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  1. nausea

    Days Off The Booze

    A binge drinker, knows he's a binge drinker, and he's quite aware it's a big problem. The bottle or two of wine a day guy is maybe living in a false illusion. That's the difference. My point is that a binge drinker doesn't depend on alcohol to get through his daily life, it's a mechanism for letting off steam. And yeah, from my own personal experience, giving up alcohol for a year or two isn't a big problem, especially if health or livelihood is compromised. The problem is that once things are stable again the temptation to go on a binge is always there.
  2. nausea

    Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    I wonder what the standard deviation is, given that 0, i.e. your normal guy who's interested in screwing Thai bar girls, is the median.
  3. Weird way to commit suicide, like these guys who throw themselves off high buildings. Was there a note, if I was committing suicide I'd definitely leave a note, even if it was something stupid like "every game must have it's ending". But then I suppose these guys aren't thinking rationally. Still, pretty painless I would imagine, having been knocked out by a stranglehold in my younger days. If I were going the suicide route, cos of ill-health or whatever, I'd probably stick a knife in my carotid artery. An easy way out, but the seppuku alternative sounds too painful, especially if you don't have a mate to behead you.
  4. Awful. You just can't trust anyone with kids, you need to be there yourself. One reason I've foregone the fatherhood route.
  5. nausea

    Walk around

    How do you say "walk around" in Thai. The other day I went to the local market and my SO asked me what I was doing, and I said "oh, just walking around" - she said you mean Dern L.. L.. .Now usually I can get it after a few repeatings, but this time I'm totally flummoxed.
  6. nausea

    Days Off The Booze

    There are two kinds of drinkers - binge drinkers and social drinkers, excluding alcoholics. A binge drinker has no problem staying off the juice; I speak from experience. A social drinker has more of a problem I think. The reason is that for a binge drinker it's the exception to the rule, whilst for a social drinker it's part of their social fabric. I wonder which is more damaging, going off the rails every now and then or regularly consuming a bottle (or two) of wine everyday.
  7. This still going on is it. Like most sensible people I've factored a worst case scenario into my plans. Hope it doesn't end like this - The question is who's gonna end up on their arse, the UK or Europe. Do it? Ha!
  8. Reminds me of my own personal Aunt Sally in my first office job - " if wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets". Never quite got it, but I'm sure there's some wisdom there.
  9. Religion had a lot to say, in the days before Freud and modern science. The secret is to take it metaphorically, and not literally. Still do (have a lot to say), probably. There are two problems with dismissing religion. One, you throw away your heritage - most great works of art have religion at their core, and an in-depth knowledge is almost fundamental to understanding their workings and significance. Two, science, great as it is, cannot answer the fundamental questiions. It tells you the how but not the why. You end up like Camus's Sisyphus, pushing a big rock up a hill for no good reason.
  10. I have no skin in this game, not being Israeli or Palestinian. Amazing how a petty Middle East conflict dominates World politics. Take the big powers away from both sides and I guess they would agree a compromise. It is, after all, a tribal conflict at heart.
  11. The good old days, eh! When men were men, and children were there to be abused. Makes you want to puke. What worries me is that this is probably the tip of an iceberg.
  12. Too true. I blame Hollywood. It's not the dying part, that's easy; it's being crippled, and spending the rest of your life using a colostomy bag or whatever, which isn't so glamorous.
  13. The sooner we get off this planet and start ruining a few other biospheres the better.
  14. The answer is obvious - healthcare. If, by some quirk of fate, I should follow my father and live into my 90s I don't think I'll get the support I need here; not without a disgustingly large amount of money anyway.
  15. She looks a lot older, mid-20s I'd say. Anyway, these plastic women do nothing for me.