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  1. The govenment has the mandate from the referendum, to many tory mp's will stop them? how will they stop them doing nothing? from what I saw Labour avoided brexit and concentrated on issues like NHS, education, housing things that people worry about, where as TM just talked about wanting a mandate for Brexit, the youngsters who cried last time about not voting came out and voted for Labour because he appealed to them, also the ukip voters returned to their loyalty base which is why Labour did well, so I disagree with your spin on the election. past or future.
  2. the choice was leave or remain, it was said we wanted a trade deal with the EU on agreeable terms, it was also said we would be better of with no deal than what we have now, which the people understood. You seem to be missing the point, the leavers don't need to do anything, no second choice just wait and we leave, there is nothing the remoaners can do to stop it, if the govenment chooses to go that way.
  3. When we had the referendum the choice was to leave or remain not do we want to leave just a little bit, the remoaners invented soft or hard after they lost. Have you ladies considered that artical 50 has been servered so in two years from last march we leave, rules are if there is no deal agreed we leave, TM does not need to agree to any demands just ride it out for 21 months, bye bye EU.
  4. We count by hand, can't trust them ruskies.
  5. While I am a Tory voter I'm glad she's gone. if she has (subject to recount)
  6. Well we're into the last furlong and it's neck and neck at the min, Labour are 20 seats up Tories are 9 seats down. Better than the x facter 555
  7. Not yet the tories are just about holding their own at the min, tho Labour are storming it 16 seats up so far.
  8. Yes Nick Clegg just lost his seat to Labour, lol
  9. Labour is doing well after 175 results they are up 6 seats,
  10. A bit early to break out the chapers labour has taken one seat from snp. lol * champers
  11. OK many have said “what do we do?” My top 10 thoughts are. 1. Deport all on the watch list that have a foreign passport and cancel any visa/right to be in the UK. 2. Anyone who has gone to fight for a terrorist organisation has their passport cancelled. 3. Cancel any foreign aid to Muslim countries. 4. Cancel any government funding for religious entities. 5. Any Muslim wishing to travel to the UK should have extreme vetting (like DT wants) if they don’t like it then don’t come here. 6. Introduce a national school uniform to be worn by all school children. 7. Ban Halal food ( thanks Grouse for the idea). 8. No religious schools (sorry Catholics but you know it makes sense). 9. No right to UK citizenship for first or second generation migrants. 10. Any migrant here whose country is now safe to live in must leave or obtain a renewable visa to stay.
  12. of the two named so far one was Pakistan born the other Morrocan-Libyan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40165646
  13. ok I ment 9/11 (maybe old age showing)
  14. A very good point, why indeed do the islamists not sort out there own dirty laundry, could it be they only mouth their abhorrence, I will never forget the joy and jubilation that was show by muslims in the aftermath of 7/11, this was an example of how they feel about the west.
  15. Thaiwine

    Global cyberattack disrupts shipper FedEx, UK health system

    All countries look into ways of making war defensive or offensive, it's the plonkers like wikileaks who realease stuff like this without a care to the damage they do.