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  1. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    2000 baht per month.
  2. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    No -- he's on the moon.
  3. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    There is the American expression: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. In Thailand, I prefer to keep my wheels well greased so that they do not squeak and as few people as possible actually know that I am here. Should things not go my way, the last thing I would like to do is to see how much trouble I could cause someone.
  4. House building

    I don't know but, if it turns out there is not a large cement mixer available for rental in UTH sans crew, it may be because he is the only person who wants to rent one.
  5. House building

    He wanted suggestions on a large cement mixer. Was that one not large enough?
  6. Gov. Hospital Exp/Rant

    Thanks for all the info on the government hospitals. I have never been in one as in- or out-patient and the only time I walked though one it reminded me of MoChit bus station at Songkran. By coincidence, should I ever have an emergency where I now live, there are 3 private hospitals closer than the nearest government hospital.
  7. My wife is with me for the money.

    She isn't cold-hearted. Besides, why do you presume that I live with her?
  8. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    Don't hold your breath awaiting.
  9. House building

    Why should it take more than 2 hours?
  10. Notary Services in Udon

    BTW from the Isaan Lawyers website: "In Thailand, a lawyer can also be a 'Notary' if he has a special license from the Thai law society." Regarding foreign notaries, the State of Washington requires that the notary be authorized "... under the authority and in the jurisdiction of a foreign state or constituent unit of the foreign state ..." So should any matter reach a Court in the State of Washington, a notary as received from Isaan Lawyers might be declared invalid.
  11. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    That's OK -- it was more a response to my being razzed than anything to you.
  12. House building

    You can rent a cement mixer from CPAC. They deliver it on one of these --
  13. Social Security from USA.

    Right. I have had no problem receiving the form every year at my PO Box here in Thailand. I send it back registered mail. Sometimes there is a lag on the USPS tracking between the arrival at mail facility JFK and the received notice at Wilkes-Barre PA.