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  1. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Plan to renew non O next week, anyone aware of any holidays at the consulate this week or is it business as normal. Thanks.
  3. Planning to spend so time in Northern Thailand touring aroung now the weather is cooler ( hopefully ). Can anyone suggest a good route from CR-Nan, had a look on google maps and plenty of options but personal experiences always better, seems to suggest about 4-5 hours drive time, is this about right? Thanks.
  4. JaiLai

    Tennis elbow

    Both of my elbows have been giving me grief since about June, seems like the pain almost started overnight. Waited about 8-10 weeks to see if it would improve or mend but sadly not. Went to see doctor, he confirmed tennis elbow in right arm but said not in the left?? The symptoms IMO were exactly the same, the motions of shaking hands / picking up a bag by the handle ( or similar ) / opeing a bottle etc, these sort of motions were painful. I got a cortisone (sp) jab in right elbow, after a day or two zero pain, the releif was great. Left elbow continued to give me grief with the mentioned movements above. Right elbow pain free for about 7-8 weeks, now the same symptoms have returned, i plan to go back for another jab and am wondering should i get one in left elbow at same time? No pain when i'm doing nothing. Any advice / suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  5. JaiLai

    The Best Breakfast In Jomtien

    P & W gets my vote too!
  6. JaiLai

    The Best Breakfast In Jomtien

    Pig and Whistle in Jomtien is pretty good IMO
  7. JaiLai

    Shenanigans Closed

    They have menus in Russian though
  8. JaiLai

    Camelbak Products In Pattaya?

    The big sports shop in central has them, at the back somewhere, loads of them - not cheap though!
  9. JaiLai

    Car Finance Options?

    My Ranger is on finance through Tisco and everything was organized by the dealer, when it came to sign the finance papers they (Tisco) came to my work. Yeah, I had to draw them a map how to get to my house, never did come tho, I guess it's just for making sure everything's legit.
  10. JaiLai

    Toyota: Selling Cars And Bullshit

    As much as it pains me to say this i was told a delivery time of 6/7 months to get the vehicle o wanted, had it 6 weeks later due to a cancellation.
  11. JaiLai

    Airport To Downtown By Bts

    I agree, sounds like a proper ball ache.
  12. How does this work, where do you get the BTS at the airport? How often do the trains run? Do you need to change anywhere to get to Suk rd? Is it worth the hassle or is a taxi better / quicker? Thanks.
  13. JaiLai

    Car Finance Options?

    Correct, every brand i guess has their finance company of choice.
  14. JaiLai

    Car Finance Options?

    With a WP and a 30% deposit it will be easy. Ford use Tisco as there finance company, some staff there speak decent English although ZERO knowledge of products they're selling - surprise surprise!