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  1. Thank you kindly Kh. Benq. Regards. MS>
  2. Anybody? I think it is also called wood-bleach and comes in powder-form. Thank you. MS>
  3. Looking for shop to buy Oxalic Acid and Sulfamic Acid urgently. Any idea? Anybody knows the names in Thai, writing in E & Thai possibly? Thank you for any feedback. MS>
  4. Old news indeed. Been like this for 15 + years. Going up to the hill to the right. Classy performers . Does not get much lower...MS>
  5. I could care less, if it costs me 80 or 150. I tip well for any good job anyway. I used to have a great barber, who left for BKK and never since found a good one again. I hate sitting in that chair and some guy snipping away 20-30 minutes for a job that takes a pro 8 minutes.....I am talking simple straightforward cut. Anybody with a fast-cutter, please let me know :-) Thanks and have a great day! MS>>
  6. Thank you very much. MS>
  7. I am sorry, did not think of Songkran. I fled the place for 10 days.....Somebody else will tell you shortly sure, anyway, not much to worry about, as 1 week in regulations. Have a nice day. MS>
  8. Usually this desk is very understanding and VERY friendly. Excellent in fact. Here the link with details: 1 week late accepted, but would stop by tomorrow. I usually go around 15.00 and have hardly ever waited longer than 5 minutes. Have a nice Sunday. MS>
  9. Thank you kindly Champers. They are on my list tomorrow. Good night. MS>
  10. Hi there Looking for an not outrageously priced commercial coffee-cup warmer. Around 20-25 cups would be great and enough. Anybody? Thanks a lot. MS>
  11. Good day Anybody with an idea where to find commercial (quality & quantity) paint-stripper. Preferably the soy-based type that should work well on dry acrylic paint on sand-wash. Or....commercial stripper for furniture, something I have not tried yet. Or anybody with a better cleaning idea? Googled and tried most, incl. acids & pressure-cleaner. Thank you all. MS>
  12. Good advise and/or a good orthopedist/spinal expert in BPH. Sciatic nerve pains can be severe and cause, often "age-based" joint & spinal problems are looked at first. Good luck and get well. MS>
  13. I mean the beautiful German Shepard :-), sorry to divert from subject....was well worth it...5555....MS>
  14. Your avatar still makes my day every time I see it. What a beauty!!!!! MS>