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  1. No, the grown-ups are pissed that a large part of the population thought it was a good idea to cut off their nose to spite their face by electing a particularly evil and ignorant man-child as president. It's like giving the finger to democracy. Pathetic. Sorry, but there's no other way to describe it.
  2. I understand perfectly was you were alluding to but the end game of the junta is control of the country, not only during the transition but permanently. No flaming intended😉
  3. The military took power yet again to control events and to steer the country towards a future that benefits them and their supporters. That fact is not lost on anyone except the most ignorant and naive.
  4. And? Does the fact that there was yet another coup mean we cannot comment on the situation? If so, why are you not taking your own advice and stop posting?
  5. I think it's pretty clear the verdict will be whatever the cantankerous one wants it to be so don't worry.
  6. I believe the first five lines were said from the man-child's p.o.v./tongue-in-cheek and the last four lines are Spidermike007's take on the situation.
  7. Indeed, and blocking evolution has been the junta's goal from day 1, thereby ensuring that if there ever is a revolution it most probably will be a bad one. Seems to me that those who have supported the junta and complained about the unrest/inconvenience they experienced in Bangkok one day might long for those days.
  8. Amazingly a few still do despite all the evidence to the contrary, despite the fact that there is yet another junta in charge, led by an ultra-nationalist and ultra-royalist. He is so firmly in the yellow camp it's ridiculous to even think he is above colored shirt politics. After more than three years of junta rule nothing has changed on a fundamental level - it's all been cosmetic (as is painfully evident by looking at the "Boss" case). The fight against corruption and cronyism hasn't even started yet, the judiciary, police and armed forces are so compromised it beggars belief and yet the junta keeps claiming they're here to fix things! Of course the yellow shirts are getting off easier under the junta. After all, what's the point of being in power in Thailand if you can't use that power for corrupt purposes?!
  9. The only time there is any form of progress at all in this case is when the media ask questions, and without the pressure created by this and by social media I think we all know this case would have been cremated around the same time as the victim. Yet another example of how important it is for Thailand to resist the attempts by the junta to increase restrictions on free speech.
  10. "However, he said he had no idea how the court’s verdict would affect Thailand’s reputation regarding human trafficking." There, fixed it for you!
  11. Note to man-child supporters; Please enjoy a well-earned rest as all the winning must have made you bigly tired. Covfefe!
  12. Ensure? Of course not. But it is at least a possibility, unlike what happens under yet another junta. Could quote Einstein's definition of insanity but it's been done to death.
  13. What is known without a doubt is that Thailand is rife with corruption, cronyism and inequality, and in dire need of a complete reform of the judiciary, police and armed forces. Because without this in place it really is impossible for Thailand to move forward in a meaningful manner. How to achieve this? Well, one thing that has been tried time and time again is military/old elite interference in the form of coups, and I think it's more than fair to say they've had not a great deal of success. So here is a radical idea; why not try something new? Why not let democracy (with all its flaws) have a go at it?
  14. As the sun apparently shines out of the man-child's backside they're mostly required to be pointed towards one of his golf courses.