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  1. Needless to say this is a cowardly and despicable act, whoever the culprit. I do however disagree that this benefits the PTP (or any other group). Bombing a hospital to make a point does not help anybody's cause - period.
  2. Care to elaborate on how it was so bad they knowingly elected a walking disaster like the man-child?
  3. No, he wasn't. He was elected because a large minority of the voters for unfathomable reasons thought their lives were so bad that it was a good idea to cut off their nose to spite their face.
  4. Before the man-child became president questions asked and stories reported by the media was just them doing their job. Now it's being on a witch hunt and having an agenda. Poor darlings. It must really hurt for the trumpets to see the man-child make an a** of himself in the world of grown-ups.
  5. Ah, the "if you don't like it then leave" advice (disguised as a question). As I reply to the other brainiacs who give me the same inane advice it's because of small things like family, property etc. Tell me, I'm sure you were unhappy during the various elected governments. Why didn't you leave?
  6. If you don't care what he says why should anyone care what you say? To answer your question; yes, I would rather Thailand go back to the way it was before. That way there would be a chance that Thailand could make some progress and not be dragged a** backwards by the same bunch of dinos for the umpteenth time.
  7. By agenda do you mean reality? For more on the term "agenda" please see post # 11 by your fellow junta apologist steven100
  8. "Reconciliation" means the same as the "Roadmap", "Thailand 4.0" and all the other terms the junta likes to bleat about: nothing.
  9. I've never worried about my ability to avoid drunk drivers. It's the drunk drivers' ability to avoid me I worry about. I have (had) two friends who were moved down by drunk drivers. Both were on motorbikes, sober and driving in Pattaya during daytime. One had stopped in the middle of the road to wait for traffic so he could make a right turn. A drunk <deleted> in a pick-up smashed into him and left him in hospital for months. He never really recovered and committed suicide a year later. The other friend was luckier and fared better. Lesson learned; If I need to cross the road I wait at the curb for traffic to clear in both directions. Inconvenient but safer.
  10. Being called a simpleton by a supporter of the fact fearing man-child actually brought a smile to my face. Thanks for brightening my day! PS. If you're not sure the hideous one will "be fine" abroad you should send a mail to the various hosts urging them to heap praise on him. That should do it.
  11. He's infamously thin-skinned. It's a well established fact but, of course, facts aren't realy important in the alternate dimension the man-child and his trumpets inhabit.
  12. The man-child is not ignoring anything that's being said or written about him. That's a key part of his pathetic personality. President Snowflake just can't let any perceived slight go unanswered.
  13. I shall refrain from writing exactly what I think of both of you since forum rules do not allow it. Parents who lost their children don't want their senseless deaths to be forgotten and you pair of ***** make smart a** comments.
  14. You don't know much about surveys, do you (retorical question). Admit it, your urge to defend the junta against even a hint of criticism sucks. I mean, come on! Even you should blush when some of the more otherworldly "survey" results are published.