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  1. Completed my first online report yesterday. I could never get it to work before, but I just recently traveled outside of the country so I decided to try it again. I actually had to try about 12 times to get it to accept my application. I tried all the various IE browsers on Safari, and then was able to successfully complete the report using IE 7 emulator on Firefox (also on my Mac). There were a myriad of problems: Major annoyance was typing a character and then having to wait 2 or 3 seconds to type the next one. This was common to all IE versions. The drop down menus would not work on some IE versions. Most of the times, once I was able to get everything filled out, the submit button on the first page could not be activated. Twice when I was able to submit the first page I was directed to the dreaded report to immigration page. Finally I was able to submit the first page successfully, and the second page went off without a hitch. I received my confirmation email this morning, and printed out my receipt of notification. I am using a Macbook Pro. I tried every IE browser version and also the chrome browser using Safari without success. I also tried IE 8 and IE 9 emulators on the Firefox browser without success. It only worked using IE 7 on Firefox. After reading stuurman's post, I think I will download Chrome and use the IE-on-Chrome extension for my next report.
  2. As far as #2: I changed from extension based on marriage to extension based on retirement last year. My retirement extension started on the date I changed it, not the expiration date of the previous marriage extension. So if you changed your extension on 1 August, it would be valid through 31 July. My experience was at the Chiang Mai immigration office.
  3. Bangkok Furniture, just west of the Promenda entrance/exit on road 3029. I bought a leather covered one there last July, and they had seven or eight fabric covered ones on display.
  4. I posted mine on 26 December by EMS. I received it by post yesterday, 20 January. I live outside the city, and it previously has taken 8 to 10 days to receive it.
  5. I wasn't going to post any more as no one had any relevant information on how many were getting the extensions in a day. Thank you very much for the information and experience you had. You are the first person in over 700 shares to give an idea of how many people were getting their extensions in a day. We know they will give out a lot of queue numbers but how many they serve has been a mystery. Thank you once again I now have a ball park answer. I know it will change day to day. But I have an idea. if you are getting a retirement extension of stay why is your wife involved When your current extension is based on you supporting your wife and/or children and you want to change that to a retirement extension she needs to sign a declaration (saying something along the lines that she is aware of this and agrees that you will officially no longer support her, at least for extension of stay purposes) and you have to submit proof that you are actually still married. I don't fully understand why this is necessary, but my brother had to do the same several years ago and according to my wife they told her last year at immigration that I would have to do that for my first retirement extension. For my next extension in 2016 it will no longer be necessary and I can just submit the bank letter and copies of my bank book. I thought it worth mentioning because it is something I haven't seen mentioned before. Yep, same thing happened to me when I changed extension type last year. Here is a link to some of the discussion.
  6. Here is a link to a web page with very good instructions on setting up an acoustic guitar. Scroll down to the second page and follow the links under instrument setup. Hope this helps.
  7. Yeah, don't know what's going on. I am using 3bb, and the problem I have been getting for the last couple of weeks is a failure to connect with the error page that says "the connection has been reset." I usually just hit refresh a couple of times, and then it will connect. I am using the Firefox browser.
  8. If you want to kill it yourself, then kill it yourself. Figure it out, shouldn't be too difficult. If not, tell a local Thai neighbor. They will kill it and eat it.
  9. I am also curious as to how the retirement/marriage extension division between the offices will work out. I am on a retirement extension, and was just yesterday able to get the last appointment (1530) on the last day before my extension expires. I don't really like to cut things that close, so may end up using a visa agent this year.
  10. I think the 12,000 and 9,000 estimates are correct. I have two rooms almost exactly the sizes you have, and these are the size of the split units I have in each of them. I am also in Chiang Mai. I purchased my units from Dragon Air on highway 1001, very near to Theppanya hospital. Their quoted price included the installation, and you can also purchase a one or two year cleaning/maintenance contract from them. I went with the Mitsubishi Slim Econo units. Be sure to bargain with them. When I informed them that I had a slightly lower estimate from another shop, they reduced their price by 1000 baht per unit.
  11. Does anyone have experience with the CDC Dental Clinic at Raumchok Plaza? My wife and I have had minor fillings and a cleaning done there, relatively cheaply with no complaints. I now think I need more serious work done, such as a root canal and crown, and not sure how they are with these types of procedures. The searching I have done seem to point towards Grace Dental clinic as a good clinic for this type of work. For minor procedures, I have no problem recommending the CDC Dental Clinic to the OP. One filling was 800 baht, and I got four small fillings at one sitting for 2,800 baht. I have not been to any other dental clinics here, so don't know how these prices compare.
  12. Thanks for the info. Additionally, the Mac OS is not supported either. Their IT staff must be people they just pull off the street.
  13. If you check the system requirements on the FBAR treasury page, the MAC OS is not listed. I had the same problem last year trying to file online, and had to mail it in. Of course, that is not allowed this year. Here is a link to the requirements page.
  14. Be that as it may, a theory is still just that, a theory not a fact. I am not saying the big bang (or as it is often referred to now the big expansion) theory is wrong. I just don't know if it is true, nor does anyone else. The same can be said of the theory of creation. The prevailing theory of a majority of scientists is that there was nothing (the singularity), and from that nothing the universe spontaneously came into being. The prevailing theory of a majority of Christians is that there was nothing, and from that nothing the universe was created by something or someone referred to as God. To believe in the truthfulness of either theory seems to me to require a great deal of faith.
  15. Unless I'm going blind, the D-18 in the Central Festival mall was selling for 38,000 baht. The D-28 was selling for 82,000 baht. VERY low prices... which is why I questioned their authenticity. Usually the only way to get low prices for Martin was to buy Sigma, the Martin-licensed and inspected guitars made outside the US, currently owned by a German firm and produced in China by Martin-trained luthiers. I have the Sigma DR-45, an exact copy of the Martin D-45 but made with newer woods. Solid Sitka spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Mahogany neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard, bone nut and compensated saddle, Ebony bridge, Grover tuning machines... What's not to like? The balance of sound is not Martin, neither is the sustain, but for 1/3 the price, it comes pretty dam_n close! They were out of production since 2007, but back in biz last year after being sold by the Japanese firm. "M.I.W. Guitars" on Changklan Rd in Chiang Mai has a good selection of Sigmas at great prices. I'm thinking about their 12-string as a Christmas present to myself! That may have been the price for the case on the D-18, or else it is a knock-off. The going price for a D-18 in the US is about 1700 to 1900 US dollars, case included. The D-28 price sounds like a good price for Thailand. You do have to be careful of fakes though. About three years ago while on holiday prior to relocating here, I priced some Martin guitars at an upscale mall in Bangkok. They had one D-28 that was an obvious fake. The binding and tuners were wrong, and the craftsmanship was terrible. They did have a D-15 that I believe was the real thing. It was priced at a little over 1200 USD, while they were selling in the US for about 850 USD. The acoustic guitar players on here may already be aware of this, but the best way to get an estimate on the value of a new Martin guitar is to go to their website. Then take 40% off of their suggested retail price, and that should be pretty close to the retail price you pay at any guitar store in the US, case included. I agree that Sigmas are fine guitars. My uncle has one, and I sometimes play it when I am back home.