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  1. my driving license is expired 3 months ago. is it still possible to renew?
  2. how many months i can drive legally with an IDP in thailand?
  3. yes i am tourist, with a METV before, and a VOA/30days extension now. if my landlord did not make a tm30 for me i cannot be fined? 100% sure? i will make a new 30day extension the 24 december 2017. can i give them the old contract of rent? in the tm6 done today in cambodia there is the new address and not the old one.
  4. sorry but now i am more confused then before. i am sure that on my last 30days extension in september they wanted the rental agreement. i am sure becouse i have to go back to the condo to take it, since i didnt have with me. so immigration know my old address. i really have no idea if i ever done a tm28/30 is there any way to check? i just want to do the right things to not get fined for this.
  5. by checking you mean that immigration send someone to check if i still live in the condo i submitted before? becouse i still havent a contract for the new condo. i have to ask for the contract. also i will need to go immigration twice. for this new tm 28/30 and 24 december for the extension. is it riscky to just do both tm 28/30 and extension 24 december?
  6. ok thank i will do on monday 😉 but i dont understand how can immigration discover that i changed condo?
  7. i was on a metv start january 16, today 2nd border run and 1extension. i will do the 2extension 24 dicember 17. so for avoid problem and fine, i can just go at immigration next monday and make a new tm30? or i can wait for the extension? what document do i need for this tm30?
  8. i am coming back pattaya after a border run in cambodia. i changed condo 1 month ago. on tm6 now there is a new address. i dont understand what i have to do in immigration about the change of address. i read about many farang being fined. i just go immigration and tell them i changed address i need a new tm30? what document i need for this? i am renting a condo
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  10. i am not going to pay a fine for an expired driving licence since i am not gonna be able to extend that legally in pattaya. i will be in ubon by the end of next month. i will ask them if they can issue a new driving licence. all this years of vast experience but you cant give an answer to a simple question.
  11. no, the colour of the motorbike was different from the colour on the book. and are both finable by the police. so stop post in here if you cannot help. or you just stay all day on internet becouse you have nothing to do? I would like to know if there is a database between police and DLT. and if i go ubon ratchatani for get new driving licences.
  12. ok so you think that if they stop you they give fine to the owner? they call him? they say to me ok mai pen rai everything ok? you think they really care about who is going to pay the fine? ok then forget about the colour, they stop me becouse no helmet? that is gonna stop you post here?
  13. if you change colour of the motorbike u gotta change the colour on the book too. what it is that you dont understand? police can fine you? of course i am not telling what exaclty? just write what u think i am missing becouse i dont understand
  14. this is what i want to know. are you sure there is a database between police and DLT? and if i go ubon ratchatani for get new driving licences? about the colour of the motorbike, if anyone is interested please open a new thred. it really doesnt concern me, if not for the colour, they give me a fine for something else. maybe you guys dont live in pattaya. here all they want is money.