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  1. Where in Pattaya can I find good quality, affordable protein shake mixes? In a perfect world, where can I get Shakeology or Isegenix? I brought some back with me, but I am down to my last few. I have popped into a couple of stores but they either only carried 1 brand or the staff was clueless. I know there has to be somewhere in town to go that has a good selection and an above average staff....too many buff guys wandering around! LOL I am not looking to bulk up so much as looking for meal replacements while I continue to get in shape and lose the 52yr old gut. Thanks in advance!
  2. Both my girls get lots of 1 on 1 time with me. I do not read/write/ and only speak a little Thai so I am little help with her school work. Regardless of what road she takes, learning to think is something I want her to master. Math and Science will provide that stable foundation, hence the desire to find above average after school tutoring. On the flip side, she has a 100 in her English class!
  3. Howdy! I moved my 12 yr old from Aksorn Pattaya to Maryvit this year and she needs some help. She was #3 in her class at Aksorn, but I expected her grades to drop.....and they did. She is making unacceptable grades in Thai, Math, Science, History, and Social Studies. I have her in the after school program and saturday program at school, but both are providing rather weak results. Found out last week after finally going to the office to get a parent teacher conference that her Saturday studies are not even what we signed her up for. Soooooo Time to get her some quality tutoring and take her out of "extra" school. Anybody having good results or can make any recommendations? This is NOT a debate about Thai/private/international schools. Trolls can go post useless, off topic responses somewhere else. If you do not have something on topic to contribute go somewhere else. Thanks in advance to those of you that take the time to help. I am posting in 2 places as some sub topics do not get much traffic. Apologies admins ?
  4. glockdoc

    Which engine for a Fortuna

    Hey Joe, If you can make the budget work, buy the bigger engine. You will see most of the difference later in resale. When we bought our Fortuner 2nd hand, the engine was a deal killer on several nice units we looked at. Sure, it's a Toyota and they should all get loads and loads of miles, but the bigger engine will be an easier, higher priced sale later. Enjoy the new ride. We love ours.
  5. Howdy!! This is a pretty specific post so, while I am glad you are here, those of us interested in the topic would appreciate it if those of you that seem to constantly post answers that have nothing to do with the post would just keep the random crap to yourselves. Ahhh, that feels better. On to the question.... I did a quick search to see if this was in the forums and did not find what I was looking for. In one of my other posts, the use of virtual city connections was brought up, specifically HMA Virtual Los Angles( LA IP addy) connecting in Singapore. This sounds like a great option to maintain better speeds than connecting in LA, while keeping the LA IP. Unfortunately, it appears that option is not available for us Linux users. Do any of the Linux users out there have any good experience with any vpn that offers connections like this? An LA IP is a must, connecting in Asia is a must. Not looking for a recommendation to connect in LA, already have that. I am looking to connect in Asia while having an LA IP. Do they have a decent GUI? HMA does not! LOL Thanks in advance! JC
  6. glockdoc

    What VPN do you use?

    Thought I would post a follow up. AIR VPN has been working flawlessly on both the linux desktop and IOS devices. Both problems I have had with Vypr and Nord seem to have been solved. I still plan on playing around with Hide My Ass and try their virtual ips to see if I can bump the speed up while maintaining a Los Angeles IP address. Thanks for everyone that contributed to the actual topic.
  7. glockdoc

    What VPN do you use?

    To those of you that took the time to read the post and actually reply to what the post was about....THANK YOU. Lots of good info. I will give a few of your suggestions a try. So far Air has been flawless, other than slower speed than Vypr. Cheers! JC
  8. glockdoc

    What VPN do you use?

    Linux Mint18.X is known to have a dns leak which exposes your real IP. I have taken all the steps to fix the Linux end of that. VPNs obscure your IP by routing dns queries through their dns servers ( I believe ), but VPNs can cause dns leaks as well, which seems to be the case with Vypr and my set up. Also, Webrtc is now using your GPU to find an actual IP if you do not have that turned off. But, back to the question posed by the post.....which vpn do you use to connect to the US and what speeds do you get? As pointed out in the original post, US connections are all I am interested in. No interest in setting up my own VPN server. Latency is an unsolvable issue as I am only interested in an LA connection.
  9. glockdoc

    What VPN do you use?

    Express is on all the lists of top Linux VPNs. I haven't tried them yet. Nord was disappointingly slow with their LA connection. Done the google thing. Hoping to get some #s from some folks connecting to the US to compare with what I am getting with Vypr and Air. Thanks for the input. JC
  10. glockdoc

    What VPN do you use?

    Howdy! I connect to the LA for all my computer stuff. My OS is Linux and I have been using Vypr Vpn for a while.So far Vypr has given me the best speeds......but.....as of late, I have been having a dns leak problem. I have beenthrough numerousLinux forums and have determined the dns leak is being caused on the Vypr end. I downloaded Air VPN today and the dns leak hasnot appeared, but it is slower. Which VPN do you use to connect in the US and what kind of speeds are you getting. I only connect in LA so any other country is a mute point for this post. Thanks in advance, JC