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  1. moonseeker

    Buffolo Skull ? Where ?

    Anybody can remind me where I have seen real, clean buffalo-skulls for sale. Remember having seen them driving by somewhere in South Pattaya. The 4-legged type ones only please. Thank you all. MS>
  2. moonseeker

    PADI Open Water Dive Course...

    Thank you both. Have a nice evening. MS>
  3. moonseeker

    PADI Open Water Dive Course...

    A friend wants to his Open Water in Pattaya... Any recommendations? Or better send him to Islands for a few days? Thank you. MS>
  4. moonseeker

    Rajavej Hospital OPD fee enquiry.

    I assume no drum perforation as you were told to flush it. Try these dirt cheap eyedrops, yes also eardrop-suitable. Tilt your head, pull ear, few drops... Massage your ear and you might be surprised how well these drops work. Cured many ear and eye infections with this, when similar meds failed. Might have to shop around a bit as not always in stock. 45 Baht a piece...Don't let them sell you "identical" stuff. Good luck. M. https://goo.gl/images/vAdeRS
  5. All explained here: https://www.samuiforsale.com/real-estate/condominium-transfer-tax-and-fees.html Fees & taxes are usually 50:50 as outlined in Sales Agreement or however the parties agree. Have bought units in all 3 versions, all incl. 100% by Seller, 50:50 or 100% by Buyer. The extra business tax for short-term holding/sale really is not much of an issue, if you sell a quality condo at a fair price. Contrary to common comments, I think good units in good location and well managed buildings sell pretty fast. Regards. MS>
  6. Hi there: Anybody knows a shop in Pattaya that sells & exports Buddha statues. Meaning....Sells to me & gets the export license and ships it abroad, too. Thank you all. MS>
  7. moonseeker

    Figures reveal extent of drug problem in Thailand

    Scary numbers and probably a big factor in agressive and crazy driving behavior. MS>
  8. A quick recovery... 5555555.... Sailed by the bay 2 years ago... Horrific.... Definitely the country with the most beautiful islands and beaches.....NOT..... 100's better choices. I firmly believe that the the environmental destruction is one of the main factors quality of tourism is declining fast. TH needs to wake up and educate young generations...MS>
  9. Ridiculous.........There is hardly any real, honest and intelligent kind of journalism left. I have just been invited to join an online publication / blog with contributions to "Travel-Highlights-TH".......Listing the 25 best attractions......A complete joke.....Elephant & Tiger-Shows, Hill-tribe-Longnecks, the beautiful bays & beaches of Koh Larn among them.... Etc. Etc. Only people who have not seen the world could by so out of sync with reality. Pity, used to be a great country to be, no more.... MS>
  10. There is a guy with several, 4 or 5 lovely dogs on a sidecar. They belong to him. Some stunning beauties and very friendly. See him once in a while at Friendship. Sad chapter the Soi-dogs, or animal welfare in TH in general. Very sad & says quite a bit about ......, if you think a bit about it. MS>
  11. Hi there. I had several health situations which forced me to early renewal. Up to 45 days twice and once almost 2 months. This in Chonburi and once way back on Samui. Explained them my problem and asked for their help. No questions asked and friendly helped. Showed them my return flight ticket. You could always just let it expire, get a Non-Immigrant back home before you are ready to travel and apply for extension before the 3 months are over. Or travel back via another country close-by, where they issue Non-immigrant. Had to do that once via Penang and did another stopover along the coast or a scary direct van trip from Penang to Surat. Good luck. MS>
  12. Exact same happened to me on trip from Penang to Surathani. Driver complete maniac. Passengers terrified. Me and a French lady and Thai man got off in the middle of nowhere. Well known for 20+ years these trips to reach the ferry to Samui in time are suicide missions. Our driver totally freaked, after we asked him friendly to slow down. Not easily scared, but this was my last time in a van. They must be on something... MS>
  13. Seafood? Better choose the place well. There are a couple good ones. Watch all these big places packing up the defrosted smelly shrimps, lobster and fish from their show cases at closing timeand throw them back into the freezer til the next day. Don't believe me.... Go watch.... Then do a bit of research on poisons, plastic and chemicals in much seafood. Salmon is a great example to start with... MS>
  14. moonseeker

    Drivers License / Crowds....

    1) Heads-up: I have this from a friend, who just got back from the MVD this afternoon with the following info. Please amend if you have different info, as just a few weeks ago, it was a very different experience! "Due to new traffic laws & enforcement and crackdown # 7676 on drivers w/o license, the local MVD is totally overrun. According to him this morning 7.30 there were close to 1000 !!!!???? people, mostly Thais waiting outside. Due to this, the office supposedly from tomorrow opens at 7.00 on to get numbers/in-line. According to him he got # 42 today for foreigners ( I did not know there was a difference made...) and he was sent back home at 16.00 to come back again tomorrow. Paperwork was prepared today, but no tests or video etc. According to him it was almost impossible to move, the crowd was so huge. Just thought this might help somebody to plan the day or maybe we get confirmation/ correction or more details........." 2) What is required from a foreigner to drive legally in TH, tourist w/o residence, w/o local drivers license? Thank you all. MS> Sorry for the "formatting", no clue how to avoid this in Chrome.....
  15. Great write-up...Impressive and entertaining style. Have a nice Sunday. M.