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  1. Pay backs are a B&^$%. This is justice prison style.
  2. khwaibah

    Sia Oun’s handover deferred until Tuesday

    Here is your completed paperwork.
  3. That is a commercial site is it not. ?Can you show an official Cambodia government requirement?
  4. Not at Chong Chom or Choam Sa Ngam Crossing . I use them both.
  5. This got my attention by the boys gym coach.
  6. Passport with visa are returned in as little as 3 days. It has been 23 days. Your friend needs to call and ask where the passport is.
  7. This is Kap Choeng amphur. The location is a sort ways from the Department of Livestock office and Surin Imigration ( 1km). I have been Informed that the Department of Livestock which has an office across from the Kap Choeng hospital have as of yesterday removed all three buffalo heads for an autopsy and the Kap Choeng hospital has set up an mobile clinic for rabies vaccination for over 200 people.
  8. You can not put 10 kg of shyt into a 5 kg bag.