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  1. Who said the present junta members aren't rotten apples?
  2. Almost every day there are stark reminders why an elected government is preferable to a self appointed and unaccountable junta.
  3. I believe the reason the wall is not standing there proud and paid for by Mexico already is fatigue. The man-child, his cabinet and supporters are tired of winning - plain and simple. Mr. Man-child; please take some time off to play golf. I know you haven't had time to do that yet (unlike that non-American Obama), just like you promised during the campaign.
  4. The new constitution is designed to prevent anyone from ever again restricting the old elite's access to, and control of, the trough. So yes, it will make things more difficult for people with ill intentions, but only for those who are not aligned with the present rulers.
  5. OTOH, those opposed to Thaksin can now enjoy their unusual fortunes in peace.
  6. Because it would once and for all confirm what everyone knows already? Hard to say for sure, but what is abundantly clear is that this must be a huge pain in behind for the junta leader. Som nam naa, as they say.
  7. You refer to an incident when the BIB turned a blind eye to Arisman's escape and then you claim that the BIB are still under the control of Thaksin, despite the junta's unchecked power. When I inquire about that you get all defensive and blustery. To me, that shows you cannot really back up that claim. Don't know what's that got to do with me criticizing whatever the junta leader is focused on, which these days seems to be stopping/jailing anyone pursuing the facts regarding a certain missing plaque, which IMHO further shows he should be focusing on getting the eff out of the government offices. And that also answers your question about which way I want it.
  8. But now the junta is in control, remember? So why haven't they sorted everything out? I mean, with article 44 and a government answerable to no one the junta still willfully ignore the "deficiencies" of the police. Maybe you, as a junta supporter, can explain?
  9. Smelly backpackers? Having been one myself many moons ago I can honestly say that I never met one that smelled, and nor have I since. Besides, unless you're fresh off the boat you should know by now that LOS really stands for Land Of Smells so if your olfactories are easily offended you're probably in the wrong place.
  10. I like your rosy outlook on life!
  11. 555555! You just can't help yourself, can you.
  12. It was democracy in that elections were held, there was freedom of assembly and expression, a parliament with a very vocal opposition etc, etc, etc. Or are you saying that under the elected governments the yellows did not criticize, assemble whenever the heck they wanted or speak freely when they did so?? Sure there was intimidation (TIT, after all) but please don't try to equate the level of freedom under Thaksin or YL with what we see today - it's not even close and makes you sound foolish.
  13. No, they need a psychiatrist.
  14. Eructation?? Love it! Next time I'm having a beer and accidentally release a burp, automatically triggering a scolding (fairly mild, but a scolding nonetheless) by my wife, I will tell her: "Honey, I didn't burp, I eructed!"