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  1. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service 2016-2017

    I have a yellow book to prove residency. The one entry I missed was way back in 2011 when I crossed into Thailand from Malaysia - seems like I should copy every darned stamp that has anything to do with entry into Thailand and/or extension stamps. And I have to do this every year for my retirement extension. God knows what they do with all the paperwork...
  2. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service 2016-2017

    Went for my retirement extension Wednesday 7th Feb. Arrived about 6.30 am and was number 23 in the queue for single applicants. Married couples got seen elsewhere nowadays. Had a long chat with a Canadian and an American while waiting for the office to open. By 8 am four more people had arrived in the queue. At opening time three girls came, casually looked through passports and gave out tickets. I was told to come back at 2 pm. I went home had breakfast, a shower, and tidied up the place. By 1.45 pm I was back in waiting area, and the electronic screen showed number 18. In about 15 minutes 2 more were called to the desk, and a further two took their place. I was next in line and hoped to clear by 2.30 p.m. But no. The one immigration officer accompanied by three girls seemed to have a documentation problem with both 21 and 22. This necessitated calling over a troubleshooter guy to help resolve the issues. Nothing happened while this was being sorted out and twenty minutes passed. 2.30 pm came and went. The IO was catching up on paperwork and writing out receipt slips. A few waiting for their passports collected them, photographs were being taken and at 2.50 pm I was called to the desk. One of the girls took a lifetime going through my passport front to back and back to front again. I was told to get a copy of one entry I had missed plus a copy of my 90 day report. Seems like they're getting stricter, but no issue with me. The photocopier shop was full, and it took me another 5/6 minutes to get back to the desk. Then I sat there while one girl highlighted everything then passed my file to the IO. After another wait, then a photo taken by another guy, and I was told to go to a seat and wait. Must have been ten minutes or so before I got my extension in my passport. Out by 3.30 pm - a nine hour turnaround. One IO, less than 30 wanting an extension, but still a lengthy process for me. At least no Visa agent fee.
  3. Apologies, can't work out how to do that on here. My bad.
  4. UK Government funding overseas is politically motivated, and it is unlikely that these funds would be withdrawn from charities working in disaster and/or conflict zones, whatever their spokewoman says. Funds are used to bring a measure of economic growth and help develop the country - who at some future point will trade with the UK (possibly). That's at one level. Look up OECD for further info on the subject.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Stones and glass houses comes to mind.
  6. I'm pretty sure, if the American used extreme force, that he is likely to buy his way out of the court same as Thai perps with money. Or at least receive a limited sentence and fine by the judge. Or maybe a stand-in Burmese guy will take the rap...
  7. Is this a wind-up? Troll post? Barge pole comes to mind.
  8. What this case demonstrates, is the acceptance of such child abuse by Thai society is being challenged by the authorities (as it has captured media attention). What is still likely to happen, is that this scumbag will pay off the parents (and probably the police) to avoid legal action being taken against him. Until Thai society are 'educated' in what is morally and legally wrong in todays world, such practices will continue as it has done for decades, especially in poorer areas of Thailand. This is not an isolated case. Abuse of power happens at all levels - and not just in Thailand.
  9. My point (cause and effect) was intended to show that May's government reacted in an unprofessional manner by enacting Article 50 without taking the time to consider the reasons behind the referendum vote and establishing some dialogue with the EU about it (whether or not anything substantial could be achieved). That should have been the first step by any responsible UK government. The gung-ho attitude demonstrated by Mrs May was probably based on her conviction that she would lead Britain back to colonial times where we ruled the waves, and on a personal note, better than Thatcher. That was before the election that nearly ousted the government, and now the Tory Brexit negotiations are clearly leading to financial disaster at every turn, the latest being to pacify France re refugees at Calais and for the provision of financial services to French businesses. And lying in wait will be the fate of Ireland's borders and Scotland's desire to remain in the EU, plus parliament's vote on the final deal which could bring down May's government, and let Labour in to ruin the UK economy at a quicker rate than May's. And I've yet to read any government report on the pros and cons of the Brexit impact on the UK, and the financial implications on the economy, which is shameful. It's all whistling in the dark, suck it and see, and smoke and mirrors politics. All in all it just hasn't been thought through, has it?
  10. And eventually the power of social media and its use by the young generation will eventually be the undoing of the junta, as Thai people will accept that there is an alternative to subservience.
  11. And no 'clever' Brexiteer has been able to answer my question as to why buy goods from Singapore, Hong Kong, or other far flung places when the UK has the biggest (and cheapest) tariff-free market on its doorstep? While I appreciate your point re 'imperfect' governance I do hope the UK will agree to remain in both the EU market and customs union, because it would be madness not to do so, from an economy POV. Whether that's possible after the transition period, I have no idea. What the British government should have done after the referendum result, was to identify exactly what were the public concerns with being a member of the EU, and show how they would rectify that position whilst remaining a member with a 'voice' as it is clear now that by upping sticks any 'benefits' of leaving are (possibly) going to bankrupt the UK's economy in doing so. And who is going to pay for this? The young generation, that's who. And that's the legacy May's government will leave them. A £50 billion debt as from March 2019.
  12. More to the point, why hasn't the Thai Anti-Graft Agency been investigated by the Thai Anti-Graft Agency. After all, the head honcho has connections with this Prawit, and it is clearly a conflict of interest, or more likely not a conflict of interest depending on his POV. As for the activist, I sense he will be sued for defamation at some point. .
  13. Finnish air hostess, 27, found dead in Phuket hotel

    Sad to read. Family must be devastated. RIP.
  14. Alcohol free beer

    Any Rimping in Chiang Mai, several choices. Sold throughout the day. While the taste is average, it's a poor substitute for getting merry - if that's your main aim.
  15. ...But they take up 3 rows at the back on both sides of the plane, with only 3 bodyguards. Absolutely ridiculous for both them and the carrier. They could have been put up in 1st class with no loss to the airline. Beggars belief.