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  1. Thai kale ... what is it really?

    . Had an empty "building lot" down the street from where I lived in CM, on which a Thai man grew this vegetable for extra income. One day, out for a stroll, I saw him mix and apply a pesticide. Now, saying he "sprayed" his crop would be an understatement; it was more like flea-dipping a dog. I stood far away and found myself holding my breath, while he, in flip-flops, saturated the ground. But, that is not the end of the story. It gets more interesting.This was not a young crop. Two days later on another walk, I saw him loading his harvest for the trip to the fresh market. Wash all you want. Add vinegar or salt or soap. Sandblast it if you like. The plant still takes in the poison along with the water it needs to live, deep inside, where nothing but your digestive process will extract it. Having said that, I count it as one of my favorite vegetables, and, along with crispy pork—which is on the burner as I type—one of my favorite dishes.