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  1. Friend recently bought a monster from Ducati Pattaya. Service is what to be expected here, never as good as it should be, particularly for a high end bike. I've used Ducati in BKK and KK, they've both been ok, never fantastic. I have a 939 Motard and Full Throttle scrambler, no issues with either bike. The 2 year warranty you get with new ducatis is fantastic.
  2. With the info / advice i have received here i'll report back with what there reasoning is and how they came to the conclusion pistons need changed.
  3. Yeah, will do. Basically without inspection they cannot tell whether they need replaced or not, right? I'm working at the moment but will be back mid June, i'll pop in and find out what the deal is then. Thanks for your help.
  4. A/C is getting changed at Mitsu dealer, it's them that's telling me the pistons require changing....
  5. yeah, thanks for that. What would be the worst thing that could happen anyway, the pistons fail and need replaced anyway or is it likely they'd damage other components?
  6. I don't know how they came to this conclusion, it was in the change out the Aircon unit which is logical as it was not performing and when stripped you could see the wear / damage so i have no problem with the cost involved with that. There is no difference in performance, occasionally it requires the filter changed as it splutters a little bit about 80kph and pumps out a bit of black smoke ( not excessive ). I normally have it in every 4 months or 15K for an oil change. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info, appreciated. In your opinion, would you says it's normal or not to change pistons on a car of that age with that mileage? Thanks.
  8. Yeah, thanks for that, i'm sure it would require stripping and inspection before making a decision to replace. As mentioned i find it suspicious they can come to this conclusion without inspection.... I guess one would just expect to see scratches and scoring etc if they need replacement? Thanks again.
  9. I have a 2011 Mitsubushi Pajero Sport, it has about 250K on the clock. I've recently put it in to get the A/C unit changed out and now they tell me that the pistons need changed at a cost of 7K each ( x4 ). Is this normal for a car of this age with this mileage on the clock? i thought to confirm pistons need changed out it would require measurements taken? is it unusual that all 4 would need replaced at the same time or must they be changed as a 'set'? I'm always suspicious about what they suggest to change, they also reckon they need to keep the car a week, which seems excessive.... Any advice / opinions would be appreciated by someone with knowledge. Thanks.
  10. Use BFS and get met at the gate, no f**king about, straight through immigration- 900 baht
  11. Mate of mine was made to put original exhaust back on to register, law states 105dB. They're also getting stricter about after market turn signals / tail tidys etc, This was in Ubon
  12. NEP / Cowboy etc or nothing open tonight? Thanks
  13. English opens up the opportunity for overseas work and higher salary. Job comes up in Japan or example - Thai is no use.