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  1. home swimming pools

    I previously purchased my pool supplies from World Chemicals and switched to Swimming Pools Thailand (Bob) for better pricing and the variety of supplies they offer. When one of my two Kripsol pumps needed replacement Bob provided the best price and did the removal of the defective pump and installation of the new one. He even made corrections/improvements in my pump house electrical panel while he was installing. Bob's pool knowledge is unsurpassed in Chiang Mai from my experience. He's the only one I need to or want to call to provide advice, buy supplies, or fix problems. (I have a 4x8M saltwater pool)
  2. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    When I selected “The next appointment” print button a new tab opened up with the normal slip having the next report date you would put in your passport. Don’t know why that didn’t work the same for you.
  3. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    As fate would have it, I received an email from IMM an hour ago “approving” my online submittal.
  4. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    I appreciate all the feedback. In the end it is whatever IMM wants to do about any matter, rules or not. The 90 day submission is not a request for approval, by regulation. So long as the report is accomplished without falsehoods or errors in the information the foreigner has complied with the regulation. The attached picture is the header of the Read Me and the the TM-47 form itself is titled "FORM FOR ALIEN TO NOTIFY OF STAYING LONGER THAN 90 DAYS ", and IMM completes the submission at the bottom of the TM-47 under the header " RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION". There is no actual approval requested by the nature of the form- if it is defective in any part by the applicant then IMM is required to reject it and if they do not then the applicant has met the regulatory requirement to report. Finally, the comment above in #37 that "There is an acceptance signature when you mail in by registered or EMS, there is no no such personal reference when you do it online" I do not agree with. The online system returns a TRN when the online notification has been completed and completely correctly- any errors by the applicant in inputting the requested data online will result in no acknowledgement by IMM of the receipt of the applicant's online 90-day notice- and which I would argue is even stronger evidence of a submission of a correct notification then one that is received by IMM via mail (which only acknowledges that an envelope addressed to IMM was received, without any review at that point in time by IMM on the adequacy of the applicant's submission).
  5. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    I appreciate your feedback. I posted to see what others who had similar experience might contribute. As it is immigration who has labelled the submittal "pending" I don't understand what you mean by it "is not acceptable". One could say the same for "accepted" or "rejected" as well, no? Immigration acknowledges they have received my report of my address via their official channels. What I lack is the exact date when I would need to report again; which is moot when I depart Thailand before whatever date that may be. I and others have sent the 90 day report by registered mail and have proof of delivery to immigration and yet have not received the nest 90 day reporting slip by return mail. When that happened to me I went to immigration, they acknowledged they had received it and it had been logged in their system and they handed me my 90 day slip. I don't see a difference with my "pending" 90 day report. If you have more details on what you mean when you write "I believe" that "pending" is not acceptable where in this case I will not require their next 90 day slip since I will leave the country well before when that would be due I'd welcome that....
  6. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    I successfully submitted mine last Thursday 9 March (before 8am). It’s been “pending” since. My current 90 expires 21 March. As I’m leaving Thailand for a brief stint on 1 April I don’t care if IM responds or not. It’s in their hands and I’ve complied with the requirements to report, which they acknowledge.
  7. Proof of Residence for 5 year renewal of driving license

    Here are the requirements as provided at the Land Transport Office info desk on the 2nd floor..............
  8. Proof of Residence for 5 year renewal of driving license

    You may alternatively provide a CoR from your embassy/consulate. If you are a US citizen, it is in the form of an affidavit you can download from the Consulate website and you make an appointment with the embassy to have them notarize it. It costs $50. While the Thai IMM CoR is valid up to 3 months, the Affidavit is valid for up to a year. But once you provide either document to the Land Transport Office they keep it.
  9. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Last week I went to the Land Transport office to get me an International Drivers license (IDL) so I can rent a car in Italy next month. A valid Thai DL is not itself sufficient- I needed to provide copies of all my passport data and non-immigrant visa and obtain from the US Consulate a residency affidavit ($50). So I returned with all the paperwork Wed, they processed the paperwork, and gave me a form to sign. I noticed the IDL form referenced my previous passport no. and asked them to correct it. Oh, that’s another 55B to update your passport info and you need to go pay for copies of your passport data (never mind they had all that passport copies already). OK. I go get the copies, pay the money. They give me a new IDL form to sight w/the correct passport BUT wait- first you (me) need to get a new Thai DL to replace the current one since your passport no. is now changed in our system. I say I don’t want a new Thai DL as it expires in 6 months and I’ll get the new one then. Oh no; no new Thai DL, no IDL.....OK. I go process for a new Thai DL, and return to the desk to get my IDL. No can do..They tell me to come back Friday to pick it up since Thursday is a holiday. So I went back to the Land Transport office for the third time in a little over a week today and finally got my IDL. See you in 6 months when it’s time to renew my Thai DL.
  10. Went to Promenada yesterday just before noon to have lunch & obtain a Re-entry permit. Received que #0526; which was #2 for the after lunch processing. Had lunch then returned to Imm at 1:10pm & I was called up 1 minute later. 10 minutes later I was out the door with the Re-Entry permit. Staff was attentive and polite and even delivered my completed passport to me directly while I was sitting in a chair waiting for my name to be called to pick it up..... As I will be doing my Extension of Stay based on Retirement in May, I asked the staff how long a Proof of Income Affidavit is considered valid by Imm and the response was 6 months....
  11. US Passport Renewal- Are You Seeing Delays?

    I wrote another email to the Consulate today and within one hour their boilerplate notification email to come pick up the passport was in my in box. Wonder if I had not asked this third time were they ever going to notify........
  12. US Passport Renewal

    I know that. Which made their response non helpful. Be that as it may, I checked the status using the link in the thread and received that same status- that it had been mailed to the Consulate but no date details are given. I wrote another email to the Consulate today and within one hour their boilerplate notification email to come pick up the passport was in my in box. Wonder if I hadnt asked this third time were they ever going to notify........
  13. US Passport Renewal- Are You Seeing Delays?

    As of today I’m still waiting to receive notification from the CM Consulate. It’s just about 4 weeks since the application was submitted.
  14. US Passport Renewal

    I applied for a renewal at the CM Consulate 11 Jan. I’m still waiting for their notification that they’ve received it so I can pick it up. When I request a status it’s “in the mail to us (Consulate)”.
  15. The span time from the time when you submit your US passport renewal to the Chiang Mai Consulate and receive notification from them it is available to be picked up has been 2 weeks- even their own website says as such. My wife submitted her renewal paperwork more than 3 weeks ago and still no passport. We contacted the consulate earlier this week and they would only say that "it is being mailed to our office"...no other details, no ETA, etc. Nothing since. Has anyone else processed a renewal in the month of January?