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  1. Data Roaming AIS-Prepaid for Singapore

    Thank you all for your feedback. Will get the AIS Fly Sim. MS>
  2. Would anybody know how to activate data-roaming for a few days in Singapore and what the daily cost/data limit is. Could not get a clear answer from their site. Thank you kindly. MS>
  3. best rat poison.

    No, you can't... Don't touch that glue... 555...nasty stuff. Do the 3prong approach. Trap. Glue and poison. Good luck. MS>
  4. Paintings? Where?

    THX> all. Found TIPP Plaza. 2nd. on left side. Fair enough. MS>
  5. best rat poison.

    Glue-board. Friendship & 7/11's. Cheap & effective. Put plenty out and along a wall or near their underground "homes/holes. Rice and a bit of cheese or bacon or chicken will do fine. Can also find bigger traps in hardware-shops, possibly friendship. The poison works slowly and many are resistant. They evolve creating more Vitamin K to counteract Warfarin/blood-thinner. https://www.skedaddlewildlife.com/how-mice-have-developed-a-resistance-to-warfarin-based-poison/ Pest Control companies will mostly use traps and stronger posions. MS>
  6. Paintings? Where?

    Thanks... Will go see at Tipp. MS>
  7. Paintings? Where?

    Sorry, Index did not have what I was looking for. THX. So, still looking for info. MS>
  8. Paintings? Where?

    Hi there I need a few inexpensive large paintings. Where would I find them ideally? Mike Shopping seems closed down. Thank you all. MS>
  9. Sorry to hear. Yeah, Meow is very good and has such a choice of rooms with Oasis & her Private-Rentals. Best drop her an email anyway, she really follows up her waiting-lists. She was able to get a friend of mine into a room she looks after only, after inquiring with the owner in Europe, if would like to rent out for a few months, just a few days ago. Good luck and hope you find a good place to stay. MS>
  10. Write to Meow at Diana-Oasis. Normally full, but she is very organized and follows up with cancelations and waiting list. She has some great studios from simple to luxury. Perfect location on Bouakao. Pools and gardens and probably one of best WiFi systems in town. Several of my friends stay there for their golfing trips for years. View Talay 6 also has good number of units. Google both for contact. Good luck. MS>
  11. Carnage in South Pattaya as "epileptic" man plows into people/bikes

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epilepsy_and_driving Let's see if the public pressure reaches BKK :-( Terrible news about horrible accidents every day. What a shame, what a show of ignorance, lack of respect for others...MS>
  12. BPH Emergency Experience

    Nice to hear your you are fine and had a good experience. I am in/out of BKK Group hospitals with some serious procedures. Mostly perfect treatment & service outstanding. Comparing apples with apples prices are way below international levels with few exceptions, mostly situation-, rarely Dr. based. Cardio Dept. is outstanding. Wishing you all the best. MS>
  13. We are looking to buy a small & light motorbike. Usually Chinese brands, gas-engine. Need to be light enough to be carried on a yacht. Any shops around Royal Phuket Marina? Thank you all. MS>
  14. Royal Phuket Marina / Restaurants nearby?

    Thank you to both of you. We know Boat Lagoon. Thank you. Really surprised nothing open, but the small dark bar on the main promenade. MS>