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  1. Was there not long ago and felt safer and more welcome than in BKK. Everybody very friendly and helpful. Good town for a few days of shopping and exploring. You will likely only see central KL anyway. Enjoy. MS>
  2. Anybody with experience and recommendation for durable and comfortable medium-firm mattress for rental condo. Price range 15-18K /. I am not unhappy with Sealy & Dunlopillo, but open to switch to other brand. Thanks for any expert-input. MS>
  3. Hi there Talked to them today ob my job. They usually concentrate on max. 2 main-projects , but fit in smaller jobs as possible & at times their team for specific tasks is available. So, it is a yes. Just might have to wait a bit for quotations and execution. Very nice people to deal with and 2 weeks into my most recent bigger job, very pleased with all they do. No shortcuts. Absolutely reliable and organized team. Owners on job daily. Job-site clean and tidy. No extended food breaks etc. , quite the opposite. I will send you details by mail, so you can talk to them directly. Pl. don't take them from my job :-) :-) Good luck and nice weekend! MS>
  4. I have asked them about areas they work in. Obviously allover the Darkside and don't mind further into suburbs, if the job justifies it. They are busy, but I can tell you, it is well worth waiting a few weeks to get them doing your remodel. I am 2 weeks in now and I would say they work twice the speed I am used to, have shown every day on time, leave the workplace clean and organized, staff is nice and respectful and have fixed and improved a bunch of details I was not even aware of. My experience with many, many remodels the last 20 years: rather hire the best, pay a little more and have it done right the first time. So many friends, who thought they got a better deal, very much regretted having gone for the "cheaper" offer. These guys are somewhat a family operation with the heads being a very likable Brit & his hands-on wife and some of her family as supervisors and organizers. And yes, they have some finished projects they can show. Have a nice day. MS>
  5. The Electroshop top left Pattaya Bus, just up from busstation or the one in Banglamung opposite old Numchai, a bit up the road to Hospital carry various models. Both shops mostly used by contractors. Regards. MS>
  6. They work in greater Pattaya area mainly. Would need discuss limits with them.Prices seem very fair to me for resolving and taking care of any issues and deliver quality on time or even quicker. Very nice staff, full owners' involvement and personal service. Very happy with them. MS>
  7. I am often seeing posts searching for a good contractor. I have done a bunch of remodels during the last 15 years. If anybody is looking for a professional , smallish company, with very nice & respectful, hardworking staff and a nice Thai/Falang couple running the operation, drop me a line. They do anything from smaller remodels to entire villages. Pl. don't bother if you are happy with low-level quality and expect to pay "Thai-prices". These guys deliver quality and run a smooth & fast operation from A-Z. I have worked with several medium sized companies doing some major remodels for me & friends during many years, but limit myself to now 2 local companies and a few outside contractors for specialty works. Happy to answer if you drop me a mail and are not a time-waster. I have no interest in these companies, other than being a happy customer. BTW, they have not asked me to publish this, so I will not publish their name, but will answer your mail asap with contact details. I learned the hard way and am happy to share some good names, if it can help somebody. MS>
  8. Good morning Rich I am upgrading several accounts to 300/50 but 3BB does not have capacity they say and offered me 300/150 with fixed IP for the same price. Just wondering how it would affect me. Thank you. MS>
  9. So sorry Joe & Thank you very much. My contractor found one a few hours after I posted, only just got home. Thank you kindly and apologies. MS> PS: Request could be closed :-)
  10. Good day; I am aware of general difference of Fixed/Dynamic. Still, can anybody enlighten me if I do better with a Fixed 300/150 vs. a Dynamic 300/150 Account with 3-BB. I am talking speed-wise/ bandwidth/reliability? Is setup in load-balance or router very different/difficult? Thank you very much for any feedback. It will help me much. MS>
  11. No singer......designer wanted :-)
  12. Hi there Looking for somebody creative who could have a quick look at a condo and do a couple of creative floor-plans according to requiremnts. I know about software for this, but this is one of my weak points, so rather pay somebody. Thanks. MS>
  13. Listen to the people who say Don't Do It. A nightmare running a business here. Talk to people who run businesses. MS>
  14. Incredible the number of high profile crimes committed, often against tourists, in this peaceful culture and once paradise. RIP. MS>
  15. Good afternoon: Looking to expand & diversify business for my wife, who is in the tourist-restaurant-hotel sector. Successful and busy, very hard worker. We think about adding some small franchises. Small 1 or 2 staff "show", which could then multiplied and added in further locations. We live in touristy area, so could cater to locals and farangs. Any ideas? Would also go for something bigger, if makes sense. Just want her to have a third leg and expand slowly. Thanks for any feedback. MS>