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  1. will the authorities be able to catch him in his farrari ? looks like the police officer tried to stop him possibly for speeding , the officer felt the full force of this type of car , i hope they find him he is probably at a race track , its a case of im a rich kid and does what the hell he wants , it would be good to see him behind bars and throw a few ladyboys in his cell that would stiffen up the case .
  2. tourism and sports ministry ? is this a sport now ?
  3. your statement is completely unjustified in my opinion you have not seen what happened before that for the small guy to go talk to the car behind , if he was racing up behind him and scaring your wife and child in the car then the car behind in the first place the driver is an idiot and secondly you would want to point it out to him as he could endanger other peoples lives maybe yours if you were crossing the road on a bend he is the type of idiot that would overtake on a corner and would not think twice about the concequences of knocking you down and killing you maybe you could be crossing the road with a child on a zebra crossing and that idiot would be the kind of idiot that would overtake a car waiting to let you cross the road and end up running you over and your child
  4. she might have jumped because he may have been having an affair with someone else
  5. thats why i booked my flight out of thailand on the 10th april not back until songkran is finished and im still taking home 19 year old girls ha ha somewhere else
  6. it is very sad what happened all our hearts go out to her family and husband to be , and the organisers should be prosecuted but to talk of compensatiotion on at a time like this is unacceptable for me as it cheapens the memory of the girl and its a sad reflection on thai society that talk of money is involved at this time RIP beautiful girl
  7. so you conclude it was a normal act then , whats your theory i would love to hear it ?
  8. typical uk type i see it all the time back in england the guy who got punched did right to stand up to the thug who punched him , these people have no respect or any decency they usually drive aggressively as is their personality and someone is going to cop for it but why should it be like that , good on the guy who got punched for standing up to the thug as you can see from the video the guy who got punched ended up with 10 times more respect than the thug who proved nothing but a selfish pratt thinking only of himself and too proud to appologise he should get 2 years hard labour
  9. police conclusion is it was suicide anyone can see that a 31 year old checks into a guest house with no money and no valubles and strips himself naked and jumps from the window so easy to write up in police report
  10. the finger pointing is still going on pic included
  11. keep your hard hats on boys as many foreigners are trying to fly from the 20th floor of many buildings and always look up if out side a tall building you dont know whats going to land on you !
  12. but many disappointments online as men can just talk about having sex with online girl just for it exciting them but then not actually meeting them so a girl is not going to just sit at home all day on a computer with no customers , the drying up of customers is because of the incesent police and authorities harrassing girls on beach road and making it difficult for men to get off with them as they look to clean up pattaya but instead are losing business with people going to other destinations .
  13. friend who tried to talk him down might have pushed him if he was in on it with the accountant woman it might not be suicide
  14. something more to this story than his passport being held onto , could easily tell police or get another one , he was not short of brass also just trying to buy a property for several million , whenever i go near high buildings or in shopping malls or airoprts best wearing a hard hat and keep looking up as foreigners bodies falling faster than sterling !! just had an irish guy jumping from top floor of airport only been in thailand 2 days , dont think he had time to understand its the land of smiles not miserable sods ! ha ha