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  1. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    Oooh ... is that an insult; I am honoured that you turned your high-powered perception upon my rather frivolous post; but for your sake, and because I'm so impressed with your intellect, I'll explain what it all meant using another poster's words, as mine are obviously far below your intellectual level: "As for the "Verdict" on the 27th, it'll be whatever the little guy in the PMs chair says it will be."
  2. The really reprehensible thing here is that she's left her guarantors in the lurch, the very people who gave her the opportunity in the first place. And it's not just them, how many people are going to be denied opportunities to study abroad because of this person's selfish actions. These guarantors are hardly likely to sponsor any future students, and other guarantors are going to be extremely wary. Apparently she has assets so absolutely no excuse. Let's hope some karma hits.
  3. A Strip-O-Gram maybe? Shouldn't be any problem with the look, don't touch rule. Actually, he's probably a regular guy doing a temporary ordination; can't see a full-time monk maintaining a physique like that. We seem to be developing an internet trend here: first (at least I think she was first, not sure) we had the naughty nurse, followed by the tasty teacher, hot army guy, and sexy cop, now we have the beefcake monk. What's next, I wonder? Prayut doing a Putin.
  4. The rhetoric at the UN wasn't bad either, a bit more table-thumping wouldn't go amiss though; and needs to get the goose stepping sorted out, what's a parade without goose stepping. Yeah, they do have a penchant for setting up potential kill zones.
  5. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    Is that a euphemism for the Yingluck judgement?
  6. Well, no. I think most work hard to support their own parents and kids, it's a reciprocal system.Of course, there is an alternative solution - in India senicide, or gerontocide, is practiced; albeit unofficially. In Thailand I sometimes see old people collecting recylables from bins; I've always assumed these are people without children, or children willing or able to support them.
  7. Some of her showbiz friends might also be a little stressed at this news; I doubt they were street dealing.
  8. Well, Trump obviously doesn't believe in the "speak softly" part of the Big Stick ideology.
  9. Actually, this is a very old problem with Buddhist monks: "Buddhidharma (5th-6th c. AD) soon saw that the weak physical state that the monks were in (because they neglected their bodies to be pious and humble), would make long periods of meditation impossible." (Somewhere on The Net) Buddhidharma initiated an early system of calisthenics which eventually developed into the Shaolin Boxing we know today. Of course, whether today's problems are due to monks neglecting their bodies to be 'pious and humble' is a little debateable (555). PS You can 't write "kung <deleted>" cos the bl**dy "<deleted>" gets f****ing deleted.
  10. Hospital stops free heart treatment

    Bl**dy bureaucrats and their rules; you'd think they'd have enough nous to turn a blind eye on this one. Anyway, aren't rules in Thailand supposed to be more like guidelines. It isn't like Thailand has a reputation for strict interpretation of rules, especially where there's a little greasing to smooth the way.
  11. Army balloon deflated, QUESTIONS remain

    The powers that be are a bit like Nelson and his blind eye; when they look with the good eye they see Yingluck, when they look with the blind eye: "I see no corruption". In Thailand Lady Justice doesn't wear a blindfold, she wears an eyepatch.
  12. Better enjoy this social media feeding frenzy while it lasts; I suspect it won't be long before the baddies become more media savvy, and these publicised incidents will become a lot rarer.
  13. Spot on. The gobbledygook didn't stop some TV posters though did it; enlightening us with authorative analyses of what it all meant (555).
  14. Yeah, and expressions of rage won't change them one iota; everything carries on as usual, until the next time. I must say, kudos to the teacher for spotting this.