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  1. PT Taxi Company, getting worse ?

    P. T. & Mr. T. are 2 different companies. + 1 MS>
  2. Sausage Casings / Pattaya / Makro out....

    Sorry, would not know. Doing this post for a friend. I buy my sausages done .....:-) MS>
  3. Sausage Casings / Pattaya / Makro out....

    If Makro has them they are in the frozen meat section. Ask for SAI. You might find in a local larger market with a sausage vendor, if lucky. Regards. MS>
  4. Anybody can help me out with a place to get sausage casings. Makro seems to be "out" for a while now. Thank you all. MS>
  5. Help, Contact required. (clock repair)

    End of Soi Bouakao, North Side, just before you reach Central/Klang Rd. on the right side. I use the second last shop with the repairman sitting behind his counter at the back-wall. Been around for ages and getting old like myself...He fixed and waterproofed any watches and clocks I brought him reliably. Probably best to park just around the corner on Klang. Cant stop right in front of shop, where often Bahtbusses wait for passengers. Good luck. MS>
  6. Good day all: I am looking for some recommendations for a friend of mine, who is very eager to learn the basics of Thai in just a few weeks of time, during his stay in Central- Pattaya. How would he approach that best? He is very motivated, it seems.... One-on-one? School? Online? Any quick feedback and maybe teacher recommendation much appreciated. Regards. MS>
  7. Disgusting. Violence always is.... But would need to know the full story to say more... MS>
  8. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    Are you serious? Starts at the South end and ends mostly around Soi 7. Go for a slow walk and catch the eye of the the mostly tattooed guys and see.... Nighttime... Not criticism here, just different views and perception probably. Have a nice day. MS>
  9. News flash: Pattaya is not Miami Beach

    There are very few beautiful beaches left in Thailand. Even remote island beaches littered and worse. Who calls Thailand a tropical paradise must have very limited travel experience or a weird view of paradise. Obviously it all depends where you come from and what you are looking for, might still be a pleasant city for Indians who have disastrous living and environmental issues etc. etc. There are zillions of better places to vacation and retire, some as affordable as Thailand and with much better quality and safety in most respects. MS>
  10. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    Beach Rd. is full of Meth-Heads offering drugs. A wrong word at the wrong moment, especially if they are in a group can set them off. They have the iron bars from sun ☔ handy. Trust me. Many of them "take care" of some of the lower class girls nearby. Any other country we would probably avoid such an area after dark. MS>
  11. Influenza epidemic in Pattaya?

    Friend tells me, in son's class / school a bunch of kids sick with flu/A. So are 2 of my friends. Normally never in bed, this time even went to BPH. Tamiflu & IBU. Get well soon. MS>
  12. Island travel ideas for my daughter and me

    Ao Pai Beach Samet, Samed Villa. Certainly not Malibu Beach...Perfect for short trip. Don't book package. Do yourself. Great for food, entertainment all along beach and swimming and long walks in all directions. Or Lamai Beach, Samui, if few extra days and cost not a factor.. Plenty hotel choices. Regards. MS>
  13. Which days and time of market soi Buakhow

    Tue & Fri main days. 8.00 - 17.00 Bunch of stalls, mostly shirts etc. arrive day early and leave day late. Bargain a bit, mostly low-end items.....MS>
  14. Condo's with high speed internet

    Sure, as I mentioned, speed matters mostly for heavy down-loaders of any kind. Often companies.... But hardly anybody should be stuck with 6 MB anymore :-) I check all promos & offers vs. my accounts every 3 months. Some providers don't adjust / amend automatically. Means going to their offices and asking to upgrade, which sometimes means, pay less and get much more speed. Real high-speed only on special request and then much more money. They always have to call main office for this and and act surprised when I show them bills to prove these speeds can eb had. Some with fixed IP's only, depending on their network availability. Which is not an overly important factor. But clearly available i.e. 3BB. Expect 5-15 K. / mth. min. Really not needed for average users. Torrents load well during sleep, for who still those torrents. I prefer NETFLIX etc. 3BB now only offers 30 mb down / VDSL, but was successful with a friend a few weeks ago to get 50 mb plus 200.-- extra pay per month to speed up international. But this seems to be history now. Got AIS-Fiber for a couple of friends few weeks back, but now they say NO HAVE in this area. Story keeps changing. Way out, if they don't want do fiber in condos, run your own fiber, easy enough to find some company or wait for the contractor of the provider to show and pay him extra to run it up to your floor. In case of doubt send email to BKK, most usually get answered..... Nice Sunday. MS>
  15. Condo's with high speed internet

    I think the obsession with speed and speed-tests is somewhat out of place. You really need very little "speed", even for 4K Netflix or YouTube for regular use. I have very high bandwidth accounts up to 600 mb, my private one 300 mb. I am surprised how little difference, if any, with most applications I use. I have prof. monitoring software and stats on shared systems and the real bandwidth use at any given time by multiple users, incl. streaming - NO TORRENTS - is ridiculously low. Yes, if you download major files, torrents etc. you may have certain need for more "speed/shorter downloads". For regular use a quality 30 mb down gives me the same user experience as the 500 mb, pretty much. Much more important factors seem to be LAN or WiFi, newest hardware, incl. a/c, which really makes a difference etc. etc. Initially, you need good wiring for good ADSL or VDSL. Or Fiber Optic for really high bandwidth. I often stay in hotels in BKK and abroad. I see a trend to now installing AP's (a/c)in every room and have options for LAN / hardwired. I.e. Citrus 11, just redid their system very well and I can get a nice user experience with the assigned limited speed....Not much difference from home. In Pattaya I get nice assigned 20 mb + in Diana-Estate on their dual-band system. Plenty to stream from my ROKU or Android Box. Great option now by SIM providers, even the unlimited 1 month 4 mb speed of AIS is just great and consistent. Want it faster pay a bit more and get 30 mb / 4-G with data-limitations. The speed-test freaks usually don't have much understanding of the technicalities and factors involved. GOOGLE can help :-) Have a great weekend. MS>