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  1. There is a substantial risk that N.Korea will deliver the nukes to the USA soil even before those pesky Russkie did.
  2. So what? Anything to make Trump popular with the cool liberal crowd. Trump is almost forgiven already for his Russian dealings. Look how Hillary supporters on the board have been cheerleading for Trump since the missile attack in Syria. Trump says to the militant neoconservative : 'We be one blood, thou and I', (Mowgli ) and everyone is happy to feel united.
  3. Love the language "incidentally collected intelligence," Nunes said.
  4. Shit happens. It's a war.
  5. Maybe you all have missed the news about the meeting of Turkey, the USA and Russia in Antalya, Turkey. Please note, that the military cooperation, if limited, is doing well without Al- Assad. Obviously, the Russian Chief of Staff Guerassimov is talking on behalf of Damascus.
  6. No. Not only the USA. Syria is a country where the capital Damascus and Al -Assad do not have a full control over the territory and infrastructure, it's a country where foreign actors enjoy a lot of freedom of actions, a part of Syria is occupied and the fate of the country is still not clear yet.
  7. What Al Assad says is irrelevant. Syria is no longer a sovereign nation, regardless of Russia's efforts.
  8. Yes. It's difficult. My daughter spent a year at a USA high school as an exchange student. It was a big school in Bay Area and she used a school bus with a transgender girl. She was bullied at school, had no friends, nobody was giving her car rides. Sad! They became friends. My daughter said that it's because of her experience of staying with her half sister, who lives in Thailand and is married to a Thai, and seeing transgendered people around in the town my older daughter lives in . Thailand can teach people kindness.
  9. I am surprised that people who have an experience of living in Thailand for a least a short time and being exposed to the Thai Ladyboy culture still think that a transgender person puts women and little girls in danger, especially in the toilets.
  10. Tizanidine worked for me in the past.
  11. While I agree with your first and third points, I think that your definition of sovereignty is a bit too broad. Neither Syria nor Iraq are sovereign anymore. They are not in a position to allow or not allow anything to the major foreign powers. The two countries have foreign actors on their soil. That is a reality of the Post-Bush world.
  12. Scary, as Craig loves to say:
  13. It works in France and some other places with a healthier attitude to sex.
  14. People die. Not everything in the world revolves around Trump and Putin. RIP