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  1. Spend The Night At Don Muang?

    spent the night there a couple of months ago when my flight was delayed making me miss my flight out, upstairs from the new part of the domestic terminal there is a cube bed place but that is pricey and im tight as a fishes, McDonalds upstairs and other restraunts had people sleeping in there seating booths everywhere, make sure he slips his arm through the straps of his backpac.
  2. wonder if he joined the #metoo being touched like that
  3. You only have to read a list of stats for gold old nelson to and you will see why he was in jail for so long, but the necklace queen Winnie she was a peice of work that one.
  4. How family friendly is Khaosan Road area?

    I often stay right next to Khaosan Road in Rambuttri Lane and its worlds apart from Khaosan road and i would have no worries about taking kids there.
  5. The dog just wanted to have a sniff, probally was confused with what he was smelling
  6. so what, just showing someone how its done.
  7. maybe its not such a bad idea, bit hard for someone to worm there way out of it when its won the prize for best dash cam video.
  8. Not saying where i am from but when someone says ‘hi’ to me usually a G-day will just slip out before I even realise I have said it. Sometimes it’s a ‘how ya going’
  9. Amateur Blacksmith Forges Coolest Barbecue Ever

    Looks like a bugger to clean
  10. why would someone want this.
  11. Yes my sister in law left her license lapse and had to resit the test and failed, so she’s now getting someone to drive her or she still driving her Benz around with no license.
  12. I was supprised to see a live broadcast of the UN emergancy meeting on this matter thismorning on TV
  13. Wonder what is inside that lump in the middle, better do a head count of the local kids.
  14. Yes I watched it a couple of times
  15. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    I like it when my wife and family wear there traditional clothes and they look good in some of them.