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  1. "When you clean up the city, you kill it," Bukowski. A sanitised Khao San? Won't that be attractive. If truth be told by day it's pretty boring, half its charm is the night-time chaos.
  2. This is one reason why the EPL is so popular, especially among the betting fraternity. It's not just a love of good football, it's a love of matches that are extremely difficult to fix.
  3. Not everybody's gonna be marijuana happy: "The legalization of medical marijuana in some U.S. states has led to a decline in revenue for pharmaceutical companies for pain relievers and sleep aids." (Original article) And if it ever goes mainstream I imagine the alcohol industry will be less than euphoric.
  4. What's interesting here is the logic in his head that led to this insult - Western guy living in Thailand, must be a pedo.
  5. More like "adieu" than "au revoir", if I remember my schoolboy French correctly.
  6. I did wonder about about the life-jacket issue. As a layman I would've expected anyone wearing a life jacket in open seas to survive. I'm assuming hypothermia wouldn't be a problem in the tropics, I could be wrong though, especially at night.
  7. nausea

    Feline Instagram Star Has the Most Mesmerizing Blue Eyes

    Someone's not impressed:
  8. Very true, but, at the end of the day, it will be judged on the outcome not the pros and cons of any particular course of action. As Hummin said above, someone has to "roll the dice". If it works they'll be lauded, if it fails no doubt there'll be plenty of naysayers criticising their judgement. I was wondering if there was some drug they could give them that might instill confidence and calmness without making them unduly reckless or soporific.
  9. Well, this is a weird one, no crowdfunding appeal and a philanthropic insurance company. Anyway, the guy seems over the crisis point, so hopefully he'll make a full recovery.
  10. Just in case this hasn't been posted already (don't have time to scrutinise all 16 pages):
  11. Especially if the captain was directing operations from a life raft.
  12. nausea

    The haunting of dubious politicians

    Agreed, "following their fall from power" is the key phrase here.
  13. Whilst it's undoubtedly useful to get some sort of estimate it's worth noting a couple of phrases in the Terms and Conditions, the second one in particular. "While we will make every effort to keep your record up to date, we do not guarantee that it will be or that it is error and omission free. You should not rely on this information ... ."
  14. Thanks for that advice. I did, and was pleasantly surprised with both the estimate and how easy it was to do.
  15. Yes, a lot less dangerous than alcohol. In fact, we should legalise marijuana and criminalise alcohol; I know, it wouldn't work, "prohibition" and all that.