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  1. Please, guys keep it civil. An accident is an accident and I don't think that the driver had any intention to kill somebody, or hurt anyone. The Thai man's family have reportedly been visiting Tony in hospital every day. We all live under the same sun and shit happens. RIP and a very speedy and fully recovery for the injured one Nobody wants to do such things and harm other people, but shit happens all around the world, and it happens everywhere when we don't think about it. Sorry for the loss of a daddy, friend and I assume a good guy, Cheers.-
  2. More people can die in a big bus. The only safe way is Nakhon Chai Air. NCA.
  3. A ghost jumped in the middle of the road and I....................aaeeehhhhhhhhh
  4. My st...aeehh sincere wife left the gate a little open, not thinking of the dog's hormone problems. One shot was enough. The hang together for an hour. Rapist.
  5. lostinisaan

    I need a helping hand in form of some advice, please...

    You should see me producing a worksheet, some of them with a few photos. There's no time t go the old way, sorry, didn't mean to insult you. I'm sure it works with LAN, so it must be a WIFI problem.
  6. lostinisaan

    I need a helping hand in form of some advice, please...

    I'm connected to the Internet via a TP Link USB stick Everything else works well, but I can't get my MS Office online, plus the new browser doesn't work. Sorry for asking such a difficult question. P.S. I just found out that I don't have access to the Store and plenty of the new gadgets that came with W 10 Pro. It must be an easy setting, I can't get online via Google to get to the Microsoft shop.
  7. Well, she might have been a little too hot. It's the climate, I'm sure. But rape is rape, please read the posts here on TVF.
  8. Man, now you really hurt the Morons on their bicycles cycling for god.....
  9. I've seen "Waiting for Godot" in 1983 on Sri Lanka but I never ever waited for him. May "god be with you. " God save you." When I was 8 months on crutches after my bike accident two Mormons came to my house and asked me: Hello, sir, can we help you? God the almighty is there for you. I said to him: " Oh yes, there's something you can help me with, please fragg off. The two Morons immediately took off and never came back. ( Thank god?) My Jehova's Witness ( ex-colleague) didn't get the message that I hated him for bringing me his freakin Watchtowers. I always told him that he'd be welcome at my place, but he must leave the bs outside of the gate. One week later he came back and brought the brochure in German because he thought I wouldn't understand the English version. The brochure became airborne when he left and he was never seen since then. May god or a dog be with him. Weird that a god can be a dog so easily.
  10. Enlightened atheists with enlargements are extraordinary dangerous when using a keyboard as a weapon. I don't see any enlightenment when the poster can't even figure out that the person on the Moped didn't get sent to Nirwana straight away. A great tip would be to read the Jehovas' Witness brochures together with all the Watchtower bs and all posts on this godless forum.
  11. Jesus Christ !!! These thingies give people here superpowers.
  12. But she had no idea if the driver was still on the bike.
  13. Rungrot Akrareuangkun said that he had not even had sex with the 21 year old woman. He said she had vomited when they were in a short time hotel together and he had lost interest, reports Sanook. That explains a lot and I'd lose interest immediately. Did she vomit right in his face? .
  14. Would a Thai write such nonsense no problem. "Murder an innocent dog"? Please send me a prvt. message and you can have all our unwanted Soi dogs for free. Plus food for three days. Many of these dogs are evil bastards and bite everything that's moving. Okay, euthanasia would be a better way. Especially the one who raped our Siberian Husky and made her pregnant. The cops didn't seem to be interested.