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  1. Who is this Cash you guys are talking about. Is it this guy??
  2. Oh, they understand it all right but since these voters seem to be willing to bend over and take it whatever the GOP and the man-child throw at them they have done so with impunity. Let's hope a further loss of "entitlements" makes some of them wake up and smell the stinky roses.
  3. Brilliant! I could only improve on this by adding "and after tipping over your table he grabs your wife's private parts".
  4. No, that all ended when the man-child moved into the WH.
  5. Meanwhile, in the WH two "man-children" have a love fest!
  6. "it's a ridiculous term to shut down discourse imo. anything that main stream media disapproves is a conspiracy theory." No, it's proven to be fake/a hoax by sane people or so far out there no investigation is needed and only people like yourself believe it. "for example:ive seen people here spout russia collusion. nothing proven so far so that would also be a conspiracy theory at this point." It's quite possible it happened and that's why there is an investigation going on to find out. That's nothing even remotely close to your loony conspiracy theories.
  7. When making absurd statements like that one I would suggest that you not ask people to "think" (the reason being obvious).
  8. And what was your take on the record low turn-out for the man-child's inauguration. Was that significant in the same way as the (allegedly) recordlow TV ratings?
  9. "El Naranjo", love it! Can I use it too, pleeeeeease?
  10. That is not correct anymore after the man-child convinced his base supporters to disregard what they see and read and just believe his words. Now facts can also be "facts".
  11. Just out of curiosity which "natural remedies" have been "outlawed" - pot? If that's the case then WORD!
  12. And if you're influenced by a populist you should probably be suspended from voting forever.