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  1. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/british-diver-involved-in-spat-with-teslas-musk-departs-thailand-for-london/video/76427062c2002016d95c5d3ddea713e9
  2. please show us http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5955753/British-caver-helped-save-Thai-boys-says-Elon-Musk-stick-submarine-hurt.html
  3. The apology was issued while Mr. Unsworth has yet to retract or go ahead with his threat of legal action and seems very much structured in case he does. Whether or not Mr. Musk and his lawyers think Unsworth deserves any, if any, financial compensation would be up to them after Mr. Unsworth, through his attorneys, formally states that he will not be bring legal charges. As far as Tesla shareholders, there is a dissident group who have wanted to remove Mr. Musk as CEO since long before the Thai cave saga and he will likely only do so much to capituallate to them.
  4. At least in the US, and California in particular, a judge or jury might also say the plaintiff Unsworth, under the entire circumstances of the case, has not proved libel as required under the law.
  5. So Unsworth has now threatened Musk with legal action and apparently is at least in discussion with plaintiff attorneys according to another topic here so let's see where that goes as to what Musk "must answer".
  6. And just how would you determine the class of those who do not qualify to be "pedos"? It's the old legal saw: It is very difficult to prove something DIDN'T happen.
  7. Both on news video and to the Guardian, Mr. Unsworth has threatened Mr. Musk with legal action saying "This isn't over". And this topic title suggests that he is at least in discussions with plaintiff attorneys. So until Mr. Unsworth lets on as to his next move, I would not expect to hear anything from Musk beyond the apology he has offered.
  8. Should this ever reach court, at least in the US, the Musk legal team would have sufficient other defenses available other than what is suggested above.
  9. Before Unsworth went on CNN and slagged Musk for a minute or so, high roller Musk probably didn't know Unworth even existed so it wasn't like his remarks came out of the blue.
  10. Mr. Musk has offered a carefully worded apology given that Mr Unsworth has threatened but not yet formally indicated whether he will or will not be seeking legal remedies and I doubt that you will hear much if anything more from Musk on this matter until Unsworth does.
  11. No. It would clearly show a jury -- anywhere -- in no uncertain terms why Mr. Musk precipitously reacted the way he did and without forethought.
  12. Mr. Musk's 'apology' was offered while Mr. Unsworth seemingly is still considering possible legal action and was done in that context. Some have indicated that they believe Mr. Unsworth has a solid case for libel. Maybe so. But I will also say, if there ever was a jury trial in US particularly in California and Mr. Musk's defense team played this video in the courtroom, regardless of Musk's Twitter tweets, team Unsworth might be laughed all the way back to Chiang Rai.
  13. If this video were ever played in a US esp. California courtroom before a jury, regardless of Mr. Musk's following Twitter tweets, team Unsworth might be laughed right out of the courtroom.
  14. I was not responding to the use of the term which I agree is pretty plain. I was referring the impact in court of Twitter tweets on a diagram board vs. video played in a courtroom of a smirking plaintiff having a good time on video at Mr. Musk's expense and why Musk maybe reacted as he did. All now is kinda moot until Mr. Unsworth makes clear his intentions.
  15. All Mr. Unsworth's prospective attorneys have is a bunch of Twitter tweets. On the other hand Mr. Musk's lawyers have a video seen 'round the world of Mr. Unsworth's negative comments about Mr. Musk's efforts in Thailand and his suggestion as to what Mr. Musk could do with his mini-sub to play in court before a jury.