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  1. Seek a company which can renovate a kitchen countertop,sink,dishwasher...to be integrated in existing wooden furnitures Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Benz S500 with driver;Nissan GTR
  3. Not all of these cars are available in Thailand,but interesting to read anyhow http://www.carophile.org/used-cars-to-avoid/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&utm_term=businessinsider
  4. Fastest Car/Truck you have Owned

    Ferrari 328 gts.front drive too light.dangereous over 220 km/h.Mustang mach1 1969 completely rebuilt by his previous Californian owner.again dangereous.Tried it on Zolder circuit in Belgium.unreliable brakes.Had to begin to brake from the middle of the racetrack.Never knew if she decided to go left or right...not very confident.Some powerful racing cars with no speedometers or not showing enough speed lol .BMW2002 gr2.vw scirocco on the old Francorchamps circuit that was scrapped end 1978 and some tiny toys like Datsun1000 or Simca1000 rallye2...
  5. a parachute can eject himselve in thailand or china????
  6. Iphone6 screen replacement

    Just had the same problem.screen broken,Went to Pao Mobile.second floor Tuckom on right hand side of it.1500b and 30 min later...replaced and work perfectly.added 200b thick plastic screen protection,
  7. Reliable cheap optician search

    Thanks for your answers,guys.I went to First Optical.The guy gave a lot of advices,I followed.Will have my new glasses tomorrow.
  8. for the last 10 years I had a reliable not tricky optician on 2nd road near Royal Garden.Always trying to repair broken frames and not pushing for expensive ones. Sadly he is not in the business anymore. Any advice about a good optician would be welcome
  9. Dental recommendation in Pattaya

    I second Daniel Boon opinion.I am a patient of dr Likpay Warin for around 10 years now.Very good.And serious .Last week I thought I had broken a tooth,Doctor advised me it was a porcelain crown that broke.As he placed it 3,5 years ago,he said:not normal...replacement FREE.
  10. Yes everything was perfect,Had to replace one of the 2 airco command module .The Ferrari price was crazy and some Lancia had the same one...so bought this one Steering became very light over 210 km/h.Even dangereous.(and I was rcing driver in my 20 s and 30 s)
  11. Everyday car:Chrysler Stratus Cabrio Week end cars :ferrari 328 GTS and Mustang Mach1 1969 Sold everything in 2003 and now a Teana in Thailand.
  12. Colonoscopy in Pattaya!

    Dr Sompote at BPH is very good
  13. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)

    I have a h pylori.Tried already 4 or 5 times the antibiotic cures.No avail.refuse to cure. I am allergic to penicillin,so it reduces the type of antibiotics I can take.One of my belgian gastroenterologist suggested to be treated for this allergy before a new treatment.Seems a dangereous procedure:giving penicillin in dose bigger and bigger in the course of one day under supervision of a specialist in ICU.(only one in my hometown university....) My best friend is a head gastroenterologist in a belgian university.He advised me to continue the antibiotitic treatments.The risk is that in 80 % of stomach cancer,H pylori is found .But there is no proof cancer is caused by H pylori An other alternative should be to have regular gastroscopy to check the stomach.My insurance will not be happy. Go back to europ next month to find a solution, Anyhow;in Pattaya,there is a good gastroenterologist:dr Sompote at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. BPH is not equipped to analyse the samples taken during a gastroscopy to detect H pylori...so Better to go to Bangkok as suggested by Sheryl