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  1. shop that prints t-shirts from image file?

    Try small shop opposite BKK Bank Big C Klang upper floor, back escalator. Or big shop just a bit below and opposite Foodland on Klang. Hope they can do. Regards. M.
  2. Any recent experiences and recommendations much appreciated. Have a nice weekend. MS>
  3. Cheapest 1-way SIM ?

    Thank you all kindly for the excellent info. Have a great day. MS>
  4. Time for zoning - or just another day in Pattaya?

    Unique? Bouakao has turned into a very similar kind of street along certain stretches. Just even smellier, more polluted, crazy traffic and senior citizens hardly able to navigate the dangers safely. One of the many world class tourist attractions here. MS>
  5. Cardiologist

    https://www.placidway.com/doctor-detail/12327/Dr-Manoon-Somranthin https://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com/en/doctor-profile?v_id=106&c=1&depid=14 Probably best choice in Pattaya. Just call for an appointment anytime. Good luck. MS>
  6. Bronx Pizza?

    Sounds typical Pattaya incl. great management. Hope the owner is on TV. Incredibly difficult finding and guiding good local restaurant staff. A nightmare, what I am told by friends. On top of cheap guests and a price war between businesses. MS>
  7. Cheapest 1-way SIM ?

    Need SIM for mainly incoming calls on separate phone. What is easiest & cheapest version/brand to keep SIM alive? Thank you. MS>
  8. Montclair Red & White / 5 L or 8 L ??

    Thank you for this.....Anybody with some stock left??? Regards. MS>
  9. Any place in greater Pattaya can still find this fruit-wine, please? What would be an available alternative? That just on the side...What is the story behind the wine -shortage in boxes??? Thank you all. I don't drink it, so am aware many of won't neither. Just need help to locate for a friend. Regards. MS>
  10. SURVEY: Taxi Service -- Good or Bad?

    My prior post was referring to Pattaya to Airports or BKK trips. Taxiwise I am 95% pleased with GRAB/car. Especially in BKK. Hardly ever a negative experience. MS>
  11. SURVEY: Taxi Service -- Good or Bad?

    I am a very frequent user on return trips to BKK plus via some business, booking at least another 60 trips monthly mainly with one Pattaya provider for years. The sad experience is, that roughly every 10th. trip is a no show or late w/o so much as a call, mostly. We would say about 50% of the drivers drive below minimum safety standards and tailgate and overtake in ways that would end them in jail in most countries. We have gone through several providers and have literally given up hope and just learned to live with it. It just reflects the general standards in this country and especially Pattaya. Have a nice Sunday. MS>
  12. Stomach Dr. :-) Upper GI Endoscopy.

    Thank you for the info. Booked with Dr. Jaruwan. Regards. MS
  13. Anybody with a recommendation for a Dr. in BPH for this? There used to be a lovely, caring lady Dr. specializing in such procedures. Forgot her name....Been a while. Thank you all. MS>
  14. Nurse for hire Pattaya?

    Thank you kindly for both answers. The PM has been forwarded and looks promising for a long-term / part-time care in Pattaya. For the more serious case of the lady that needs 24 hours support for the next few weeks, we found the following...... I happen to know the founder from a hospital-stay in BKK: Smart, reliable and very motivated and medically well informed and connected in Thailand. This service offers very well qualified nurses. Not sure they also offer assistant-nurses etc. Here the address, it might help somebody in the long-run. They also deal with insurances, many do include certain period of home-care after surgery or hospital discharge. Oliver Franz, Founder - Rent a Nurse (Thailand) Co. Ltd. E-Mail: [email protected] Direct line: +66957291652
  15. Horseshoe Point - Dog Missing

    Best of luck to find that beauty fast and healthy. So sorry to hear. Wished I could help somehow. I know how you must feel. Fingers crossed. MS>