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  1. Uthai Thani

    Many thanks :)
  2. Uthai Thani

    Hi, could you confirm postal address as I've apparently just received a delayed 90D receipt from them diverted from Nakhon Sawan but have been given no details for the next notification or visa extension, thanks.
  3. You have 24 hrs to leave the country or get a 7 day extension at your immigration office.
  4. You cannot work in Thailand without a work permit. You cannot work on the visa used for marriage.
  5. My wife had to legally change her name at her registered amphur (hometown) within 3 months(?) ie new ID card, updated house book, change of name certificate etc - or is my memory playing tricks on me in middle age?
  6. Ask yourself why I fat, old farang is interested in a beautiful, young lady a 1/3 his age with poor English? Is he exploiting your poverty for his own sexual abuse? Will he submit to HIV test?
  7. what do you do if you are too old to get insurance?

    Give up whoring (at your age) and use your home country health care?
  8. When I looked at accident only insurance the coverage seemed pretty low vs premium, any current recommendations for reasonably priced/heartily covered accidents? Thanks.
  9. Hi twix38, would you mind saying what Thai policy you have, I'm currently self-insured but might be interested in high emergency cover, thanks.