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  1. Bought a 939 Hypomotard in Feb, it's a riot. Just recently did Mae Hong Son loop last week along with a Diavel / FT scramble / 821 monster, great fun. Customer service is a shocker, i've experienced complete muppets at Pattaya branch and KK branch and now only go to head office BKK. I also filled in the complaint form on Ducati website about the service and received a phone call from Italy the next day, i told the lady exactly about the non existing customer service. They carry nothing in stock, 'order from BKK', failing that 'order from Italy' - crazy....
  2. Water filter

    Thanks for the info, any contact details?
  3. Water filter

    Interesting, i'm glad you told me this as i have no doubt anyone in any of the shops here would have this knowledge and just sell me something that would achieve SFA. Thanks.
  4. All show and no substance. Typical!

    Totally agree, it's pathetic in this day and age. My True vision signal flickers at the slightest sign of a bit of wind, very annoying. Those that mention a b/u gennie, any models you'd recommend and what appliances can it run? Thanks.
  5. Water filter

    The water i have from a bore hole as a water supply but there's a fair bit of calcium contained in the water. Can anyone recommend a good filter to use to remove or reduce the calcium? Every shop i've asked at they just seem to have one filter system for all water types, is that right? There's not different filters for different elements, ie sediment / calcium etc etc? Any info appreciated.
  6. A bucket of coins...

    This is a great suggestion
  7. Pune - India

    What would a single entry tourist visa cost? Thanks.
  8. Pune - India

    Anyone been here recently? I have a family member living there who would like me to visit, would it be ok for 4-5 days? What's the visa requirements like with a Brittish passort? Any info welcome. Thanks.
  9. A lot of liquor in VN is counterfeit.
  10. New Toyota Fortuner

    Does anyone know if toyota Pattaya have a sportivo for test drive?
  11. Arrogance perhaps, certainly not paranoia.
  12. New Toyota Fortuner

    Being a Toyota and a very popular vehicle in Thailand there will be all sorts of seat covers available from Somchai to suit most tastes one would think.
  13. New Toyota Fortuner

    do you know if the manual is available to download online? ( in English ). Thanks.
  14. New Toyota Fortuner

    One day is not long enough to make this statement, surely you need to give it some more time to get used to? Why did you not ask about all the basics (lights etc) when you test drive it?
  15. How much better a deal are we speaking about? Is it additional cash discount or just the crap freebies no one wants?