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    Bar Worker Found Shot Dead

    MANOP THIP-OSOD A 25-year-old bar worker was found dead in her boyfriend's apartment with a gunshot wound to the head in what initially appeared to be a suicide. Investigators, however, suspected foul play after it turned out that Paweena Thong-anant was right-handed but the wound was to her left temple. Her body was found by Pol Capt Piyapan Panthongchai, her boyfriend, who alerted the police. Pol Capt Piyapan said he and Ms Paweena had an argument on Thursday and he slapped her face. He said he returned to the apartment at 9am yesterday and found her lying on the bed with blood all around her. Pol Capt Piyapan said he thought she was playing a trick on him until he touched her body and realised she was dead. Ms Paweena worked at a bar on Silom's Soi Patpong and had been seeing Pol Capt Piyapan for two years, police said. He claimed the woman had earlier fired a shot at him but the bullet missed. But he did not lodge a complaint with police at the time. Ms Paweena's body was sent for forensic examination while the police are to examine Pol Capt Piyapan's hands for traces of gun powder. http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/19Feb2005_news21.php
  2. Frontline Spray. Pet Station 74 Maitreejit Road. Pomprab Bangkok 10100 Bangkok Thailand Tel: 02-6275151 Fax: 02-6275151 Mobile: 01-6329197 [email protected] http://www.tarad.com/pet_station/index.en.html#Profile
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    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No unfortunately it was inhouse <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That rules Wolfie and FTH out then. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Im trying to be serious here, it wasnt anyone other than the person that shares my computer/files. I know who it is and have dealt with it. or could you be stirring <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Who me?
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    Bank Charges

    ALL US$ T.T.'s have to go through the US.The US$38 is the fee that your bank charged you to send the T.T.
  5. Make sure you buy the dog a Tic Collar when he recovers and douse the place with a dilute of Jeyes Fluid and Water.Best of Luck.
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    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No unfortunately it was inhouse <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That rules Wolfie and FTH out then.
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    How Many People Are Using Your Nick?

    Was it the Scampmyster?
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    Lets Hear Some Bad Stories For Once

    Booma, just head along to Pattaya and see the sights there, the sad looking farangs sitting at a table outside a mama shop drinking beer Chang, same table everyday, with other farangs that look equally lost and bewildered. I doubt many of these guys actually thought it would come to this, but it has, and it is the same for many many others........ They once loved Thailand, understandably so,it was so different to what they were used to back in their own countries, so they sell up, break ties and clear out to live the dream, that dream often ends up a nightmare, by the time they realise that the grass is certainly not always greener elsewhere, it's too late for them. They become cynical of all things Thai, they deeply mistrust and resent the very people they once thought were so wonderful, they think that the Thais are out to get them, ( minorities the world over have the same paranoid feelings ), they blame Thailand and Thai people for their own failures, gone are the days of having fun, now they are full time residents of 'Self Pity City'. It is not difficult to understand why there are so many suicides. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Surely it can't be all that bad John?
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    Any Expats Living In Chiayaphum?

    Nice one T.
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    Thai Girl Dillema - Please Help Me Out With This

    Agreed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He's back!!! **************** and...... gone again silly image deleted by mod
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    Living In Thailand

    If you are in Phuket you could put the money in the strong room in the Town Hall
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    Any Expats Living In Chiayaphum?

    A mate of mine does but his wife wont let him out.
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    Cost Of Building A House In Udon

    What size house???
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    Shipping Containers

    Is that some sort of a land title Doc?
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    Norwegian Man Jumps 11 Floors To His Death

    errrr..... yeah - we got that news already.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Different news source ya &lt;deleted&gt; numnut.
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    Norwegian Man Jumps 11 Floors To His Death

    Norwegian man jumps to his death from his 11th floor Jomtien Apartment. Police Colonel Somnook, the Chief of Pattaya Police responded to a suicide call late on Tuesday Night. He joined a team of his officers at the Tepprasit Condominium Block on the Tepprasit Road in Jomtien to investigate the death of Mr. Johnny Larsen aged 35 from Norway. It appeared that he had jumped from his 11th floor apartment. The mans distraught girlfriend, Khun Tipawan aged 27 who was being comforted by friends, informed officers that Mr. Larsen had received a disturbing telephone call from his family back in Norway two days before the incident. The details of the call were not given but Mr. Larsen intended to fly back to Norway on 9th, just two days after the call from his family. Khun Tipawan is 3 months pregnant, and according to her, Mr. Larsen could not bear to leave her alone during the pregnancy. This combined with family problems back in Norway allegedly proved too much for him and on Tuesday night Mr. Larsen woke up and informed his girlfriend that he could not bear the thought of separating from her and ran out onto the balcony and jumped. His naked body was transported to Banglamung Hospital and will be transported back to Norway for burial. Police are continuing their investigation into this apparent suicide but at this point believe this was indeed a suicide. http://www.pattayacitynews.net/news_09_02_48.htm
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    Bail Controversy : Court Frees Tourists’ Killer

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    Visa Run Companies In Bkk?

