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  1. HeijoshinCool

    Eucalyptus Air Freshners

    I used to buy small sachets of air freshener made from crystalized eucalyptus; widely available up north. 5 or 6 inches long, with a string. Lasted three months in a car. Anyone know where to get these in BKK?
  2. HeijoshinCool

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    Some of these, of course, were due to recklessness and stupidity. In other words, avoidable. Some were not avoidable. Ignore the first, and meditate on the second category. Many highly trained, highly experienced, exceptionally careful riders are killed in situations which were unforeseeable and unavoidable, because bikers have little protection, unlike cars with steel surroundings, seat belts, and air bags. No, I'm not a puss. But I was both a cop and a paramedic. Motorbike "accidents," pound for pound, are far more gruesome than car accidents. And painful. I attended a scene where a young girl was barely sideswiped by a semi. It threaded her between its rear two wheels. A snow shovel was used to bag her remains. Other than her choice to ride a bike that fateful day, totally unavoidable on her part. I love biking. I do ride in the American Southwest, an open environment where you can drive for hours without seeing another vehicle. But there is nothing you could do today to persuade me to ride a motorbike in traffic. Too many fools out there with low mental capacity, and/or zero respect for life. To the poster who wrote: Just bring a good helmet with you, if you have one. Or you can buy one here before starting your trip. The helmet can be good for allowing next of kin to identify you after crushing, avulsive, shredding, severing injuries destroy the rest of your person. I wish you the best.
  3. HeijoshinCool

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    . Thanks. I like gas. It will be in the kitchen, unlike most homes in the States. But... In a small house, gas water heaters work well. In a large house, they work hard, and waste a lot of fuel because of the long runs of pipe. They also waste fuel, from constantly heating when the hot water is not needed. And in Texas and Florida, where I'll be building, they fight the a/c by heating up the closet. Or, if in the garage, they raise the already high heat there. I'm not much for "instant" this or that, or the plethora of "on demand" things nowadays. Heating water is one exception if for no other reason than it saves money.
  4. HeijoshinCool

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    . That is correct. I recently wired a new cooktop that only needed the three wires of the old four-wire cooktop. Just nutted off the neutral. Same applies here. If you can find one with a simple on/off heater control (no fancy electronics) it will work with no issues on a US 220V/240V supply @60Hz. Look for a unit with no electronic temperature control or a stepped control. Thyristor/triac controls will likely work just fine on 60Hz or they may not. Try it and see. Of course then there's the task of getting it installed to code  So a stepped thermostat could be a problem? Aren't some of them mechanical, rather than electrical? In Texas, you can build what you want, without inspections, in the counties. Needs to be code in municipal areas, though. Two hots and a ground is code.
  5. HeijoshinCool

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    Thanks for the input. I don't imagine the difference would affect the switch, but, hey, this time I'll just buy one and try it for 6 months. If it's no good, no biggie. If it's the Energizer Bunny of heaters, I'll buy more and save a lot of money.
  6. HeijoshinCool

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    there must be on-demand electric showers available in the states which would be better. On demand hot water units here start at $600 and aren't aesthetically pleasing. They are bare bones and don't come with the showerhead. They are bulky and ugly and only two brands are readily available at the big box stores. Neither are ones I ever heard of. The units at the wholesale electrical are ridiculous prices and just as ugly. The Panasonics and Mitsubishis I bought in LOS were all under $150, and include everything but the earthing rod. As a sidenote, the Mitsubishi a/c I installed in my house in LOS, I paid 14,000 baht for it. The exact same unit here costs $3790. Lowe's recently started selling a bum gun. Wanna know how much? $96. And they act like they invented it. I'll be buying a few of those to bring back, too. 3rd world country my a$$. Case closed Will not work. Best case: lukewarm. Worst case: control electronics (phase fired, thyristor) won't work at all. Cold water. All American houses have 220, for many things: central hot water and range among them. Some condos with elevators have only 208. So no problem. In fact, my house will actually have 3-phase as I have heavy duty woodworking machinery going in my shop.
  7. HeijoshinCool

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    Building a house in the States and intend on taking back a few on demand water heaters. Much cheaper in LOS with wide selection. Can the higher hertz significantly shorten its lifespan?
  8. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    . Yep. 20-something pages, or 52 pages. Same price, too.
  9. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    I agree wholeheartedly. Like I said, though, the last year with USCIS (yeah, not Passport Agency but both Feds) has been stressful and astonishingly absurd. We're still awaiting the wife's Unconditional green card. There's an "Exceptance Facility" just down the road from me, so that's where I'll be first thing in the morning. Thanks, guys.
  10. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    Thanks. I'll take another look.
  11. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    I wouldn't be concerned except I read where some countries won't allow entry with only two pages left; but no details which countries.
  12. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    Expedited ($60) in the States is a two day turn around?
  13. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    CM or BKK? What were the circumstances, anything special, or you just got lucky?
  14. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    Yeah, I've briefly considered that, but the way USCIS screwed up my wife's Unconditional Visa I'm afraid they might lose my passport. We're still waiting for her new green card. The old one is 12 months expired. Have a U.S. senator working on it but he's not making much headway. Only reason we bought the tickets is they were 80% off, and it's with a great airline...
  15. HeijoshinCool

    New U.S. Passport from Consulate

    . I could do CM if that makes it possible.