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  1. fforest1

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    Planned full compliance by 2021... My friend 2018,19,20, and 2021 will come and go without compliance and that is guaranteed 100% .......There will never be compliance because compliance is impossible for all but a few...... When Thailand starts telling tourist to sleep in the streets......Then I will say compliance IS possible...lol. Guesthouses will be around for a long time.....
  2. fforest1

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    And what are the requirements to obtain this unicon of a hotel licence? You need a pool,a elevator,green space, the sidewalks have to be so so wide,the hallways have to be so so wide,you need a fire escape,you need to pass a enviromental review,and the list goes on and on and on...... Virtualy No hostel,guest house,or hotel that was not built from the ground up to meet the reguirements can ever have any hope of complying.. So if regulations are passed that almost no one can comply with and enforced against all common sense,I would say that would be a strong indicator of insanity... So why was this guy who was taken to jail for not complying with a regulation that almost no one can comply with not charged with a crime?? Because there are people who understand this whole crackdown is a compleat pile of rubish that makes no sense... And what was he told to do to comply? Absolutely nothing because you can not comply with some thing that can not be complyed with... I predict in time this will pass like crackdowns always pass.....The dumber the crackdown the faster it passes... Does any one remember the selling beer near schools crackdown? The failed crackdown list could fill pages. So are they planning to shut down every Hostel and Guesthouse in Thailand and 90% of the Hotels... No they certainly are not planning to shut them down....Because if they did Thailands Tourist industry would be destroyed...
  3. fforest1

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Wrong... Have you seen the size of Makros parking lot? What do you see parked there? Bicycles? Nope.....You see cars lots and lots of cars..... People do not need plastic bags in Makro because they have a big bag called a car to carry their goods home in.... The % of people who shop at lets say Big C who do not have cars is way way higher than Makro.... So Big C needs to have plastic bags...People can not walk around 24/7 carrying a cloth bag to go shopping...So Big C would be pretty stupid to not have plastic bags.... Plastic bags are good for business..
  4. Well I guess Thai Visa is in on the conspiracy because there were plenty of posts on here about the 20 year plan a while back when they had the last tax increase.....I am to lazy to dig them up myself...
  5. The elephant in the room not many are talking about are the already planned wine/alcohol tax increases in the 20 year plan....Yes wine is very over priced now but there is a whole lot more tax pain coming in the future......I could see wine sales in Thailand just falling off a cliff and store left with piles of unsold wine if the tax greed does not stop.....
  6. About a year ago I tested out a few of the cheap Thai vodkas ....I am not a picky drinker but let me tell you that thoes cheap Thai Vodkas were absolutely horrid....Please do not spend even one baht on this garbage...... Gilbeys vodka I found to be ok for drinking and ok priced..About half the price of Absolute Vodka... But finding cheap wine is getting more and more hard all the time...If the rapid tax increases dont stop they will be charging 500-750 baht a liter for even the cheapest wine...
  7. I think there is going to be a whole lot of unsold wine just sitting on stores shelves taking up room with these never ending tax increases... Hell they can not seem to even wait 2 or 3 weeks now before the next tax increase....
  8. Laughing bird is also only 1.5 liters....But I guess its cheaper than Mont Clair which now sells for a whopping 1,100 for 3 liters...
  9. Well this is just pathetic...Even the 3rd rate swill is getting to expensive to drink.....And wine making is looking better every day..... I dont know if you guys remember the 20 year plan but it showed lots more tax increases for wine and spirits... What to do? Each year I find myself drinking lower and lower grade wine..
  10. fforest1

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    Bla Bla Bla Sam Neuts take a chill pill..Room rental crackdowns are the flavor of the month next month it will be some thing else... If any of you had looked at what is involved in getting a hotel licence you would break out laughing... The requirements that need to be met are so thick and volumunous that its almost comical... Virtually no one can get a licence to rent rooms,unless your the Hilton.. Use your brain people....You can not cram all the millions of tourist who come to Thailand into a the few hotels that have a licence..,Ita all a big joke really.... And give it a rest on the TM30 too..At most immigration offices Bangkok being number one dont give a rats ass about the TM30....
  11. Friendship....Some times they have it some times they dont...It seems to sell out pretty fast....
  12. Any opinions on a wine fruit juice mix you can buy here called Very Pamp..Its a rose wine with juice..You can buy 3 liters in a box for 380 baht...10% alcohol.....It comes in a redish box with a big grapefruit on the label.. I was drinking laughing bird but was getting tired of the price increasing every few weeks it seems. Very Pamp was better than I thought it would be but dont get me wrong I am not saying its good just slightly ok..
  13. They are going to need to build a whole lot more prisons if they hope to have room for all the critics of this silly project.....The submaines almost look like a sound investment compared to the satellites...
  14. How about just buy the photos you need from NASA.....That would be about a 99.999999% savings....
  15. Would it not be better to just put some helium blimps up in the air to do some spying?