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  1. Oh.....they're talking about shooting guns. I thought they were trying to shoot something else straighter.
  2. I was thinking more like..........Stu - pi - di - ty
  3. Big deal..... I see what good came from the arrest of the Red Bull douche.
  4. If the police were smart (and I use that term loosely) they would have let her deliver the drugs to the Africans and then arrested them as well. DUH!!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j74VFngCn7w
  6. The words "Thai" and "critical thinking" don't belong in the same sentence. "Moronic thinking".... . maybe.
  7. You'd think that Thais would STOP riding around in the back of pickups but, sadly, I guess not.
  8. I think that fat, overweight police officers wearing skin tight uniforms is more obscene than this.
  9. Everyone knows that it's her fault for wearing a skirt in public.
  10. gp2002

    Thailand to face worst drought in 20 years

    "Thailand to face worst drought in 20 years" Yes but there's still enough to waste during Songkran
  11. "PM tells farmers to plant crops which consume less water" Because more water is needed to waste during Songkran.
  12. Considering how narrow the seats are nowadays, all passengers should have their meals fed to them.