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  1. moonseeker

    Oven Cleaning

    Home Pro sells sprays that foam up. Let it sit and wipe off. Or use any of the much cheaper Magic Cleaners for kitchen at Friendship. Set on foam and repeat couple times. Good luck. MS
  2. moonseeker

    Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    I wonder if they will have Chinese guided tours to Terminal 21? That would take the fun out of that new super mall.... MS>
  3. Thank you all again for the great info. MS>
  4. moonseeker

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    New report from GB out. TH most dangerous destination for Brits and 25% of Brits believe that their Government covers medical bills abroad. Scary.... Plays exactly into the naivity of many to feel they don't need insurance. Friend just got diagnosed with colon cancer and has spent already 200K in first week for basic evaluation. In a private hospital in BKK. Get insurance if you can. MS>
  5. moonseeker

    AIS Fiber experience? Locations?

    Super info. Thank you all. MS>
  6. moonseeker

    Home Theater? Sound Bar? HELP!!!!

    Good evening: I need some help by Pros, please. Moving to a new house, my old one has a great 5.1. Klipsch Ref. & Sherwood system, way overpowered, but super music and movies in the 40 sqm living room and an identical setup but 1 number smaller, still way overpowered in the 25 sqm bedroom. Selling house with systems and looking at a recommendation for enw place Living Room: 45 sqm, high ceilings. Bedroom: 30 sqm, high ceilings Would love a ATMOS/DTS soundbar, but would also go for a traditional system. Don't want to spend a fortune this time. Maybe up to 50-60 K for each room? Anybody with a solution? Listened quickly to a Klipsch soundbar in Power Buy. Amazing......But is it the setup and demo or will it really be that good? Looking at Sony & Yamaha, too. But where to listen to? Thanks for any help. MS>
  7. moonseeker

    AIS Fiber experience? Locations?

    Thank you all kindly for the info. MS>
  8. moonseeker

    Best 3 golf courses?

    Thank you all for your help. MS>
  9. moonseeker

    AIS Fiber experience? Locations?

    Many users are obsessed with speef/bandwidth and daily speedtests. I am more interested in good and steady service and support in case of line down. Friends in BKK told me AIS Fiber supposedly excellent and no throttle down internationally. Anybody using AIS and any feedback? Their internet Sim already provides great service and might even be an alternative for a home. Location South Pattaya. Please share. MS>
  10. moonseeker

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    How many countries offer really FREE & Comprehensive Healthcare? Below links are not well researched and lack real facts. Germany, Switzerland etc. do not offer FREE HC, they might subsidize, regulate and have a welfare-system that steps up in serious cases. But even if HC charges are deducted from your salary, you still pay for it. What country provides top-notch FREE HC??? FREE & UNIVERSAL are 2 different things! I have friends with cancer who have to wait weeks or months to see the specialist in sveral European countries. What are the solutions?? Are there ways to resolve this or actual examples? Are you citizen of a country with THE SOLUTION? How does it look? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_with_universal_health_care https://www.thebalance.com/universal-health-care-4156211 https://www.expatinfodesk.com/expat-guide/deciding-on-the-right-country/main-decision-criteria/health-care/ Feeling sorry for ill people without access to good HC. Good night! MS>
  11. Thank you very much. Will also have a quick look at Bon Cafe in Naklua. They seem to have several models. MS>
  12. moonseeker

    Best 3 golf courses?

    Thank you kindly. This is great info and I will forward to them. Nice Sunday! MS>
  13. moonseeker

    Icare Shop in Central Festival

    +1, efficient and friendly. MS>
  14. moonseeker

    Best 3 golf courses?

    Good day. Got a few friends coming and they want me to line up 3 days of for them. I would not have a clue where to start. Could anybody help me with a shortlist of the favorite 3 or 4 courses and I can take it from there. Thank you for any brief feedback. MS>
  15. moonseeker

    Marriage To US Citizen in TH / Requirements?

    Thank you so much Joe. Super-info! Have a great Sunday. MS>