    Jack's Golf is tops.
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    Not looking like rain today.
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    Who's The Old Fart?

    Congratulations! Many here haven't 'mentally' reached 10.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I Have <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You are.
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    Crackdown On Fake Education Certificates

    I was just being polite and allowing those that knew that they had misrepresented themselves to save face. But now the cat is out of the bag. May the guilty be found and dealt with accordingly. I am angry cause it cheapens my degree! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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    English Television In Thailand

    Go for it Graham and you'll have a ball.I'm here now 8 years so Up The Rebel County!!!
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    Dengue Fever In Pattaya

    Avoid Asprin.
  24. What are you selling?
  25. Hello. Does anyone know how hard/easy it is to get a Chinese tourist visa for a Thai girl. I was thinking about taking her on a cruise. The ship leaves from Thailand but the destination is Beijing. I wouldn't want to have to abandon her there at the docks. There was another cruise leaving Sydney and coming to Thailand but after a few frustrating calls to the new Australian visa service and the Australian Embassy it seemed to be not worth the trouble. I couldn't even get a clear answer about the possibility of a transit visa from the airport to the cruise ship terminal. Cruise Details at Lycos <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Visa to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao A Brief Introduction to Chinese Visa A Chinese visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to the foreign citizens for entry into, exit from or transit through China. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service or ordinary visa in lieu of the foreigners' status and the purpose of visit to China referring to the passport type. There are eight categories for Ordinary Visa, which are respectively coded with Chinese pinyin letters (D, Z, X, F, L, G, C, J-1 and J-2). D Visa: Issued to those who are going to reside permanently in China. Z Visa: Issued to those who are going to China for a post or employment, and to their accompanying family members. X Visa: Issued to those who are going to China for study, furthering studies or intern practice for longer than six months. F Visa: Issued to those who are invited to China for a business visit, an investigation, a lecture, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges, short-term furthering studies or intern practice within six months. L Visa: Issued to those who are going to China for sightseeing, family visiting or other private reasons. G Visa: Issued to those who are going to transit through China. C Visa: Issued to crewmembers involving international-based transportation by trains, airway and ships and their accompanying family members. J-1 Visa: Issued to foreign correspondents who are going to China for a long term service. J-2 Visa: Issued to foreign correspondents who are going to China temporarily for covering a news item. The Chinese visa authorities are Chinese embassies, consulates-general and other offices authorized by the Foreign Ministry of China. The foreigners who intend to enter into, exit from or transit through Chinese territory should apply for a Chinese visa from the above-mentioned Chinese visa authorities. The crew staff and passengers who take a flight transiting through China and will stay in China less than 24 hours and will not go out of the airport do not need to apply for a visa, but the citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom are not covered by this regulation. Citizens of the following countries are wavered from visa if they transit through Pudong Airport or Hongqiao Airport of Shanghai, provided they hold valid passports, visas for the onward countries, final destination tickets, have confirmed seats and date, and will stay in Shanghai for less than 48 hours: Republic of Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and Greece. No visa is required for ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan to visit China for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends or transit and exit from China within 15 days. Notice to Application for Ordinary Visa I. The following documents are required for any Ordinary Visa :- (I) The original passport with a validity more than six months and enough blank visa pages; (II) One copy of completed visa application form in Chinese or English (two copies for US citizens), attached with one of the applicant's recent colorful front pictures of upper body (30mm X 40mm) II. Specific requirements for various visas :- (I) Travel : If necessary, application for travel visa needs the certification of the applicant's identity, round-trip (vehicle, ship) ticket or travel check or bank saving statement or the documents related to multiple entries. (II) Visa for business, culture and academy purposes :- Single entry and twice entries need the following documents :- 1. Visa Notice Sheet from an authorized organization in China; 2. Invitation letter prescribed by the chinese local government enterprises and institutions; 3. Invitations for various kinds of fairs ( Guangdong Fairs, trade talks); Multiple entries in half a year or one year need the following documents :- 1. The original Visa Notice Sheet from an authorized organization in China (prescribing the visa validity, times of entry and stay period); 2. For investment in China, there is a need for the original business license in China attached with the name of the applicant and the corresponding photocopies (the original will be returned to the applicant after check); 3. The applicants who are the managing personnel of the foreign companies which have already had branches in China need to provide the company's visa application letter and the invitation letter from the branches in China. 