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  1. No cars or motorbikes, it will fail 100%.
  2. It's for tourists, if they want to attract people then of course it should be, the strip (Bangla) is only one small soi, it wont have any impact on those not wanting it.
  3. Being a big bike rider here Thai fck tards never bother looking at U turns and if its a bike coming they just go as they could not care less, my bet that is again exactly what happened here, RIP big bike rider, hope the driver gets a manslaughter charge!!! Fat chance of that!!!
  4. Your Non B must be cancelled by you within 7 days of your WP being cancelled, if not you will be on overstay, exactly the same happened to me and it cost me a lot of money, go to immigration and speak to them, you will only get BS on the forum here!!!
  5. It's easy so don't worry, 1. Cap off all the pipes and fill the pool structure with water to test structure for leaks, test for two days. If ok drain all water, 2. Pressure test all pipes at 4 bar for two days, if ok, 3. As its an infinity pool there is no skimmer box, the water flows over the edge taking any rubbish with it, the tank or area at end of pool at infinity edge is your surge tank, that should be minimum 7% pool volume, 4. At the spa you have your air intakes coming out at top and possibly an air switch for the spa, remote controls are best, 5. There should be a pipe from surge tank to machine room, water from surge tank>pump>filter>salt water chlorinator>back to pool. 6. In the deep end floor at lowest point there should be two pipes for the Main Drain, these run to Machine room, 7. There should be 2"pipes in the walls or floor, these return the water from Machine room to pool, in the wall there should be a 2" vacuum pipe running to machine room. 8. Lighting conduits in place ready to loop above water level. Equipment- 2 Pumps for pool and spa, sand filter 30", salt water chlorinator, Lights LED are best, MD boards for electric lights and automation.
  6. The same has happened to me on many occasions, if its humid and I'm sweating I now put a rag around the grinder to stop sweat getting in, it works.
  7. Low life stealing personal items, not much of an ambassador for his country, he will have some serious hard time coming up!
  8. Go and speak to an immigration officer as I did, end of story for me.
  9. From the time your work permit is cancelled you have 14 days to cancel your Non B, if you don't you are then on overstay, the employer must cancel the work permit as it is in there company name as they are the sponsor. That is the law, all you are doing is guessing, maybe you have never had a work permit and non b visa??? It really is simple, the advice the poster is receiving will have him on overstay, the answer to his question is a simple NO.
  10. Spoken from personal experience when I left my old job and they didn't cancel the visa as they were meant to which put me on overstay and a hefty fine. Now you can state why you dispute this please and I hope it's not from bar talk!
  11. You have 14 days after termination, retirement or simply leaving your employ to cancel your Non -B visa period, after that you are on overstay, end of story!
  12. I remember an old story where the Thai wife and western husband went on holiday, they asked the neighbor to watch the house, upon there return there house was empty, when they approached the neighbor he said a pick-up arrived and loaded all there belongings, and they said they watched!!! By the way it's a true story!
  13. Your Non B will be terminated 14 days after you leave your employment regardless, your new employer with there company papers must re-apply for a new Non B visa, you will be on overstay 14 days after leaving your present employ, be careful!
  14. Mine don't squeal at all, the old sh-t bridgestone duellers did though, a crap tyre! In my opinion tyres only last 2 to 3 years max due to the heat and the rubber going hard, on my road bike 18 months max regardless of tread and they are replaced.