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  1. does anyone currently know the waiting times for a tourist visa extension @ Promenada? Is 15 mins true, or should I pack a lunch? My single entry tourist visa expires end of Jan.
  2. Little known parts of Chiang Mai

    stay away from the Hot springs atm, apparently its packed full
  3. hope its not a start to bigger ones
  4. Rain

    Nice wee sprinkle this morning and just started again,so far from done this year, gives me one less gardening job to do today ?
  5. Looking to buy Chromecast or similar

    quite true that, thanks. HDMI port on laptop seems suspect, but the TV HDMI port is ok as the True TV box is connected to the TV via HDMI port
  6. Hi, I have wanted to project some movies for the kids onto our TV at home, but the HDMI port doesn't seem to be working what ever I have tried, the laptop is probably past its best now thou. Next step would be buying a chrome cast or TV stick to try. Has anyone bought anything similar in Chiang Mai that they could recommend, please? (shop and plug in) Going to Airport Central today, so hopefully something there.
  7. Rain

    funny that, I'm currently driving a Yaris and its cranked up to 28c but all you get is cold air
  8. Rain

    rained heavily early this morning but easing now, a nice relief for now, forecast is fine weather tomorrow so the snowman will melt soon
  9. Some People Never Learn

    1. Agreed, post in the "Rain" thread to keep that alive,
  10. Rain

    Thanks for that....just thinking about getting my ship underway. you may have to wait awhile
  11. Rain

    Just started Ton Pao, a nice relief
  12. I wouldn't plan to be doing a lot of outdoorsy stuff during the burning season in CM as I would hate for that soot to be in my lungs. Try the seaside Phuket or Hua Hin and avoid CM when its clouded in smog.
  13. Rain

    Rain forecasted for today through to Tuesday. That would be great, although no grey clouds forming from where I'm living
  14. Look up a tourist agent in town, they will have all the tourist stuff that may interest you.
  15. Water experts - Some advice please

    how do you plan for the dry if you live in a condo?