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  1. If I were that ugly perhaps I'd be as bellicos and bitter.
  2. If I had five kids I would've off'd myself long ago. One is hard enough.
  3. With so many Thais that scam people I have very little sympathy for them when they get scammed.
  4. As long as they don't take away the black tar heroin all will be fine.
  5. Clearly he learned a thing or two from Bill Cosby.
  6. I think she's a liar. The CCTV will show her leaving his room happy and with hair. I just hope they throw her ass in jail.
  7. I disagree, this isn't some offhanded remark. This is the kind of accusation that can damage a person for life.
  8. More like 2 seconds. There just wasn't enough time to change the outcome.
  9. Won't be any cleaner.
  10. Leave it to the Thais's to be completely unoriginal. This was done long ago in the west. Tattoo artists were using Chinese takeout menus to copy words. They claimed it meant something else when, in fact, it was merely food.
  11. I suggest to anyone visiting Thailand...carry a knife. Especially for women and elderly.
  12. Obviously...but the problem isn't with firearms. It's the Thai culture. This could've easily been a butcher knife.
  13. You know the old story, truck too tall to go under bridge and half a dozen engineer's are scratching their heads trying to figure a way to raise the bridge. A young kid walks by and asks " why not take the air out of the tires?" Same thing applies here...Just shoot the radio.