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  1. Dead fish flails around after being deep fried

    dont they do this with Octopus in Japan so it will still move as if it's still alive when served, some sort of salt they use.
  2. wonder it the Americans ever meddeled in any other countries elections.
  3. British man, 80, missing in Phuket

    Think he got mixed up with what Thursday it was. Looking like he is enjoying his later years and hope the old fella has many more.
  4. Greggs 'sorry' for replacing Jesus with sausage roll in Christmas advert

    Sure did, nobody drinks VB at a Barbie.
  5. “Every two days, an Australian dies in Thailand,” A lot of these deaths would be just old Aussies that time had run out, some of the young things they hook up with can suck the life out of you.
  6. sorry, looks like it was already posted.
  7. this may be of some help, up to date with costs. http://www.thaiappraisal.org/english/the2001/default.php
  8. Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018

    I will be going and i am hoping a few of my friends will be visiting Thailand and going with me and spending money while there over here. I fully expect there will be some crazy dirvers and riders on the road after it finishes making there way home.
  9. wonder if the young kids will try and turn the cap on top backwards to look cool.
  10. Some observations

    I been to Pukett to.
  11. dis i hear someone say broccoli with crispy pork and rice, that's what i usually look for.
  12. Best secondhand car for under 300k

    I to am looking for a car for the misses in this price range when she starts her new job and this is very helpful, The Suzuki Swift is also one of my choices.
  13. Nearly 50,000 sent back from Thailand

    Just how many people can fit in a 'Van'