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  1. why are you laughing at a guy shot in the stomach disgusting person catman 20 is right
  2. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    she refused to have sex with him so obviously there was something wrong he was thinking he is having an affair because she is younger and his ego would be so he stamps on her and strangles her ???? he deserves putting in front of the firing squad , this animal cant take it when the table is turned and his ego is challanged verdict firing squad or lock him up and throw away the key !!
  3. she apparantly carried the gun as he had assaulted her before so it was more of a defensive thing , she fired 2 warning shots also when he tried to assault her , then he tried it again and deserved the bullet , ever heard the words "bite the bullet " he tried it but she shot low ha ha i like your words about a farang digging into your ex though made me laugh !!
  4. maybe she is waiting for enough time to pass before trying it , keep looking over your shoulder
  5. any chance on doing it in a short time room with me
  6. yes lucky to survive but 2 warning shots before would have thought he would learn but he got what he deserved after assaulting her a few times
  7. he must have been waiting for her to arrive with the money and burst in after her , lock him up and throw away the key !! he looks like putins brother !
  8. the hard thing to believe is they charged her 1,000 baht you would think they would have paid her to do it !!
  9. Ladyboys turn up for conscription call

    not surprised as the sergeant probably has just had a go behind the cubicle
  10. you have to look at the facts and police or no police are coming and searching the house , has anything been taken NO so that discounts thieves so yes i would say the brother in law is upto no good , just sell the land and make sure the brother in law does not get hold of your money
  11. you know nothing ! the brother in law who sells drugs will tell you any stupid story so he can continue doing it as you are not there all the time you dont know , sounds like your stupid enough to believe him
  12. easy for some of these callous guys they say f.ck off !
  13. it is true , i have spoke to lots of guys who have lost half their pension and half the house so i know it is true your daughter is obviously not well informed , next time your in a bar start asking british guys they will tell you and after you will know your daughter knows nothing , it might be writen but judgement can end up different so is it worth the risk ? imagine having a million pound house meet a girl in a bar ask her to move in with you and then 7 months later she files for half your house and pension !! you just lost 500,000 pounds and half pension what an expensive drink and a stupid law , judgement is different to what is written your daughter knows nothing read the link below , www.theguardian.com/money/2010/jun/20/mortgage-warning-unmarried-couple
  14. his wife is from the bronx now you know why he left her !
  15. Ladyboys turn up for conscription call

    bet the other soldiers were disapointed she could not join , they could have had an orgy