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  1. Smokescreen, this provision exists already in Thai law, it is not limited to 30 or 50 years, validity can be contractually agreed upon. It's called superficies. Perhaps the administrative wannabies should study there own laws first before making bubbles as this :)
  2. Yes, correct. So that would confirm it was intentionally shut down, perhaps because they can not manage and maintain it as it was never made to work in a real life environment, and that is what it will be for the foreseeable future. Hope next round they spend a bit more and hire someone who wrote a program before.
  3. Same good as the housebook, it serves as substitute for a residence certificate, or work permit. Nice to have, saves a bit of effort.
  4. The conclusion...90 days report was sent by mail on 7th March to Yannawa, arrived 10th March, was then internally sent to Chaeng Wattana, stamped on 17th March and sent back on 20th March from Government Complex to arrive back at 22nd March. Turnaround time 15 days in total, both way registered mail, not EMS. No idea why they don't have a direct mail in address in Chaeng Wattana though. The online report link shows now "Under Construction:", so that old crap hopefully will never be reincarnated again.
  5. I sent it by registered mail instead. Arrived 10th March. Till today (17th) no answer, due date is 23rd. May go to Chaeng Wattana on Monday and check. How long this usually takes end to end?
  6. Whereby it is required you are a tax resident in SG, or any other country.
  7. Just an example, you have under 22k SGD income in SG, paid from anywhere, interest, investment, whatsoever. This is the current threshhold for not being taxed. You could still declare this in SG and pay no tax, even though they tell you not to do it. The Thais now want you to tax on that, because you sent all of it into your Thai bank account. They still could not get a single cent of it as it falls under the double tax agreement. If you would not have declared it in SG, TH may take its stake.
  8. I believe its illegal now to drill for water. Unless you wear uniform.
  9. I love these emergency sales :). BTW, you can still grab a rai of land for 1 million nowadays, not all is lost.
  10. "booking queue time"....hmmm....interesting phrase. So you can queue to book an appointment to queue for a residence certificate for a small fee?
  11. Bimbos? :-D
  12. It's good if they really offer FCD accounts now in CM, 2...3 years ago they refused it. I do my banking with them in BKK, Suk 4 branch, and they always have been extremely helpful. Even managed to close a fixed deposit at UOB Singapore for me.
  13. Yes, that may be the reason, the lady at the DLT told me only she could give me the temporary 2 years with the pink card, so I used the passport, does not matter anyway.
  14. Care for Dogs is doing this every other weekend, you can even take one home and keep :)
  15. Yes, they do, but do not use the pink card. Should not matter for registering a vehicle, but you get only a "temporary" 2 years driver license with it, not 5 years.