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  1. All countries look into ways of making war defensive or offensive, it's the plonkers like wikileaks who realease stuff like this without a care to the damage they do.
  2. Wikileaks is more often seen as a good guy for releasing classified data it's not always good when you don't know what the ramafacations will be.
  3. our best hope is to give her the strongest hand we can, if we get sold out then what will be will be, we remember and wait for the next election 2022
  4. In a divorce the one with the greater earning potential pays the other one, it seems to me the EU with 500 million citizens has the greater earning potential, so.......
  5. yes she pays the landlord direct, 10 baht per unit electric and 40 per unit for water,
  6. I wondered how much electric cost "The change will mean the average cost of a unit of electricity will be 3.5079 per unit from May to August." hmmm the g/f is charged 10 baht per unit,
  7. strike a deal with malaysia, transfer citizensip of all muslims, deport them all, drastic measures are needed or it will never end
  8. New Labour party anthem "I did it my way" by JC
  9. Lets hope so then the EU can bail them out next time when they go belly up instead of the British taxpayers
  10. Just deduct the tax before paying for the buses then pay the balance to the suppliers. Job done.
  11. From the other thread on this subject: "Two ferry services will be available per day. The first one will leave Hua Hin from 8.30 am on a 113-kilometer journey and will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Pattaya. The second trip will leave Pattaya at 3.30 pm for Hua Hin. The ferry can carry a maximum of 150 passengers per trip." So I guess it will be back about 11.00 in the morning.
  12. I'm thinking of a 10 year visa option for people to live in Thailand that would cover any medical costs, not people who came only for treatment, if you came just for treatment you would hardly need a 10 year visa, and I was thinking 10k baht monthly for the visa, there would be quite a few takers I would have thought.
  13. It would make more sense to me if it was a visa that included any medical treatment backed by the government, they could charge 10k a month for the visa.
  14. For those who keep saying at's just the odd ones, the majority of muslims are horrified bt these attacks, I say to you remember 9/11 how the muslims celebrated while the rest of the world was in shock, that is how muslims view the west, they are here for a better wealthier life, that is all they still want their religion and culture but with western money. muslims happy about 9/11
  15. Europe is going to hell in a hand basket and we still have people like you saying 'another sad result of Brexit'. There are NO sad results of Brexit, it could not come at a better time. The only issue I have is PM May taking her time to action the process. The UK needs to leave today, not in 2017. Instead of pontificating and putting millions into funds to establish think tanks, the Government needs to start a campaign of education. In particular the animosity towards the Polish needs to be stopped. They are amongst the hardest working most trustworthy immigrants in the UK and they have earned their place with us. There were huge numbers of Polish forces fought with us in WW2. The source of this problem is not Brexit. People like me think the idea of the UK leaving the EU is not only sad, but disastrous. Obviously I wouldn't expect Brexiters to agree. I'm clinging on to the hope that when the full ramifications are realised a new deal can be negotiated that allows us to remain in the EU. A new poll by the Express gives 98% for a hurry up out, ok express is pro leave but 98% is still more than I would have thought, looks like some of the remainers now want out asap too.