4. If there are twice or more than twice visit to China with "F" visa before the application, the photocopies of "F" visa and the invitation letter from Chinese companies or enterprises are required. III. Visit to China for study 1. Long-term Study (longer than half a year) :- (1) To study at the primary or secondary level, the parents usually should reside in China. Otherwise, someone who resides in China should be entrusted as the guardian. The power of attorney should be notarized and authenticated by Thailand and attested by the Chinese Embassy. In addition, "Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW 101 or JW102 Form) Stamped by an authorized institution and Acceptance Letter from a school are required. (2) To study in a higher education institution, "Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW 101 or JW102 Form) Stamped by an authorized institution, Acceptance Letter from a school, the original medical certificate issued by a state-run medical organization and the corresponding photocopy are required. 2. Short-term Study (for half a year or less than half a year) :- The applicants should provide "Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW 101 or JW102 Form) Stamped by an authorized institution and a Acceptance Letter from a school or an invitation letter from an authorized institution. 3. "Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW 101 or JW102 Form) Stamped by an authorized institution, Acceptance Letter from a school, or an invitation letter issued by an authorized institution are required. (IV) Employment Visa :- (1) The applicants who are going to China as Foreign experts, scholars, teachers, managing personnel or are employed by national or local organizations need to provide "Confirmation Letter for Inviting Foreign Experts", the original medical certificate issued by a state-run medical organization and the corresponding photocopy. (2) The chief representatives or deputy representatives in a Chinese representative organization need to provide visa notice letter or cable from an authorized organization as well as the registration certification from the authority of Industry and commerce management. (3) The staff members of the civil organizations (including trade, tourism and offices of the civil airlines) stationed in China according to the agreement between governments need to provide the official notes or letters. (4) Applicants involving projects of aid to China or technical cooperation according to the agreements, treaties and projects need to provide visa notice or cable from an authorized organization, agreements, treaties, bilateral or multilateral cooperation and exchange project statements between the Chinese government and the foreign government or from the international organizations. (5) Those who will be engaged in non-reward business or who will be provided with reward by an organization are treated as foreign experts and need to show the confirmation letter from the provincial foreign affairs office. (6) Applicants who will go to China for commercial performance (except for cultural exchange between governments) need to provide "Temporary Permit for Industrial and Agricultural Performance" issued by the Chinese Cultural Ministry and the visa notice or cables from the governments of the related provinces, autonomous regions, direct administrative cities. (7) The foreign technicians involving petroleum work in the sea need to provide " Invitation for Foreigners Engaged in Petroleum Operation in Sea in the People's Republic of China" issued by China Ocean and Petroleum General Company. (8) The employees of the foreign organizations stationed in China are required to show the official notes. (9) The applicants who are not covered by the above requirements and are invited to work in China should provide the visa notice or cable from an authorized organization and "Employment Permit for Foreigners in the People's Republic of China" issued by the Labor Ministry. (V) Transiting through China needs the official notes or the valid visa of the forwarding country or union tickets. (VI) For J-1 or J-2 visa, there is a need for visa notice and cable from the related organization in China. III. The travel agencies endorsed in the embassy or the other people authorized by the applicants with a signed power of attorney can apply for visa on behalf. IV. Visa Fees (Attached Form) Application for Hong Kong Visa I. The Thai citizens holding valid passports will be wavered from visa with an aim of travel, visit to relatives, business investigation and conferences and staying in Hong Kong not over 30 days. If staying over 90 days or visiting Hong Kong for study, training, working, residing, and so on, the applicants must apply for visa in advance (The applicants can apply for visa directly from Hong Kong Immigration Department or from the Chinese Embassy or consulate general). II. The other foreign citizens who intend to visit Hong Kong can go to the Hong Kong Immigration Department website: http://www.immd.gov.hk/index.html. for details. III. Application for Hong Kong Visa in the Chines Embassy or consulate-general :- 1. Documents required See the Hong Kong Immigration Department website : http://www.immd.gov.hk/index.html. for details (downloading application form) 2. Modalities of Processing Visa 3. Time of Processing Visa The time is not fixed. The embassy or consulate-general will deliver the visa according to the reply from Hong Kong Entry Affairs Office. Application for Macao Visa The citizens of 53 countries including Thais are wavered from visa for entering Macao. The other citizens not covered in the 53 countries can apply for a visa at the airport without needing to apply for visa in advance. See Website of Macao Special Administrative Region: Identity Certification: www.dsi.gov.mo for details. http://th.china-embassy.org/eng/lsfw/qzxk/t164568.htm