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  1. A good out of the box linux laptop from Lazada?

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5567 from Lazada several months ago. It was supposed to come with Ubuntu installed, but actually had windows 10 installed. I installed Linux Mint on it myself, having received good advice from some members here. (see my post in the Linux forum). All the function buttons, trackpad, and mouse work with no problems using Linux Mint.
  2. Photos from Android phone to Imac

    I use Android File Transfer. It is free. Just download to your iMac and install.
  3. Just be prepared for additional information. I changed from marriage to retirement extension about three years ago in Chiang Mai, and they required me to bring my wife and a copy of my marriage documents.
  4. I am root.

    It appears that High Sierra has many problems. Waiting for them to clean it up before I upgrade.
  5. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Been using Firefox for years, but it seems that every time they update they break something. Getting tired of wasting my time trying to get it back working properly. Switched to Chrome three days ago.
  6. I recently stopped by the local 3bb office to upgrade my service, which included a new router. They set it up for me, and when I got home I found they had changed the name of my network from "my name" to "3bb-my name". Maybe they are trying to get free advertisement by adding 3bb to the users network name.
  7. Installing Linux Mint on laptop

    Thanks guys. I did do a dual boot. I decided to keep windows just in case my install didn't work. I don't think I will ever use it. I erased the D: and E: partitions in windows, and then did the linux install. I made the partitions as swap: 1 GB, root: 30 GB and home: the remaining free space. Everything seems to be working fine. It is set up to boot into linux first so I am happy with that. I am a little bit familiar with linux, I played around with Fedora a little bit about 10 years ago so I hope I can learn fast. I really appreciate you both taking the time to help me, thanks once again.
  8. Ordered a new laptop with Ubuntu already installed. Figured that was the easiest way, since shouldn't have any hardware issues. Laptop arrived today, and it had Windows 10 instead of Ubuntu. Not familiar with Windows since I have been using OSX for quite a few years. Don't really want Windows, but I suppose it could be useful. So I downloaded Linux Mint Cinnamon and imaged it to a USB. Booted up from the USB and it appears to be working ok. Checked the ethernet connection, wifi, and sound and they all work properly. I am trying to decide whether to make a dual boot system or just replace Windows with Linux. If I decide to do a dual boot, I am not sure of partitoning the 1TB hard drive. It is currently configured as Local DIsk (C:) 101 GB free of 149 GB, Data (D:) 390 GB free of 390 GB, Backup (E:) 390 GB free of 390 GB. Looks like I should be able to install Linux in the D: or E: partition, but I'm not sure. Appreciate any advice.
  9. TV

    I just did this last week. I also was a True customer. I ordered a Roku Premier+ set top box from Amazon. It was delivered to me in seven days. Followed the very simple instructions to connect it and log on. Did a search from my computer to USTvNow, and signed up for their free trial. Followed their instructions on how to set it up on my Roku, again very simple. I also signed up for the Netflix Thailand free trial. Roku already has them on the on their playlist, so didn't have to set it up manually. Both services I signed up for have various packages available. If I choose the top level for each, the combined price will be almost identical to what I was paying for True's gold package.
  10. Using Roku for Television streaming

    Thanks for the reply. My Roku will be delivered this week, and I am looking forward to seeing what all is available with it.
  11. I would like to be able to stream tv shows from the US. I just ordered a Roku Premier+ box to be able to stream the ustvnow shows to my television, but in viewing them on my 21.5 inch computer screen. I am not sure the quality is going to good enough when streamed to a 50 inch tv screen. I have not had any problems with buffering. My fallback position would to be to try to use something like Sling TV. I already have a vpn that is paid up for a year. It can only be installed on a router flashed with Tomato by Shibby, so I am thinking about ordering an ASUS router and flashing it with the firmware/software from Tomato. I verified on the Tomato website of which download to use for the router I will be using. From what I can find on the web, I would connect the router to the modem/router provided by my ISP. I would appreciate any feedback as to anything I am overlooking. I have never flashed a router before, so I am a little nervous about that. I am also not sure whether I should upgrade my internet package with my ISP, my average download speed is between 13 Mbps and 15Mbps.