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  1. Let's be honest here. A petty thief/shoplifter would have been caught in minutes (via cctv, witnesses, etc); however one of the highest profile people who's being monitored can slip through their fingers. It's not like she put on boots and made her way through the jungle. We're talking about someone who travels with a full entourage: security, assistants, people who are hired to carry her bags, nannies, etc. The list goes on.... It would be impossible to slip out of the country without somebody seeing. This is a country where it's impossible to walk to 7-11 without someone watching or saying something about you. And they can't find any of her assets, really? I think people should realize that when high profile people escape prison in Thailand, it's because they are allowed, or told to. "We're not sure what country she's in, but we know she' went to Singapore"
  2. Solved? what does that even mean in Thailand. Authorities couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. "Here look; the evidence" as they wheel out murder weapons in a shopping cart. Anything to keep the heard coming in. Most of the world doesn't even know about any of this as the Thai authorities do such a great job and their real work cloaking the country with smoke and mirrors. I can't believe that they are even able to openly justify and get away with most of the conclusions they come up with which to a half wit, even seem absolutely absurd. Ie. A man found hog tied in a Jesus Christ pose to a water marker in the ocean with his throat slit, labeled suicide, just before he sent a text message to is wife (girlfriend) with all of his bank info and pass codes. And a country with the highest death toll in the world due to foreigners falling from balconies. Funny that it never seems to happen to a Thai?
  3. Resolving Wild Monkeys Problems

    Looks like a Chinese buffet? I could go on and on with this article........
  4. Pattaya Go-Go clubs and bars targeted in new crackdown

    This must be a new new new new new new new new new, I've lost count crackdown........
  5. Sounds great. What does he intend to do to protect the foreigners from the locals and the corrupt police, immigration, etc ,etc......
  6. Analysts: Thailand Taking Bet on Legalizing Casinos

    Here is a perfect example of a blueprint for the operation of a casino in Thailand...
  7. What rules? I'd love to know how you get anything done or even stay here following the rules. Please enlighten me.....
  8. It figures the cop didn't have something better to do. And for a job most would be to lazy to do.
  9. Funny that their own people will go and work illegally in any country they can. It's no wonder the Thai passport is very limited to the number of countries it can be used to enter......
  10. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah........ This country has been getting tough on an endless list of things. In the end they will keep on doing whatever they have to so that the foreigners keep on coming and staying in there less than satisfactory country. Without them the country wouldn't stay afloat. Unless they just want the cheap filthy Chinese that they so often complain about coming in and beating them at their own game. You need us to pay your corrupt government, police, island mafia's and the other 90% of the countries poor street workers you spit on everyday. Complain and play the blame game when we're around, and then cry to the world when we're gone and you have no one to cheat and steal money from.
  11. You are so right. Your country would be so much better off if they never came at all. You poor poor naive person. Obviously one of the many brainwashed victims.
  12. I lived here for 12 years. I absolutely agree. Thailand has grown more violent each year. Especially over the last 5 years or so.
  13. What. How many buses crash or overturn everyday? and I'm pretty sure driving tests are compulsory. I'm not moaning, I'm just saying it like it is. What; you can't handle the truth? enjoy your stay as long as you can. Too bad you'll never be a citizen.......
  14. No it's not. Look at the stats. Thailand is number 1-2 on the list. Next to countries no ones heard of.
  15. All they have is outdated information to go by. All of the current and up to date data is buried or censored.