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  1. He should be out by christmas then after giving a 10 million baht tip ha
  2. if you put that on the death certificate it will insult the spirits
  3. why are pattaya officials bothered about foreign media labeling thailand as top sex capital of world when most of them foreign officals who are labeling them are going to these seedy bars themselves for sexual relief and excitement , there should be protests in support of more sex please were british and more seedyness , or is it because they want to put prices up for girls , soon its going to be cheaper to go with a girl in our own country and go somewhere else other than pattaya , they have already destroyed beach road by taking away all the seats on there and putting very few seats there to sit on after walking 2 miles along it . alot of farlangs now bring there own seat , the thais and foreighners piss on the beach at night , dogs sh.t on it , i for 1 will not be going if its a family town and not fr single men , who is going to go there if there is no sex , they are cutting their own throats
  4. As i said before and got lambasted by others on here , this guy will never admit it was his fault and now wants some gullable people on here to pay for the mess he caused dont pay up , he was driving too fasy , too near to the car in front and changed lanes without properly looking in the mirror , the only thing he deserves is 20 years in jail
  5. she can nurse me better anytime !! especially in her uniform
  6. yes spending someone elses money , do as they do in middle east chop his hands off !
  7. no i think he chatted with thai girls because his girlfriend does not understand the situation out here and he should have gone after her the night they argued and explained , the only way to make sure it does not happen is NOT to come out here with a uk girlfriend
  8. he should go where he knows best then with being around abit
  9. yes thats one of the difficulties out here being faithful there is so much sex about that its difficult if your with a partner to stop wandering , but if you do you have to get a partner that is ok about that , or you can end up as silly as it seems being on your own
  10. 2500 baht a night each x 4 , looks like its their first time here , it will be good to see them locked up here at hilton jail keep them out of england also no respect for thailand , throw away the key its so embarassing
  11. some people have a kink about getting their feet touched or washed he should have told them he got excited by it or maybe he really does get excited by it ?
  12. which hotel ? i fancy booking a night there !
  13. it happens many times in thailand usually the man splits up with the girlfriend after getting eyed up or sleeping with a thai girl , if you come here to thailand with a foreign partner get used to him getting chatted up by the local thal girls a sad end but to be honest question marks on accidental hanging ?? seems a common theme here
  14. Its no good letting the muslims have it , because then they will come over the new border and start trying to take that area , as this violent extremists view is been perverted on teachings of islam the extemists try to say that the koran says they must travel to a new country and conquer but it does not say that in the koran they try to twist the words, so you have eto fight for the land that is thai send in the troops in large numbers and search house to house with road blocks and do what they did with the tamil tigers it will take months but will erradicate them like the scourge they are , also the koran needs rewriting as its too ancient and does not stop these verses been twisted