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  1. It’s 7 percent for a pleasure boat.
  2. Gene1960

    Phuket vs. nearby island or beaches

    Yes. It was a Rawai longtail, 500 baht per person two way. They picked us up at the new pier in Chalong and took us back in the afternoon. Four people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Now we shall expect a case against the USA Government filed in Moscow. 555. Crazy.
  4. Gene1960

    Vacation trip ideas for Phuket, Krabi and S.E Islands

    I don’t think that Patong would be too damaging for a 5 yo child. Just stay at a nice 4-5 hotel and avoid BangLa road. If they have money, it’s easy to charter a captained boat at Boat / Royal Lagoon or Ao Por Marinas. Then they will have the boat to themselves and can pace the boat trip according to their will.
  5. Gene1960

    Phuket vs. nearby island or beaches

    I concur. Koh He or Coral island is very well protected from the SW winds and it’s two main beaches are pretty good for snorkeling. Even when it’s windy around the corner, a short boat trip from Chalong is not too bad. A longtail boat is around 500 Baht. It’s better to arrive there before 10 am when the Boatloads of Chinese arrive.
  6. Gene1960

    First time to Krabi

    Not a good season to swim in in the ocean at Khao Lak already.
  7. Very unexpectedly a French company I do some work for removed the IT team headed by a very experienced Bielorussian specialist and the Russian Kaspersky software was removed altogether, all in one day. We have an American team leader who insisted on such measures. He is supposed to be moved to the USA and wants to have a clean CV. Not a big problem for us, but it’s showing the level of paranoia even in Europe.
  8. Gene1960

    Bad attitudes in Phuket/Patong?

    Having my new Thai relatives now , I started look at the situation in phuket a bit differently and recognize very different types of locals. This time we are staying at a house in Mai Khao, the house and some other properties belong to a Thai lady, a daughter of a local fisherman. She is very nice. And very local. A bad attitude I noticed from Burma servers and shop employees. Very unfriendly and unhelpful was a lady from Issan, who made our attempt to ship home some pieces of teak furniture terrible. There are so many people from other parts of the country working in Phuket, they are a different kind of locals.
  9. Gene1960

    Phuket weather 2018

    Heavy rain all evening here at Mai Khao beach and the Yacht Haven. +23 C Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. You are right, as usual. Although the majority of Iranian terrorism is Israel related. IMHO the Iranian might is overestimated. It’s a regional power, unable to form any long term alliances and project the power “around the world “. They are demonized by the West and it’s a way to erroneous actions and miscalculation. I just hope that the revolt will help to change the political regime without an excessive foreign involvement. Too many bad examples in the area already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Brought the stuff from Malaysia and rented the c-stands locally. Thanks.
  12. Not “around the world “, just around Israel.
  13. I wonder if it will be possible to buy some LED lights and stands for videography in Phuket. We need a couple of daylight balanced battery units and a LED ring light for a series of interviews. Any advice from you all will be appreciated.
  14. Gene1960

    Certificate of Residence

    I recently got the Certificate of residence in Phuket town and your list is correct. I was asked to bring the new set of pictures with a blue background. Because I have no property and do not rent anything long term, the immigration was happy to get a letter from my hotel. No questions were asked. To get the certificate of residence you do not have to have a long term visa, a stamp or visa on arrival is ok. The certificate of residence is needed not only for the vehicle and boat registration, the Thai customs want it for some transactions.