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  1. Car / bike wrap

    There's a place on the corner of sukhumvit road and North Pattaya road that does wrapping and is also a car wash for high end bikes. Anyone used this place, good / bad experiences.. Thanks
  2. Film Protection for Paintwork

    Where'd you get you're Ducati done? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info, how recent is this? No requirement to visit land and transport dept, is that right? What border crossing do you use? Really appreciate your input
  4. Trendy building Soi 13

    Are all the visa agents etc open on a Saturday? Thanks
  5. What is Loei like to visit?

    The road from Chiang Khan to Nong Khai along the Mekong is spectacular scenery
  6. Thanks for that link, great info.
  7. Plan a trip with some friends to Siem Reap on our own bikes, would like some recent info if anyone has on the below - apparently I need a 'purple' passport to take my bike out the country, is this done at land and transport dept and if so what paperwork is required - are there agents that can take care of above? - can I get insurance for the duration in Cambodia? - what is the easiest border crossing to deal with, Arunaphatet(so) and PoiPet? - anything else that would be useful to know in the planning. Thanks
  8. To some extent Ducati dealers out with BKK are not really 'service centres' which they claim to be. Beyond anything simple like an oil change, anything that requires a bit of thought or trouble shooting you're normally met with 'send to BKK misterrr'. Also the lack of simple spares kept in stock is a joke but what do you do, it's just the norm here..
  9. A smarter idea would be if they employed drivers with more than 1 brain cell
  10. I have never been asked to show card the ticket was purchased with??
  11. Totally agree, the do absolutely Jack s**t. I recently sold a house, all the did for their commission was act as a taxi service for the buyers. My missus went to land dept to find out what paperwork was required and what the transfer fees would be etc so there would be no hassle on day of transfer. When I advertised my house they were not even interested to come and take photos, I was asked to bring them into their office on a flash drive... It's shocking they get 5%, it really is. Out of interest what does the agent get off the commission? Ie sales price 10m, commission to company 500k, agent xx Thanks
  12. I have direct debit set up to pay electric of a house I have just sold. I'm not in Thailand currently but obviously do not wish to continue paying the new owners electricity bill. I believe the process to cancel is go to bank get form, go to PEA with said form, everything gets sent to BKK ( of course! ) and it's about 2-3 month process to cancel. I would like to know what happens if I simply transfer funds from that bank account with DD somewhere else leaving not enough to cover bill. Does PEA simple disconnect the power and it's the new owners responsibility to sort it out? Thanks
  13. Minis / VW campers

    Anyone know any websites that have these for sale in Thailand or any contact info? Thanks
  14. Monster 821

    Friend recently bought a monster from Ducati Pattaya. Service is what to be expected here, never as good as it should be, particularly for a high end bike. I've used Ducati in BKK and KK, they've both been ok, never fantastic. I have a 939 Motard and Full Throttle scrambler, no issues with either bike. The 2 year warranty you get with new ducatis is fantastic.