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  1. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    i dont know yet if is a a short visit or maybe i will do the extension after 2 months in that city, what documents they need? the id is enough?
  2. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    good, thanks. another question if I want to go see a friend in another city in thailand and stay in her familys home, what i have to do? what documents i need to take in immigration? the id of the owner of the house?
  3. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    i am not sure this place have any kind of managment. is just a private owner that own this building and rent the rooms. the airbnb booking recipt is ok for the jomtien immigration?
  4. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    i can do the tm30 in jomtien immigration. what documents do I need?
  5. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    in pattaya
  6. sustanon

    METV TM30 TM28 ?

    i am going to stay for a month in a place i found in airbnb. i dont know if they are going to report anything. is a rent room. not a hotel or a condo. this for the 1st month. after that i will find a condo
  7. i am coming back thailand this saturday. I just made a new metv and i will probably use it for stay in thailand for almost 9 months with 2 border run and 3 extensions. i am going to stay for a month in a place i found in airbnb. after i arrive i am going to look for a long time room. i still dont understand what are the documents i need to do in immigration for not getting fined. tm30 tm28?
  8. my driving license is expired 3 months ago. is it still possible to renew?
  9. how many months i can drive legally with an IDP in thailand?
  10. yes i am tourist, with a METV before, and a VOA/30days extension now. if my landlord did not make a tm30 for me i cannot be fined? 100% sure? i will make a new 30day extension the 24 december 2017. can i give them the old contract of rent? in the tm6 done today in cambodia there is the new address and not the old one.
  11. sorry but now i am more confused then before. i am sure that on my last 30days extension in september they wanted the rental agreement. i am sure becouse i have to go back to the condo to take it, since i didnt have with me. so immigration know my old address. i really have no idea if i ever done a tm28/30 is there any way to check? i just want to do the right things to not get fined for this.
  12. by checking you mean that immigration send someone to check if i still live in the condo i submitted before? becouse i still havent a contract for the new condo. i have to ask for the contract. also i will need to go immigration twice. for this new tm 28/30 and 24 december for the extension. is it riscky to just do both tm 28/30 and extension 24 december?
  13. ok thank i will do on monday but i dont understand how can immigration discover that i changed condo?
  14. i was on a metv start january 16, today 2nd border run and 1extension. i will do the 2extension 24 dicember 17. so for avoid problem and fine, i can just go at immigration next monday and make a new tm30? or i can wait for the extension? what document do i need for this tm30?