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  1. glockdoc

    Where can I get a 240v to 120v invertor

    Thanks! It does.....well, it did 4 years ago before I brought it here. There is a sound shop on Thepprasit close to me. I will check out. Thanks for the correct name. That will make it easier to get!
  2. I need a 1500 watt peak invertor to step down from 240-110v for a Blendtec blender I brought from the US. 1500 watts peak seems to be the problem. I can find lower powers, but do not want to burn up the motor in a $500USD blender. Blendtec can swap the circuit board out to 240v.....for another 15,000b. LOL Anyway, to avoid answers from folks that don't actually read the post ( nooooo, not on this forum....)........ 1500 Watt 240v stepdown to 110v. Thank you in advance! JC
  3. Where in Pattaya can I find good quality, affordable protein shake mixes? In a perfect world, where can I get Shakeology or Isegenix? I brought some back with me, but I am down to my last few. I have popped into a couple of stores but they either only carried 1 brand or the staff was clueless. I know there has to be somewhere in town to go that has a good selection and an above average staff....too many buff guys wandering around! LOL I am not looking to bulk up so much as looking for meal replacements while I continue to get in shape and lose the 52yr old gut. Thanks in advance!
  4. Both my girls get lots of 1 on 1 time with me. I do not read/write/ and only speak a little Thai so I am little help with her school work. Regardless of what road she takes, learning to think is something I want her to master. Math and Science will provide that stable foundation, hence the desire to find above average after school tutoring. On the flip side, she has a 100 in her English class!
  5. Howdy! I moved my 12 yr old from Aksorn Pattaya to Maryvit this year and she needs some help. She was #3 in her class at Aksorn, but I expected her grades to drop.....and they did. She is making unacceptable grades in Thai, Math, Science, History, and Social Studies. I have her in the after school program and saturday program at school, but both are providing rather weak results. Found out last week after finally going to the office to get a parent teacher conference that her Saturday studies are not even what we signed her up for. Soooooo Time to get her some quality tutoring and take her out of "extra" school. Anybody having good results or can make any recommendations? This is NOT a debate about Thai/private/international schools. Trolls can go post useless, off topic responses somewhere else. If you do not have something on topic to contribute go somewhere else. Thanks in advance to those of you that take the time to help. I am posting in 2 places as some sub topics do not get much traffic. Apologies admins ?