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  1. Yeah, they'll miss the 4 million odd bhat I've put into this country since I've been here. That''s not including tne money I've made locally., which has all gone into the local economy. No sending home money for me. They're pretty stupid,.
  2. nausea

    Check Liver

    Same here. Blood tests all normal. I'd almost be relieved if they found a problem. At least I'd know what's causing the problem. I'm sort of scratching around. Recently a friend died of the Celtic Disease, but as my parents are mixed it's unlikely. And I spent some time at Siriraj, where they did about every test available, including a spinal tap. Zero, negative, totally healthy. I'm gonna be the healthiest guy around when I die.
  3. nausea

    The pope doesn’t want gay people joining the Catholic clergy

    It's pretty much an open secret that in the seminaries there's a gay clique and a straight clique. Personally, I don't think any man should be allowed to be a priest until he's known a woman. To renounce something is very different to giving up what you've never known.
  4. Not all mules are stupid it seems. If I was a drug trafficker I'd be pretty worried by this example. Stick to your drug addicts, and people desperate, for one reason or another, for money. Maybe their mother needs an operation. Ha! Don't involve ordinary people in your nefarious trade. Yeah, they're more likely to get thru but it's a closed system - the drug dealers live off the stupid, the law enforcement agencies live off the drug dealers. Once you start encroaching on ordinary people maybe someone will take a closer look at what's exactly going on here.
  5. You build it up or you burn it up. Personally, I go for a half-way house. Certainly, a lot of the experiences I've had would be impossible now, in my green old age; on the other hand, I'm pretty grateful happenstance has given me a little money to live on in my old age. My saving grace is that I was pretty poor in my youth - who was it that said: "Bad luck for the young poet would be a rich father, an early marriage, an early success or the ability to do anything well", - and we're all poets at heart, however much we may protest our worldliness.
  6. nausea

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Yeah, if one thing my MBA taught me it's that teams usually win over individuals. If you think about it WW2 was a team effort. Of course, that presumes you have some strong individuals in your team - France, Germany, GB. GB leaving will weaken the EU in so many ways. Whether it weakens GB time will tell. There's always a place for outliers. I suspect certain sectors of society will suffer terribly, others will benefit. The strongest individuals in today's world are China and the US, I can't see them joining any club soon. Anyway, I support the EU, not because I think its inherently good, but because it's a step on the way. There will need to be a lot of twisting and turning before the EU becomes truly representative of the peoples that support it. The riots in France and the referendum in GB being two examples, two different nations, same problem, two different responses.