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  1. i am not going to pay a fine for an expired driving licence since i am not gonna be able to extend that legally in pattaya. i will be in ubon by the end of next month. i will ask them if they can issue a new driving licence. all this years of vast experience but you cant give an answer to a simple question.
  2. no, the colour of the motorbike was different from the colour on the book. and are both finable by the police. so stop post in here if you cannot help. or you just stay all day on internet becouse you have nothing to do? I would like to know if there is a database between police and DLT. and if i go ubon ratchatani for get new driving licences.
  3. ok so you think that if they stop you they give fine to the owner? they call him? they say to me ok mai pen rai everything ok? you think they really care about who is going to pay the fine? ok then forget about the colour, they stop me becouse no helmet? that is gonna stop you post here?
  4. if you change colour of the motorbike u gotta change the colour on the book too. what it is that you dont understand? police can fine you? of course i am not telling what exaclty? just write what u think i am missing becouse i dont understand
  5. this is what i want to know. are you sure there is a database between police and DLT? and if i go ubon ratchatani for get new driving licences? about the colour of the motorbike, if anyone is interested please open a new thred. it really doesnt concern me, if not for the colour, they give me a fine for something else. maybe you guys dont live in pattaya. here all they want is money.
  6. no one took any bike, where did you read this? ok, but why? can you explain at least? are you sure i cannot make new licence?.
  7. no i dont need to pay road taxes becouse i dont own any bike or car, i rent only a bike. about the colour, the bike is not mine so i dont care to change the book. and even if it would, doesent matter, they will always find something wrong i just want to know if i have to pay the fine, after go dlt and have new driving licences. or i can just go to the dlt and make new driving licence? since i am not sure that i have time to waste a day at the dlt near pattaya, next month i will be in ubon ratchatani, maybe things easyer there?
  8. is not about this. they will always stop for something even if all legal they always give me a ticket. i dont care about this i know already how things work in here i just want to know what is the best to do for have legal and up to date driving licence back. now if they stop me i still have an international driving licence. after i can give them my italian driving licence. after that i dont have anything more to give and they will take the keys of motorbike and that is the only thing i dont want
  9. I have two driving licence, both expired on September 25, 2017, and both are at the police station. they took the first one because the color of the scooter is not all black, but black and white. the second one today, for driving with an expired driving license. what should I do? can I make new driving licence at the DLT? or I have to pay to have the old ones, then pay again to make the new ones?
  10. 30c plus is ok .... if you play phone, or pretend to workout with the pink dumbells for ladys