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  1. Becker

    No access

    I have a Huawey Y5 Prime with Android 8.1.0. Lately I am no longer able to manage apps (delete, permissions etc). BTW, I am running Avast virus software but that has never been an issue in the PAST. Any ideas?
  2. "PARIS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump should not meddle in French affairs, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Sunday after Trump criticised France in two tweets following riots in Paris." Anything to draw attention away from this guy:
  3. That would indicate that he's even moderately informed about/interested in world politics and as we know he's not even capable of reading short briefs. As usual you give him waaaay too much credit.
  4. They will eventually find one stupid enough to take the job and it will be exactly like dumb trying to control dumber. What a complete joke the man-child and the deplorables have turned the US into.
  5. Prominent Russian human rights activist dies of natural causes. What are the odds of that??
  6. "For first time, prosecutors connect Trump to a federal crime" https://www.yahoo.com/news/prosecutors-illegal-hush-money-paid-trumps-direction-022350118--politics.html
  7. I see some shrill man-child supporters have really gotten their teats in a twist over this conviction. Deplorable and funny at the same time.
  8. Great, one of the few (the last?) remaining grown-ups leave and the mental midget can roam free. As Tillerson said in a recent interview: Trump is “pretty undisciplined, doesn’t like to read” and repeatedly attempted to do illegal things. Let's hope he does do something so illegal that even the soul selling GOP will be forced to react and remove this underwear stain for good.
  9. Becker

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    I really hope for your sake you're a troll because the alternative would be too sad to contemplate.
  10. Becker

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    Trump calls Tillerson dumb as a rock! I just love it when the mental midget currently infesting the WH calls other people stupid!
  11. Yes, those silly good for nothing scientists who work for government institutions and universities and other such silliness and discover useless stuff like electricity and inventing computers and medicines etc! Shame on them - freeloaders the lot!
  12. Yes, the myth of the high flying scientists who rake it in!