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  1. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/roku-express-5x-more-powerful-hd-streaming-i278864016-s449071216.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlistbrand.list.15.44f240dehw3nPm&search=1 Works perfect and easy. MS>
  2. moonseeker

    Snorkeling in clear water--finally!!!

    Great Info. Thank you. MS>
  3. moonseeker

    Vaccinations / Immunizations TH for Thai people?

    Thank you kindly Sheryl for that detailed information. Have a nice evening. Much appreciated. MS>
  4. I am looking for the following info: 1) What immunizations should a TH teen ! 15) have had during school? 2) What immunization boosters - not knowing the previous immunization history - should a 35 yr. old adult TH get? 3) Where in Pattaya can these be had reliably w/o an exorbitant price attached? Thank you all very much. MS> PS: Sorry, not interested in immunization-opponents opinions and conspiracy theories. Know them all and know better THX.
  5. moonseeker

    Good masks to filter pollution - where to buy?

    Happy to put one up for you/your friend in Pattaya Central. Perfect location and 100% reliable. Mail me if you need a site in Pattaya, where pollution is becoming a real & serious problem. Happy New Year. MS>
  6. moonseeker

    Pattaya Burial?

    https://www.thai888.com/contact/ These guys, prior Allyson Monkhouse, did several all in funerals for friends. Reliable, affordable. Not sure these days under new corporate structure is still as good. Was impressed by the services back then. Might give it a try. MS>
  7. moonseeker

    Where can i buy any roller skate at Pattaya ?

    https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?spm=a2o4m.home.search.2.1125719cQhcTRw&q=roller skate&_keyori=ss&from=suggest_normal&sugg=roller skate_1_1 Easy, no cost and no risk return at any 7/11. Regards. MS>
  8. Every year the same bs by the same magazines or websites for many years. TH has some advantages, but has declined in so so many aspects that they will never catch up with other nations in many years. MS>