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  1. Yeah, i've got a post on the Ducati forum, waiting for some responses ( hopefully ). I did have a good browse through a lot of the threads but never really found an answer. I'll have a look at the other website - thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what tail tidy will fit 2017 hypomotard 939 with the side panniers installed. Ducati recommended one does not work... Thanks
  3. Where's the best place in BKK to replace screen? Are they likely to be able to replace on the spot or another "you come back 2 week mista"? Thanks
  4. I think the sherrifs office ( that's what they're called in Scotland ) will notarise your docs.
  5. i beleive this takes a couple of months to set up??
  6. I get dry skin on elbows sometimes and tried the cream, someone suggested ointment and it works a treat, cleared up in a day or two. Can but in 5mg tubes, about 80 baht, it's got a light brown stripe on tube as opposed to a green stripe on the cream. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for that, really appreciate it.
  8. Many thanks for your feedback Noise would not be an issue. I could live without the water heater if it's easier for the hook up. Fuel, no idea, what is preferred, diesel or petrol? Electric goes off now and then, sometimes for an hour sometimes overnight. Recently read a thread on here where a lot of power poles fell down and people cut off for a week... So id like to be prepared. The AC is a normal domestic unit, it's got the compressor unit etc outside. Could you recommend a preferred brand name? Absolutely a sparky would do the hook up. Thanks again
  9. I'm looking to buy a small generate to power my granny flat encase of power outage during this unbearable hot weather. It would need to power 1 x 12,000BTU air con 1 x shower water heater Lights Water pump Can anyone advise what specs I'd need? Also how would one tie into mains supply so that if mains goes off it kicks in automatically? Or would you just isolate mains then start up gennie? Any info appreciated as I'm clueless about electrics Thanks
  10. Ointment and cream not the same -
  11. Try Dermovate ointment.
  12. Thanks, when's the last day of madness there?
  13. Will they be open Thursday / Friday next week? Thanks
  14. Been doing this for almost 18 years, no problems whatsoever. Not sure about the tax comments, i've never been quizzed about it... Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the info, i may plan my arrival for after the weekend then just to miss all the nonsense ( hopefully ).