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  1. White person claims to be 'transracial,' identifies as Filipino

    Not really that unusual, wanting to assume another identity; plenty of weebos, wannabe ganstas, transmen, transwomen, and the like about; this is a bit extreme though, like an outlier on a statistical distribution curve - entering "total loss of touch with reality" territory:
  2. With his wife as well. Romance isn't dead in that relationship, for sure. Maybe they were role-playing a gangster and his moll, you know, just to spice things up a bit. The phrase "Don't worry, it's not loaded ... " crosses national boundaries, methinks.
  3. Thanks for that. When I read "Win" I thought it was the same guys who had an argy-bargy with the tech. students. Originally thought it applied to a specific taxi rank. Live and learn.
  4. Prove her innocence? Maybe. Being indefinitely locked up in a Turkish prison would be the prime motivator I think.
  5. Boring; I don't know who's sadder, these two, or me for reading this BS.
  6. Well, as potential opponents - on the plus side, their aim is crap (bullets and live fire training costs money); on the negative side, they're as tough as old boots, parasites 'n all.
  7. Thailand or Philippines? A lot depends on where you hail from, and your age. Strangely enough, as an older UK person I find many cultural resonances in Thailand, absent from my brief sojourn in the Philippines. As an American you might find the opposite. It's an unfortunate quirk of fate that UK state pensions receive annual upgrades in the Philippines but not here, such is life.
  8. Fear the knife you don't see, not the knife you do.
  9. Dr. Joseph Mengele would've loved this.
  10. Acronyms?

    Well the problem is, if we're gonna ban acronyms, we need to define our terms: "An acronym is not just any set of initials. It applies only to those that are pronounced as words. MADD, DARE, NATO, and UNICEF are acronyms. FBI, CIA, and KGB are not. They’re just pricks." (Per that ultimate grammar nazi the late George Carlin) http://sense.net//~blaine/funstuff/carlin.html Is WGAF an acronym? Can you, would you, pronounce WGAF as a word? 555 (Is 555 an acronym?)
  11. Agree, and this is how it would probably have been resolved, the problem is: Well that wasn't a good move, what was a minor incident is now a big local news item.
  12. WHO should make him a poster boy for the disabled, suggested legends: Never let a disability get you down; Easy work and great pay; Travel the world, meet interesting people, and learn how to con them.
  13. Has become a big news item; all over Channel 3 this morning.
  14. I'm watching you Thaiwrath and Ossy, don't think I don't know your game, I am making notes:
  15. As a UK spectator looking in two statements sprang out at me: Really? And we're not talking the right to bear arms in general are we, we're talking bump stocks specifically. Is there a precedent for this in American law? I hate to say it, this being such a tragedy and all, but they sound an awfully lot like gold-diggers to me.