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  1. And do you not think that a regulated and uncorrupted industry would be required to dismantle the building in a controlled and safe manner ? or do you think that it is irrelevant and uncontrolled and corrupted companies will put HSQE first ? So therefore only invest if you condone the behaviour that currently exists and /or you can afford to lose the money. That is the connection.
  2. Are so you are a Junta apologist.
  3. Maybe that was the reason exactly, he was not corrupt. This Junta will not entertain anyone who uses moral or ethical judgment to reach a verdict.
  4. And another thread suggest students should follow a vocation to which they are best suited. In this case perhaps high diving is a potential winner for her. Joking aside was she wearing a white T shirt with no bra when they fished her out ?
  5. More Chinese nationals arrested over extortion

    No chance they will now be working for the General and his cronies on the Chinese funded railway !!!!
  6. Are but that task is beneath them these days. Those jobs are for illegal Burmese, Cambodians and Laos to undertake
  7. If the first coup leader was given the same final farewell as Mussolini , that would have put an end to the Thai Generals hobby of taking over behind the barrel of a gun. But no, the feudal system still remains and the crackpot Generals still get away with murder, literally. But there again isn't that part of the modern Thai system anyway ?
  8. There are things and people in Thailand we can not discuss as you should appreciate
  9. just another 500,000 to go and then maybe the penny will drop
  10. This is Thailand. All bullshit because they thrive on bullshit. Shame they don't put 1 million Chinese in charge of rooting out corruption in Thailand. Give every one 6 rounds of ammunition and progress may be made.
  11. Prayut is a dummy and only does what he is told to do by his masters
  12. Your final para is what is really needed to move the country forward and exploit it's true potential IMHO
  13. Well just try and touch your foot in the water and see how it turns out
  14. Thais have murdered, stolen and mistreated other Thais for 300 years. Why do you think they give a rats backside for doing the same to others that would include exposing them to sewerage in Pattaya bay ?