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  1. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often, or maybe it does and we don't hear about it.
  2. Guess, here are a couple of subtle clues:
  3. Isn't sending US assassins to the Philippines a bit like sending coals to Newcastle.
  4. Didn't the Koh Tao guys confess too, initially. Anyway - "Relatives of the four Myanmar workers maintained that they were framed and vowed to appeal the verdict to the higher court." (original article) A dodgy prosecution case might explain the suspiciously low sentences. And can't sentences be increased on appeal, a bit of an incentive not to appeal I would've thought. And, of course, Burmese workers being framed and false confessions being elicited is already a bit of a cliché here.
  5. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    A Nottingham guy, and I must say he looks very Nottingham. You bu****er about with a guy's wife in Nottingham and there are going to be consequences. Should've left this sh*t at home.
  6. Same old. The sanctions must be biting, I guess. Anyway, good to see N. Korea on the back foot. I was really worried there for a while.
  7. In the South, yes. But I guess the established guys will have little truck with this. May have had some traction with the youth, but ISIS has had its day. Now confined to a footnote in history.
  8. A bit hard on the gays, don't you think? Like, if a man or woman of the same sex is the only thing that turns you on. Sex is a pretty powerful. I've had enough problems with it being relatively straight.
  9. Not my highest priority, but then I'm biased.
  10. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    I've had many thousands of rides with Bangkok taxi drivers with no problem; the few problems I have encountered can usually be traced to an over-familiarity with tourists.
  11. It's how the forcibly transgendered gays make a living; lots of stuff on YouTube about it. In Iran you can be a traditional male or a traditional female, full stop; interesting way to interpret Deuteronomy 22.5.
  12. Nightmare scenario. And the targets are very obvious.
  13. Last century's problem. Most of us who have grown up with women, black guys, moslems, being in charge don't have a problem. Jesus, where are these guys coming from. And no, I wouldn't be too happy with some free-loaders