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  1. Don't be. He's a well know cheater when playing golf (big surprise!) so his score won't suffer at all.
  2. Meanwhile, over at Faux News this is one of the headlines: "MEDIA BUZZ: Moore, battered by the media and the Establishment, loses in huge Alabama upset" Not battered by accusations of sexual misconduct. They really are deplorable
  3. The man-child was just being a guy?? Does being a guy to you involve grabbing the pussies of women without asking permission? Because it doesn't to me. In my years on this planet I have never grabbed a woman's private parts without that being part of a consensual sexual relationship. And during the hours and hours I have participated in "locker room banter" I can not recall anyone ever bragging about doing so. Guys who do this are slimeballs and unfortunately one of the biggest of them all has been elected to the WH where he continues to make a mockery of that institution. Unfortunately I don't see how even this will lead to his political downfall so I am pinning my hope to a massive heart attack based on the fact that his diet mainly consists of fast food and sodas. During a recent anniversary I received a particularly good bottle of whiskey. That bottle will be opened if the man-child drops dead.
  4. I hope Moore wins as he will be a non-stop embarrassment for the GOP and a constant reminder of the moral implosion of their party and of the abomination in the WH.
  5. Which might very well be a good thing: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/11/politics/democrats-roy-moore-alabama-senate/index.html
  6. I'm not entirely sure she does. If the man-child goes down badly everyone who's worked for him will be tainted to a certain extent - and rightly so.
  7. One hypocritical and amoral sack of pus embracing another one.
  8. Sunisa to meet police over sedition charges

    This is about a young lady that has to face sedition charges brought by a military junta that try people in military tribunals where they have no representation and no rights of appeal. But I guess that's OK with you. And I think that there's nothing wrong in going AWOL seeing as the military in Thailand is the armed branch of one political faction instead of an institution dedicated to protecting the country from external enemies.
  9. You claim she's an amazing politician. I say that the only amazing thing about her is how far she's willing to go to climb the career ladder. My understanding of "how junior politicians pay their dues of loyalty to gain party support when their own time comes" is totally irrelevant. Thank you for making it clear that deflections are all you've got.
  10. Maybe they have a swingers's club, but for watches, not wifes.
  11. As she is willing to work for and be led by the moral abomination currently desecrating the WH the only amazing thing about her is her ability (as a person and a woman) to disregard her own morals.
  12. Thank you both for reminding me about the awesome intellectual level you man-child supporters debate on.
  13. It's amazing to me that a grown-up (I assume) can be so clueless as you appear to be. It partially explains how a lying sack of s*** like the man-child could get elected.
  14. PM claims success in arousing public awareness to reject corruption To my knowledge the only person the junta leader has managed to arouse is steven100. Now there he has done a stellar job!