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  1. Could be it's rather the other way around regarding who wants to give what to whom
  2. freddie, you keep alluding he failed his training from the start or wasn't properly trained and that he was pushed through regardless of his performance, comments for which you have zero proof and which the Minneapolis Police Department would vehemently deny. It wasn't a "PC-stunt", regardless of how many times you repeat that. Let's face it, if it had been a black victim and a white cop, the comments - if there were any at all - would be quite different.
  3. Unbearable Itching

    Bed bugs leave big welts and you'd get dozens per night if they are there. The OP has not mentioned welts. Spots indicate heat rash or another type of mite/insect, which I've also encountered before. Change and wash your bedding and check for any signs of tiny critters. Another option: Your shower gel is too aggressive. If you are not from Asia, your skin becomes more sensitive due to the heat and there can be lots of itching, especially in the fold of your arm. The chemicals in certain shower gels can be too harsh under this condition. Hope it will stop soon!
  4. It's not as simple as that and this isn't a "PC stunt" as you've called it. Some cops seem heavy handed/"totally unsuited" at one point in their career. Most of all, we do need cops from all segments of the population on the street, period. Your skin color or your religion - since you brought it up, Freddie - has obviously nothing to do with your actions.
  5. Don't get the hate towards him on this forum. He's burnt his bridges in Asia through his absurd behavior and is paying the price for it. Still, I find the antics of Herr Holst rather amusing.
  6. [Mods, I hope I'm not being OT here but since this post remained I don't think I am and this really needs a response.] The problem and fallacy here is Trump (and now people like you) are attempting to place people carrying Nazi flags and shouting "Jews will not replace us" or similar BS (+ white supremacists, the KKK, the hardcore alt-right or whatever we call them now, etc) and counter demonstrators on the same moral level. No, never ever. Listen to your WW II veterans, the Jewish community and the rest of the still sane world: You become a Nazi, you have lost that right to be called a 'good person'. The fact that you may not be a monster in your everyday life - something that is kind of expected by anyone else in society last time I checked - does not give you a bonus making up for you being a Nazi. This isn't even up for debate. It took force to defeat the Nazis in '45, did that make any of the allied soldiers "not so good people"? Coming from a different angle, who in the 1940's called the Nazi's "good people"? It would have been outrageous! Sure, you can say, the ones we see today are "just playing Nazi" and not the real deal but nobody wants to put that to the test and it's obvious if given a chance they'd put people into camps if they only had the chance. So, 'no' on your #1 and #3. Regarding your 2nd claim. He only did so under pressure in a second statement the day after and then undid it all again the next day by basically repeating what he had said the first time, which had led to that uproar. You may have forgotten already but we won't. Later statements regarding the same topic count in the real world. When he called people with Nazi flags shouting hate comments "good people" Trump crossed a line that can never be undone and I hope when he will either remove himself from office or be removed, this will be cited or remembered along with all the other reasons.
  7. Yes, of course but turning it into a general statement misses the enormous significance of what happened here. While many could see him stab even his own party in the back like that, the Republicans couldn't and would not have believed it if warned. Also, funny how someone who demands 100% loyalty from others pulls a stunt like this. Here's an article on the Trump-Roy Cohn connection that I found rather enlightening: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/donald-trump-roy-cohn-relationship
  8. Elephant attacks Rayong monk collecting alms

    A violation of the monk vows, yes. However, how we react to that is still our choice and responsibility (and result).
  9. Air Berlin cancels flights as pilots call in sick

    Observer, you almost have an opener for your stand up routine there. Keep practicing.
  10. When we said last year "pocket-Caligula" is a flip-flopper with very few set in stone values & principles, did they listen? Nope. Time for another "Hail Cesar!" meeting in the WH: "Please tell me again why you love me so much." Republicans, Trump will hurt you, it was always only a matter of when.
  11. Must have been some good sheet he was on.
  12. Elephant attacks Rayong monk collecting alms

    Wow, what a mean thing to say under the circumstances and totally against Thai culture. Of course, 'Luis-Vuitton-Jet-Setting-Monk' was shocking but this guy collecting food for the Wat? Hardly. But yeah, any misguided throwaway remark for a another reputation vote on TV. Think about what you put out into the world.
  13. " The ads were meant to "sow discord" among voters by amplifying divisive messages about issues including race, immigration, guns and LGBT rights, Facebook said. " A very serious issue and showing how vulnerable FB is. Regarding the main question we're discussing, I voted 'yes' on impeachment being likely and I believe this now more than ever after that Comey firing draft letter (with a little help from his friend Stephen Miller) has surfaced and they had been advised to take certain passages out.
  14. Yes, the 787 is the only plane that has "bleedless air" and I'm pretty sure the others cannot be reconfigured for that (nor do Boeing and Airbus apparently see a need for this). Most pax seem to prefer a cooler plane, I believe. Yes, the crew can regulate the temperature.