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  1. Proof and facts don't factor into the decision making of the base man-child supporters. It's all about MAWA.
  2. Is this the same FBI who handed the election to the man-child on a silver plate?
  3. The man-child REALLY shouldn't accuse anyone of lying: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/06/17/opinions/trump-bigger-liar-than-obama-obeidallah/index.html
  4. This is just a ruse by the Deep State, HRC, Muslim Overlords et al to confuse the base man-child supporters. Shame on them! MAWA!!!
  5. https://www.factcheck.org/person/donald-trump/ 'Nuff said - you lose.
  6. Always cracks me up when a man-child supporter talks about facts as if that was important to him!
  7. I and my wife have done the required reporting of my presence in my house at Immigration a day after my last arrival in Thailand and I guess that was the TM30 you were referring to? Could you please let me know which application form to use for an extension of stay based upon retirement?
  8. I have a 1 year Non-O based on marriage obtained in Savannakhet which expires early in September. I plan to apply for a retirement visa and have recently put 800k in the bank to let it season for 2 months. I should then be able to apply for said visa on August 15th, just 4 days before my current 3 months stay in Thailand expires. Question 1; Will this be enough time for the application to be processed (in Jomtien) before my current period of stay expires? Question 2; Is there a link to the complete list of documents required for a first time application?
  9. As the man-child is the ultimate swamp dweller bringing along the worst kind of bottom feeders (e.g. Manafort, Cohen) it's hilarious to imagine the reality disconnect needed to post the above drivel.
  10. So am I. And you're a hardcore man-child supporter and apologist. What's your point?
  11. (Un)Surprising how a little bit of knowledge never fails to impress the man-child supporters....
  12. So according to you hillbilly means "someone who is sensitive, sad, needs to get out into the community more"? Gotcha!
  13. Someone who supports the man-child should never accuse anyone else of being slow.....ever!
  14. So in English-English is hillbilly another word for liberal?? If the answer is "no" then you're obviously a very confused individual.
  15. Are you saying that everyone living in Pattaya is amoral? Isn't that a tad silly?