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  1. To the above: No -- insufficient grounds for conviction and 'innocent' are quite distinct legal concepts.
  2. No -- the attorney said there was 'not enough evidence' for a murder conviction -- not that they were innocent.
  3. The above and the use of the word 'innocent' was written by the SamuiTimes reporter. It was not a statement by the defense attorneys.
  4. From topics on ThaiVisa regarding the Supreme Court petition and the UK NCA findings: -- Set her up in a position to look like she was raped and went looking for scapegoats. -- Andy (Hall) quoted from the Norfolk coroner's report - no evidence of rape. -- The Norfolk coroner, after performing a post mortem examination on Hannah, concluded that Hannah (Witheridge) had not been raped. -- Correct there was NO REPORT of RAPE so there is no DNA However from the UK Media all from AUG 2017 in reporting on the Defense appeal to the Thai Supreme Court: Mirror (UK) -- Post-mortem examinations showed that the young backpackers, who had met on the island while staying at the same hotel, both suffered head wounds and that Miss Witheridge had been raped. BBC -- A post-mortem examination showed Miss Witheridge had been raped. Jersey (UK) Evening Post -- The pair, who met on the Island, were beaten to death with a garden hoe. A post-mortem examination found that Miss Witheridge had also been raped.
  5. Who should send him?
  6. I have never been married as your Grandpappy suggested. How about you?
  7. No -- it's because what I want out of this life seems to be different from what you do and you seem to be clueless to that.
  8. There used to be a guy on here who would routinely say: Oh yeah? Well why don't you go back to your Thai wife or girl friend and tell her "Something terrible has happened and I have lost all my money!" and see what she says. To which I answered: If I did that she would say "You've been reading that silly farang website again, haven't you?"
  9. So when comes the 'Marrying a "rich" Thai may not be a "dream come true" ' topic?
  10. That's because you live in Flo-ree-DAH.
  11. Comment from the legal team that filed the case on behalf of the 6 plaintiffs: Legal team PR
  12. Why not go ahead? -- might work out better than your marriages.