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  1. Believe me, after 40 a bald spot isn't a problem. Like I'm still pretending to be 20.
  2. Toxic, they've made their own bed, now they have to lie in it. Just a few small concessions would have given them some legitimacy.
  3. We can't all be heroes; although most of us think we are, till push comes to shove. And strangely enough,a hero can become a coward, and a coward a hero, in the heat of the moment. Would I have gone in if I'd been there ... who knows?
  4. Aw, c'mon, if you're dumped out of Thailand you're one of three things - extremely unlucky (like buy an amulet or something), a foreign government is after your ass, or you're just a genuine douchebag with no money.
  5. Transgender Day Camp

    Well, I'll don't suppose we'll ever know the truth, till people can be openly trangender without some societal kickback; like homoesexuality was illegal in the UK till 1967. Maybe some people are playing a game, maybe some are real. I know one thing, if I wanted to be an <deleted> to society I'd pretend to be transgender. Unfortunately, in Thailand every man/woman and his dog can pretend to be transgender/gay, which really tskes the fun out of it.
  6. This has to be a joke. Who's the CEO of KFC? Guess he'll get his bonus.
  7. It was a crazy decision, true, but let's just go with it. See where it leads us. I'm not so stupid as to believe anyone can predict where this is going to go.
  8. Some pretty sick stuff on the Dark Web. Don't know how much of it is real. Good the authorities are getting to grips with it. They'll deal with cryptocurrencies next, you wait and see. Get your money out now.
  9. I suppose the US's problem is they have a half-way house - either everybody has guns, and carries them routinely, or nobody has guns. Disarming a good proportion of the population, and keeping the rest armed, is a recipe for disaster.
  10. It's the exception rather than the rule, which is why it makes the news. Ten years of travelling daily on minivans and I've only seen one instance of violence, seen a few people dead or injured by the roadside though.
  11. SURVEY: Taxi Service -- Good or Bad?

    Brilliant, if you live outside of the tourist areas, and know where you want to go (like know how to get there), and know how to say go straight ahead, turn left, turn right, stop here, in Thai. It always gets me when the guys seems so grateful when you say keep the change. Beats me how they make a living from it, it being so cheap an' all. I suppose for a lot it's a secondary source of income. London Black Cab standard it ain't, but I'll trade that off against the affordability. Don't think twice about taking a taxi here in Thailand.
  12. Give me a gun, preferably an automatic, there's a lot of people I hate and they're gomna pay, ha ha, hee, hee, in the funny farm, where everything's bright and beautiful .. .
  13. 800k in the bank for 2 months, no problem; the only other thing you have to think about is residence You have to produce a shit--load of stuff from your landlord - to prove you're living where you say you are. Usually not a problem. Basically, it's very easy, unless your trying to screw the system, when it gets a little more difficult.
  14. Well, I'll cross the Ruby Lounge off my visit list. I can get all the ultra violence I want in the UK, no need to travel half-way round the world for it. Bl**dy idiots, girls with their tongues hanging out, and they go for this violence sh*t.
  15. I wonder how many tips the FBI gets in a year about potential nutters; it's crazy, you can't contain a situation like this where every man and his dog can get hold of a gun. Not my problem though - I come from a country that's gone to the other extreme, my walking stick is probably considered a lethal weapon.