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    UK settlement refusal

    If every thing you say and is genuine and you provide the correct documentation, then there won't be a problem. I did the same application in 2007 provided every thing that was required, got the visa/cert no problem. It is a long winded process and makes you wonder some times but worth it in the end. Good luck mate, all the best.
  2. Can't maintain the life style you get used to with out a steady income stream, things change so you should adapt to suit. Planning is the success for every thing......
  3. Baan Klang Hua Hin hotel/condo, Phectasem Rd, walk up Soi 55 from the fish restaurants on stilts, turn right at traffic lights, walk 100 metres and your there, 5 mins from night market, 5 mins from night life, 7 mins to beach, 20 mins to market village all on foot. Only 4 years old, 2 swimming pools, gym, breakfast included, large condo style rooms with balcony, bathroom, double bed or twin singles ,1,300 baht per nite, very very clean, I stay here every year for 3 months, wouldn't go any where else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ..............

    Kuwaiti tourist killed in bungee jump accident

    Never do a bungee jump, if it goes wrong you don't get another go .
  5. Who on earth in their right mind would want to go with an ugly fat bloke wearing a skirt and pretending to be a lady, god only knows...........
  6. Deffo sounds like a roid head, not worth the hassle arguing with them, too selfish. Plan your revenge, go slightly earlier with a friend , take over that machine and one next to it, sit there and have an half hour conversation between sets while not exiting the machine, 555

    Phuket armed robbery unfolds in front of tourists

    500'000 baht for 3 staff, bloody good salary they,re on.........

    Hua Hin undergoes beach facelift

    All the money we tourists plough into Hua Hin, one way or another, but the local council give nothing back. It gets dirtier every year, the smell of the drains, the state of the pavements, taking your life in your own hands to cross a busy duel carriageway. I don't think they really care about us tourists but if it wasn't for us and our money, well you work it out.

    Cannot lose money in pigs teerak...hmmmm

    Don't understand why you started this post, do you ?

    Molly’s parents angry at unresponsive Phuket officials

    Can't lose Face by seeing the parents He don't really give a <deleted>>, not his child, not his problem, typical Thainess Makes me lmfao......imbosills I think how u spell it.

    Dead baby sent as parting gift for ex-boyfriend

    It's a common story in Thailand, girl gets pregnant, boyfriend leaves and finds another girl.............................. Sounds like the Thai Small Penis Snydrome to me
  12. I have always thought Thailand property prices are over inflated, considering 50% of the population are still third world! the prices per sq m are on par with UK, <deleted>. Do not fall for the (in the future) promise from developers, they can simply go into liquidation or name change and there's always the very very small print in the contract. I showed some interest in a Condo project in Hua Hin 4 years ago, promotion in shopping malls and free visit, food and drinks to show house, site plans and scale models of the project. Trying to sell off plan, discounted of course, I didn't buy but out of interest, I visit the show house every year, they have sold 75% of the first condo block but they have only just started building so I imagine it will be another 2 years until the project is completed. Apparently they have only just received a licence to build. Feel sorry for the people that signed up 4 or 3 years ago and still waiting. Over development now, just like Spain, I'm waiting for the crash.

    Absentee phone for DTAC sim stored in UK

    You only need the phone number and copy passport...
  14. I see a major devaluation of property prices here, starting now.....