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  1. They should make the balony railing higher sometimes you could trip and go over it easy
  2. Sad to see nowadays no respect the woman needs a banning order from thailand but before the ban she needs 10 whip lashes in front of her friends and do it in the city centre for all to see
  3. i have always thought some of these go go bars could easily go up in flames and there is only 1 exit some are dangerous
  4. Good on yer cabbie there are some real idiots about a swift left or right hook sorts them out !!
  5. good choice of words spurned the cop ha ha i suppose he spurned all over her ha ha and then madame paid the fine and starts again on monday must be about 10 down that street
  6. but its another step in the direction of a family image resort BUT what family is going to go inside a go go bar ????? the authorities STILL dont get it .... without sex and turning pattaya into a family resort WILL MAKE IT DIE A DEATH !! just LIKE no seats on beach road for the thousands of tourists to sit down on they used to have many seats until some less than bright spark thought it a good idea to destroy them , now you have to sit on the filthy pavement with the cochroaches !!! and the non tidy up of the beach where farlangs and beach road girls piss and defacate along with the dogs makes it a beach and sea with litter in it makes it a place that is dying a death and without sex it will die a death quickly
  7. Pattaya expat and Thai wife murdered in Amsterdam

    what happened to dodging a bullet ? thought that was part of the training in the shaolin temple
  8. the non clean up maybe its to do with high up officials scamming off the amount of money that is supposed to go for cleaning up the sea and beaches while they buy expensive houses and condos
  9. Pattaya expat and Thai wife murdered in Amsterdam

    yes and i have been to both , had a very nice dutch girl and many many sexy thai girls , looks like his martial arts expertese where not good enough ! nice thai girl meets martial arts guy ends up like this , best sticking to the bar girl life
  10. Pattaya expat and Thai wife murdered in Amsterdam

    think he must have visited koh tao island and there is no escaping koh tao no matter where you run and hide ! also sounds like his martial arts expertise was not upto scratch
  11. i can understand the thai guys point of view that the aussie dead guy did pull and release his own parachute instead of looking before pulling it so from that point of view it was his fault but i think they should have highlighted that to him , pity he was not further out as he may have survived but itd dangerous doing it from the beach it should be done on a platform out in the sea . AS its not a good idea to release your parachute in shallow water as gravity takes NO prisioners
  12. 4,000 bt to have wall repainted maybe 500 bt to repaint it and 3500 bt to the thai guy i would have repainted it for 3800 bt as a cut price job
  13. I am in need of a fake watch , I would buy a fake watch from him i only go for rolex though and it has to be quality but as long as that is ok i would not mind buying one . some of these buyers go over the top all he had to say was he was not interested and not order him out of the shop
  14. british embassey should put out notices not to go to koh tao there is obviously someone going around doing crime , as the deaths have not stopped .
  15. District chief defends Pattaya bar raids

    human trafficking, crime, prostitution, drugs and guns there wont be anyone going to pattaya if they wipe out that lot . thats what i go for , going to bed with a 20 year old girl when im in my 50s cannot beat it ! im sure the chief of police does it ha ha where would all these girls go and work and support their families or kids , i say bring down the cost of a roll in the hay to say 300 baht and pattaya would be booming !!