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  1. PM eyes increasing people’s access to research works Pretty rad idea but how about increasing people's access to basic human rights like choosing the leaders of their country?
  2. It's a shame to blame any of the junta/junta installed governments for anything at all, right?
  3. Huge water bill

    Just as a follow-up how do I fix the crack in the water tank? The crack is near the bottom and is about 10 cm long and 1 cm wide. The tank is made of plastic. Is there some strong 2-component (I assume) putty I can seal it with?
  4. Yes, because you were just about to download the Emmys when you found out they made fun of the man-child and decided not to, right?
  5. "In addition, Gen. Prayut has urged an active crackdown on narcotics, corruption and deforestation......" You forgot to add "....as well basic human rights." "......while pledging the government’s determination to investigate all instances of suspected graft and reminded students at the event to work to serve the country, not just try to establish networks for their own gains." You mean unlike what you did with the Eastern Tigers?
  6. You could have ended your rantings there and saved yourself some time because that means you have as much credibility as your junta leader.
  7. You didn't answer the question. You never do. You run away from inconvenient facts like a.....fill in the blanks yourself. We can't all see (including you) the differences in the workings of the last elected governments and the last juntas because the juntas are not accountable and answer to no one. What they do they can do in secrecy. That much should be obvious even to you.
  8. I'm denying the claim it was proper context. We could start the whole argument about why the military took power for the umpteenth time (both coup and argument) but I haven't had my coffee yet.
  9. Well you did give something effortlessly, but that was far from proper context.
  10. They never addressed them???
  11. Hard to give proper context when freedom of speech (as well as other basic human rights) are severely limited under a military junta.
  12. Huge water bill

    Yep, that's right.
  13. How about an app that shows where the tea money is going..
  14. Huge water bill

    Well, it seems the mystery is solved. It turns out that the tank I had them put underground in my garden a couple of years ago has sprung a leak (shoddy workmanship - who knew!!). That, coupled with the fact that what was once a trickle from the government water mains has now apparently become something much more substantial led to the hefty bill. Still waiting for the PWA to come and check the meter though just to be sure.
  15. Huge water bill

    It's about 4 meters below ground. The thing is even with a broken pipe it's probably not possible to run up such a bill since the pressure in the water pipe is so low it's only a trickle at the best of times.