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  1. Drones were always illegal as you need a license for anything radio,
  2. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    They were always banned as you need a license for any form of radio communication. Wont stop the shops in Pantip to sell them though.
  3. No alcohol tonight

    In the aftermaths I heard that too, some local shops were not selling, but 7/11 and Tesco did. Funky roundabout turnaround :D
  4. Tulip market....fantastic correlation....but it changed something. There is more value inherited in each coin than in fiat, leaving the beauty of tulips alone :)
  5. Phuket was always good for such stunts, why people still go or live there?
  6. So they found one. Needle in the haystack. He will probably become the next big general :D.
  7. Amorn has some parts, upper floor. But Samsung is usually not selling spares, they want you to bring the appliance for repair, which is costly. I'd not buy from them again, after 2 (not cheap) washing machines died just after 5y/o. It's designed to break after warranty is over.
  8. UBER Expensive to Chaing Mai Airport

    Uber is way cheaper and certainly better service than the local taxi mafia. I would not bother to take a stinky 20y/o pickup to the airport and pay him 250B for sitting on a rotten wooden seat. The trick for Uber is simply to sit in front and pay before you arrive, Nobody is going to surround and harass you. Give the lady a kiss if you want, and all is settled.
  9. Dremel - where to buy in CM?

    They sell all kind of 3rd party Dremels, Black&Decker, Chinese no-names, works the same, but you wont get much accessories here, but you can order from Aliexpress.
  10. I meant this, they made a new website and links do nor work or work only partially. The direct one as posted here works. https://immigration.go.th/content/online_serivces
  11. Ok, the direct link works, Joe, but if you go to the website and try to navigate there, you will end up "under construction".
  12. They made a new web site, now it only says under construction. Don't know why they can't finish construction before switching it online, but probably that's how schoolboys do it.
  13. UBER Expensive to Chaing Mai Airport

    Last week it was 140B from Nong Khwai to the airport with Ueber. 7 mins from the booking to car being here. Can't really beat that.
  14. Rubbish, especially new LPG stations pop up everywhere. PTT is the main driver. Which is completely contrary to what happened just a few years ago when they wanted to phase out LPG in favour of CNG. The latter is now more expensive than LPG, and LPG cost half of petrol. So conversion makes more sense than ever.