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  1. I went to get my retirement extension today. Arrived at 5am and #8 in line. First 2 were "que" sitters for clients. #3 was a retiree who had been camping out since midnight. Office opened at 08:30 with all stations manned except retirement. The officer arrived to work at 09:10. He processed 4 applicants and then left for almost 15 minutes. Just after #7 was finished an agent without a que# jumped in at the desk and was processed. Finally I was called at 10:15am and was finished 9 minutes later and then had to wait for the return of my passport while it sat on the desk another 25 minutes. I did not include a TM30 in my documents nor was one asked for. I also noted that a few retirees represented by agents with que #'s 25+ were being served ahead of those with lower que #'s.
  2. I need to have an Electrolux and a Hitachi vacuum cleaner checked and repaired. Does anyone have a recommendation of a shop and if so please a little info of your experience. Thank you....
  3. I have a RaySharp Model RS9708-960H 8 channel DVR for my security camera surveillance system.The installer of the system, who is no longer in business, provided the application RXCamPro as the remote surveillance tool to view the camera feeds for my Apple products.The RXCamPro software version is 2.0.4 and is not being updated by the developer. As Apple is updating their iOS I am now no longer able to access remotely using my iMAC (software version 10.12.4); and am getting warnings that the RXCamPro software will not operate in the future due to lack of updates to keep pace with the Apple OS updates.I need a replacement application for RXCamPro to use on my iMAc, iPad’s (software version 9.3.5) and iPhones (software cersion 10.3.1).I access my security system remotely using DDNS. Id appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
  4. Last time I had to do my 90 day report I went to G4T and paid them to do it as the time before that I mailed it and then had to go to the airport office to get the receipt that they didn't send back in my pre-stamped EMS envelope. This time I tried the mail again. I sent it via EMS on Monday 3 April and it wasn't received by IMM until Friday 7 April (going from Chiang Mai to Chiang Mai via Lamphun). IMM processed it on Monday 10 April and I received the approved slip via EMS the next day 11 April.
  5. Ok. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Explain the phone number. Company? Your personal knowledge of their qualifications? Info details please
  7. It's a very widespread outage caused by a failure of a major station in Lampang
  8. CaliTransplant- Please verify Charlie's' telephone number. I called it and no Charlie and no English speaking persons. Thanks
  9. Thank you Canthai55 & CaliTransplant.
  10. We need to find a reliable qualified trained local company to service our Mitsubishi air cons. The original dealer where we bought our units 2 years ago is somewhat unreliable in providing service when we call. Anybody who has personal dealings with a Mitsubishi air con repair service care to recommend? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, no brainer indeed- as in willing to be forced to pay for a "private" firm to obtain governmental service above and beyond the government fees to comply with governmental regulations.
  12. I don't agree. With the help of people such as Nancy L & others as well as looking at the IM site, I did not need any agent to help my extension of stay for retirement the first time or the years thereafter
  13. For my next annual extension of stay based on retirement, I'm thinking of using the proof of income approach (letter/affidavit from the Us consulate), rather than money in the bank seasoned for 3 months. My question is if I choose the proof of income approach, can I use the same letter/affidavit for future renewals; or am I required to obtain a new proof of income letter each and every year?
  14. Or stop reading YOUR posts implying that only a Thai lawyer can have all the knowledge and expertise and that the experiences of others have no value or merit. If a person is not comfortable preparing a will without a Thai lawyer by all means engage a lawyer. Others are quite capable of executing a will without a lawyer; you have no cause to criticize those that can and do.