not been figured into this election.
  11. Could never like A-HOLE NEWS. Flush it.
  12. Wife will not touch any more birds tell this over and then she will go back to the Surin Livestock Breeding and Research Center Na Bua Surin Thailand and get new breeding stock for 11 baht each with free vaccine.
  13. This virus is from Kap Choeng to Surin and as far east as Lamduan.. The breading stock of RR and Fog Horn Leg Horns are OK But she has stopped all selling of any bird.
  14. The wife girls stopped about 4 weeks back its a weather related thing. Also be advised that there is a virus going about and she has lost about 50 and they were all vaccinated. The main government farming outlet between Prasat and Surin has the same problem.
  15. With rice only fetching only 6 to 9 baht per kilo farmers are turning away from it or going out of business. Be very carful of investing the kind money you talk off. It will be you left holding the bag and not your wife family.