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  1. stephenterry

    End 'hide and seek' Brexit approach, Barnier tells UK

    The UK government is playing catch-up to the ramifications of leaving the EU, since invoking Article 50 . It's only recently that they have released impact studies, which, in their tea-leaf opinion, presents a Brexit where ALL of the people will lose out in the future - economically speaking. The effects of this are happening right now, e.g. sterling has lost value, imports cost more, as do holidays to the EU, and many UK businesses are either closing down or relocating to the EU. Of course this is not one way - and EU countries will also suffer especially when imports and exports will fester at the ports awaiting clearance. It's really a potential logistics nightmare that would cripple trade movement to and from the EU and UK. IMO, the government and also the 'people' should take heed of the opinions of the younger voters; millions of now-eligible students are ready to vote en-mass to remain in the EU. This generation is where British future lies.
  2. stephenterry

    End 'hide and seek' Brexit approach, Barnier tells UK

    It's all very well declaring a 'no deal' split but parliament would reject it (because it would be economic suicide as 65% of UK exports are with the EU and countries outside the EU that have a trade agreement with the EU and UK - which is really not in the best interests of the UK people). What the government should be doing is to withdraw the red lines, and remain in the common market and customs union (which would resolve the Irish border issue and provide some sanity in this debacle). It is also a fact that the UK exports more to the Netherlands than to the Commonwealth countries combined. But I suppose Fox wants to open up trade talks with the likes of the Falklands and Greenland.
  3. stephenterry

    End 'hide and seek' Brexit approach, Barnier tells UK

    ...and then what?
  4. stephenterry

    PayPal In Thailand

    They're blocking people who e.g. have a UK bank card, and a UK residence address, but want the purchases to be sent to a different country, because they've been inundated with fraudulent transactions, i.e. the fraudsters are stealing the UK bank and address details. Don't ask me how, ask the fraudsters. And even if you manage to by-pass this, you'll need a UK telephone number or they won't accept your payment transaction. Simplest way is to open a Thai bank account. BKK is convenient, but Paypal's exchange rate is pathetic.
  5. stephenterry

    Waterbill explosion - what shall we do?

    You could try with the water company, talking with the highest in rank about the abnormal amount. You probably have prove of your use in water from periods before the problem. This previous suggestion is the recommended route. I would camp on their doorstep until they got off their high-horses and did something about it - meaningful. Alternatively, pay a water-tank technician from Home-Pro to come out and take a butchers, including the tank and meter. From what's written and ongoing, it's (most likely) either an underground leak or a pool leak. If that's not a fault while you are residing, then someone has filtered off your tank in your absence.
  6. stephenterry

    Inguinal hernia repair

    Has anyone had, or knows of anyone who has had, hernia surgery in the last few months? Relevant info requested if known, e.g. hospital, surgeon's name, surgical treatment, cost, post operative effects. I understand treatments include open surgery, laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, and a new treatment called shuttlecock surgery where the hernia is encased in mesh, before closing the intestine wall gap. Up to date info, much appreciated, as I've found out very little current info. Thanks, in advance. BTW - is anyone living with an inguinal hernia as a wait and see approach?
  7. I've lived in BKK, Pattaya, the south and now reside in CM for the last few years. Apart from the annual month or so air pollution it suits me, as there's everything one could need (apart from an unspoiled beach) as an active pensioner. Can't say BKK is a desirable place to live full-time as it's expensive (relatively speaking), polluted and road transport jammed, and a less than friendly environment. Pattaya - well, not my scene at all. The south, much more ideal, but boring long-term, whereas CM does have places to go and visit, and meet up with friends. As one poster said, it's important to be occupied rather than stay cooped up in a condo all day and night with only TV movies to watch. As to the OP, if you don't like a place, move on - see where your lady would like to try out, and as you have plenty of dosh, upping sticks is not an obstacle.
  8. stephenterry

    Junta gets thumbs-down in varsity survey

    It's the same in the UK. Around 1m students are currently opposing Brexit according to reports, and want to remain in the EU. And May is coming round to the realism that it's better to stay with the status quo, until all negotiations are acceptable, before pulling the plug. IMO, exiting will be withheld until after the next election in 2022, when a new government will be installed. If it's Labour, I hope Corbyn will not still be leader.
  9. Same with me. I spent ten years (1999-2009) visiting over 40 countries, some more than once, and never did I have an issue with Immigration at airports, or land borders.In fact the only issue was other people holding up the queue.
  10. stephenterry

    Issues with my thai family

    David, my take on this is different. Perhaps your worries are linked to your relationship with your wife, her intended business proposition, and taking care of your sprog. The BIL is an occasional annoyance who causes you to trip out of self-inflicted stress and lash out, albeit not yet physical violence. The fact that you've included the In-laws, social media, and even this forum is reaching out for support - and to be honest many guys are in similar situations, and not only in Thailand. I suggest you have a heart to heart talk ALONE with your wife when the BIL leaves, to discuss your worries. The gentle (and correct) way to handle this is never to blame her by using 'You' and don't enter into a conflict with her but to start off by saying , e.g. 'I' am unhappy/upset with... I don't like...etc, I am worried...etc Hope that helps
  11. It's probably going to cost as much as the fines in attempting to collect them. Whatever the threats, most Thais will ignore them, like they do to most legal requirements. Only way to ensure some fines is to road block them, that's if it doesn't cause a huge traffic jam. Can't see it working, IMO because of the high numbers of drivers transgressing the lanes..
  12. stephenterry

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    No way would I contemplate giving a drug addict money, as that's a recipe for more and more demands. I would also steer clear of any possible confrontation, as it is odds on you'll be attacked by said druggie who wouldn't think twice (or even once) about attempting to kill you. Regretfully, it's up to your girlfriend and her family members to resolve it, including any possible divorce actions. A very sad and volatile situation, nevertheless, while this loose cannon is alive.
  13. 'Hell' is very much part of Buddhist teachings, albeit not mainstream. Around the country there are temples that exist for those that need repentance from their sins, a sort of making merit for the next life. The temples are adorned with hellish characters and images. it's quite different from anything else I've seen. see below for links. https://www.tripzilla.com/hell-temples-thailand/68273 There is one such temple in Chiang Mai - Wat Mae Kaet Noi
  14. From South Pacific, but the song goes like this: You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true