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  1. Barbaric "so called sport" anyway.
  2. Good to see that there are people generous enough to actively support lunatic drivers who are incapable of stopping. Perhaps the moron doing the U turn was drunk, on yaba or some other substance ? or is it solely the mere fact that that moron doing the U turn was driving a cheap car, whereas the BMW is more expensive it wrangles you to envy so hence that streak of jealousy kicks (because someone can afford a better car) so you come to your absurd conclusions ?
  3. Why ? The PM ( and those before him) is only protecting the main taxi owners who no doubt contribute to some worthwhile children's charity nominated by him. How else would they have survived so long, employing drivers who in the main have only a basic understanding of Bangkok, ignore passengers and refuse to take fares , which whilst against the law still generally go unpunished. ?
  4. If it is integrity they are after then most Thai Buddhists Monks will be automatically disqualified would they not as 99.9% do not follow Buddha's teachings strictly.
  5. And what speed was that exactly ? No timescale v distance on the recording so we don't not know. Frankly had he been going quicker he would have passed the moron who did the crazy u turn. Speed kills but no where near as much as moronic drivers who should never be behind a steering wheel. Quite often in accidents it is the innocent party who dies. For once poetic justice was served and the innocent BMW driver survived fortunately.
  6. I remember those in the cereal packets
  7. And what is it you misunderstood from these repeated BBC statements ? Five people have died and at least 40 were injured after an attacker drove a car along a pavement in Westminster, stabbed a policeman and was shot dead by police in the grounds of Parliament
  8. err excuse me but what good would that do to this terrorist. He is dead already !! And do you not think that perhaps suicide bombers really care about capital punishment ?
  9. And the girl with no driving license who killed 11 people at Don Mueng got community service, which she is wriggling out of because her Father was in the military !!!!
  10. 5 confirmed dead now unfortunately. Let's not blame anyone yet until the British police identify who the attacker was. At least the British police will undertake a thorough investigation in the appropriate and most professional manner possible.
  11. irrespective, You should not, if you have half a brain, pull out into an oncoming lane when it is not safe to do so. Basic driving education.
  12. and why should he be ? his life was put in danger by the idiot driver doing the U turn.
  13. So just to re-cap then; 1) The junta is a military installed administration 2) The cabinet has said that they are nor investigating encroachment across the border of this casino 3) The junta has just said that they will pay 300 million THB for the license fee for MotorGP to be held at Buriram circuit 4) To get to the casino you have to pass through a military controlled checkpoint So to summarise then the military( Junta) are controlling access to a Cambodian casino, part of which is alleged to have encroached on Thai land. Have I missed out anything ?
  14. And lets see who the first country will be to instigate a "tit for tat" restriction on the US and UK !!
  15. Think the answer may have something to do with this piece of news !!!! The Cabinet has approved a Bt300-million budget to cover the licensing fee for Thailand to host a MotoGP annually from 2018 to 2020. And yes it will be held at the Buriram circuit, So a little flutter on the border making a lo,t a lot, of extra income for somebody