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  1. makes you wonder on the intelligence of the reporter brain hemerage i will say in this case was due to being stomped on the head 10 times
  2. Help police catch this thief!

    ex thai police sergant
  3. he would of been able to pay for another flight if he had not got all those tattoos done , they cost about 3,000 baht each one
  4. he could soon get that with all the benefits they stupidly give away and , housing , disabled , and state pension or working at a desk 25,000 a year
  5. <deleted> when cctv shows this american stamping on the australians head 15 times you seriouslty think its a ploy to get more money out of american ????? you cant puti t where it aint ! some people make me wonder .....
  6. she will be sat with another customer now
  7. the police said they have overwhelming cctv evidence thats why they charged him but you would not believe it even if they showed it to you
  8. true why is the money not used to buy him and get his wife and child a passport to go to uk , once he is there as uk just about takes anyone who has no money and once there , the usual will happen , they will give him a house as he will go to the front of the queue and uk residents will go to the back of it , also he will get benefits , and not have to work and possibly most bills will be paid for him ! i have even heard of a pakistan man claiming for his 4 wives back in pakistan and they did not even live in uk he got the money , why not give it to someone who has not paid any taxes or contributions for years in uk.
  9. apartantly according to a new witness the australian and the woman was just joking around and this nutcase misunderstood it , abit much when you cannot joke around in a bar but it would be good if thai visa reporters spoke to the woman and got the full version but dont forget she might be predjusting the case if she did it before he goes to trial im not up on that but i would presume that
  10. you know im correct thanks for confirming it
  11. only someone with minimal intelligence would not believe he was beaten to death , he had killed before so he obviously was not bothered about beating someone to death , everyone knows he did only you dont believe the hospital , the police , news readers on here out of all of them its only you that does not believe it
  12. read the story man , im not going to do it for you
  13. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    sounds like the iranian was causing trouble , maybe he had a suicide vest on