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  1. True, and that party is United Russia (Putin's party).
  2. Corrupt state officials ‘face tough action’

    Oh, is that right?? So they start cleaning up at the bottom and....well, end at the bottom. What a brilliant strategy - this means there's more for the people at the top!!!
  3. All of this doesn't matter. As the abomination himself said he could shoot someone in broad daylight and still not lose his base supporters as all they care about is: MAWA!!!
  4. I'm sure the EU are quaking in their boots at the thought because we all know how much more the EU will be affected by that than the UK...
  5. OK, so President Macron is going to arrange a referendum in France and campaign for "Frexit"? Or did you accidentally omit a gigantic "However......".
  6. Why should it stop? He's asking to get hammered on a daily basis by his deeds and tweets and hes' constantly confirming that he's a moral abomination, a complete narcissist, an intellectual dwarf and a mental (evil) child. So again; why should it stop?
  7. Well, that's as good a deflection as any I've seen lately...
  8. You're calling me?? It's a simple straightforward question but (surprise, surprise) you're totally unable to answer it so resort to childish deflections. Lame...very very lame. Again: "Where do you draw the line regarding which weapons should be allowed for use by private citizens?"
  9. Personally that's what I'm calling those who think the anachronistic 2nd Amendment is still relevant today.
  10. I am being silly?? How about answering the question; where do you draw the line regarding which weapons should be allowed for use by private citizens?
  11. What it it's not a gang but a mob a thousand strong? The AR-15 just wouldn't do it. You would actually need a tank to take out those guys. Happy for private citizens to own a tank or where exactly do you draw the line?
  12. And I almost took your previous posts seriously until your last sentence.
  13. But you said the most important organization to reform is the RTP. That's wrong - it's the armed forces. They are in control of the country regularly and could really start the whole process of cleaning up the corruption, including the RTP. But, since the armed forces are led by men of less than stellar morals (like the present bunch) that has not and will not happen. Do you disagree, and if so, why?
  14. How delicious to be called an "empty skull" by such a genius like yourself. Time for a change to the constitution. Time to do away with the second amendment and to take their assault rifles away - from their cold dead hands if need be.