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  1. Hope all he gets to eat in prison is Pla Ra.
  2. They are afraid that their gravy train will stop running.
  3. Its rained every week since last November. There has been NO dry season this year. So called weather experts are a joke.
  4. You are now my toy boy PUNK.
  5. There is no 5 hour session or written exam at Surin or Parasat DLT. for renewal.
  6. According to This Morning Surin BFV is getting a 165 million baht expansion. Congrats Buriram.
  7. This is not a Chiang Mai isolated problem. Seeing reports on other local forums of this happening in isaan.
  8. Looking good..
  9. Fake news predicted that Hilary Clinton would beat Donald Trump. Guess what..
  10. Not The Nation reported this yesterday. Unacceptable. No sign of ISIS member fleeing into Thailand By The Nation Immigration police chief Pol Lt-General Natthorn Phrosunthorn BANGKOK: -- There has been no official report about a member of the Islamist group ISIS who fled arrest in Malaysia escaping into Thailand, police said on Wednesday. Immigration police chief Pol Lt-General Natthorn Phrosunthorn said there was still no indication that ISIS member Muhammad Arif Bin Junaidi had passed through border control into southern Thailand, though he could have crossed the border illegally elsewhere. Natthorn said he had ordered border officials to investigate and liaise with Malaysian police. Source: -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-05-03
  11. Soi 6 her comes the CHUMP.
  12. Bring back the 200 baht bar fine. That was the good ol days.