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  1. Frontline Spray. Pet Station 74 Maitreejit Road. Pomprab Bangkok 10100 Bangkok Thailand Tel: 02-6275151 Fax: 02-6275151 Mobile: 01-6329197 [email protected] http://www.tarad.com/pet_station/index.en.html#Profile
  2. _Echinochloa_

    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No unfortunately it was inhouse <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That rules Wolfie and FTH out then. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Im trying to be serious here, it wasnt anyone other than the person that shares my computer/files. I know who it is and have dealt with it. or could you be stirring <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Who me?
  3. _Echinochloa_

    Bank Charges

    ALL US$ T.T.'s have to go through the US.The US$38 is the fee that your bank charged you to send the T.T.
  4. Make sure you buy the dog a Tic Collar when he recovers and douse the place with a dilute of Jeyes Fluid and Water.Best of Luck.
  5. _Echinochloa_

    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No unfortunately it was inhouse <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That rules Wolfie and FTH out then.
  6. _Echinochloa_

    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster?
  7. _Echinochloa_

    Lets Hear Some Bad Stories For Once

    Booma, just head along to Pattaya and see the sights there, the sad looking farangs sitting at a table outside a mama shop drinking beer Chang, same table everyday, with other farangs that look equally lost and bewildered. I doubt many of these guys actually thought it would come to this, but it has, and it is the same for many many others........ They once loved Thailand, understandably so,it was so different to what they were used to back in their own countries, so they sell up, break ties and clear out to live the dream, that dream often ends up a nightmare, by the time they realise that the grass is certainly not always greener elsewhere, it's too late for them. They become cynical of all things Thai, they deeply mistrust and resent the very people they once thought were so wonderful, they think that the Thais are out to get them, ( minorities the world over have the same paranoid feelings ), they blame Thailand and Thai people for their own failures, gone are the days of having fun, now they are full time residents of 'Self Pity City'. It is not difficult to understand why there are so many suicides. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Surely it can't be all that bad John?
  8. _Echinochloa_

    Any Expats Living In Chiayaphum?

    Nice one T.
  9. _Echinochloa_

    Thai Girl Dillema - Please Help Me Out With This

    Agreed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He's back!!! **************** and...... gone again silly image deleted by mod
  10. _Echinochloa_

    Living In Thailand

    If you are in Phuket you could put the money in the strong room in the Town Hall
  11. _Echinochloa_

    Any Expats Living In Chiayaphum?

    A mate of mine does but his wife wont let him out.
  12. _Echinochloa_

    Cost Of Building A House In Udon

    What size house???
  13. _Echinochloa_

    Shipping Containers

    Is that some sort of a land title Doc?
  14. _Echinochloa_

    Norwegian Man Jumps 11 Floors To His Death

    errrr..... yeah - we got that news already.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Different news source ya &lt;deleted&gt; numnut.
  15. _Echinochloa_

    Bar Worker Found Shot Dead

    MANOP THIP-OSOD A 25-year-old bar worker was found dead in her boyfriend's apartment with a gunshot wound to the head in what initially appeared to be a suicide. Investigators, however, suspected foul play after it turned out that Paweena Thong-anant was right-handed but the wound was to her left temple. Her body was found by Pol Capt Piyapan Panthongchai, her boyfriend, who alerted the police. Pol Capt Piyapan said he and Ms Paweena had an argument on Thursday and he slapped her face. He said he returned to the apartment at 9am yesterday and found her lying on the bed with blood all around her. Pol Capt Piyapan said he thought she was playing a trick on him until he touched her body and realised she was dead. Ms Paweena worked at a bar on Silom's Soi Patpong and had been seeing Pol Capt Piyapan for two years, police said. He claimed the woman had earlier fired a shot at him but the bullet missed. But he did not lodge a complaint with police at the time. Ms Paweena's body was sent for forensic examination while the police are to examine Pol Capt Piyapan's hands for traces of gun powder. http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/19Feb2005_news21.php