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  1. Maybe they went to Paris and stayed at the Hotel california there, i did.
  2. It’s going to be so funny when whoever is next elected is subjected to exactly the same scrutiny and judicial system wanting to sue everyone and everything that moves. Gives the rest of the world something to laugh about i guess.
  3. lockyv7

    US boss gives car to 20-mile walk worker

    wonder how all the other workers who work there felt about the new guy getting a new car on his first day.
  4. if harley go down the tube they only have thenselves to blame, this is $66,700AUD sticker price in thailand. I sometimes think the upper class in Thailand like that the big Harleys are so pricy because they know only people with real money are buying them and the price weeds out the pretenders.
  5. lockyv7

    Sizzlers salad bar

    i just go the Salad bar, but that Fish and Chips with Salad bar sounds like the go. hmmm fish and chips.
  6. lockyv7

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    is that real 1920 Thailand or real 2018 Thailand or real 1750 Thailand, i dont think it matters what year life in the village will be different to life in the city. just my take on it.
  7. how many are there out just packing a gun, crazy people some of them with a short fuse.
  8. lockyv7

    Nigerian Man Buries His Father in Brand New $90,000 BMW

    This could be the same person that’s been sending me emails for years telling me he has a chest full of cash and I’m a distant cousin that it belongs to.
  9. all i can see coming out of this is an order for 5000 new M spec BMW police cars to match the 5000 new taxis
  10. that teacher would destract me.
  11. when they start sniffing your front and not the rear you got to worry. ?
  12. i wouldn't mind going along to watch this and fill in a couple of days in the countryside, bit different from the beer bar or the mall.
  13. lockyv7

    'Magical moment' as man clocks more than 100mph in shed on wheels

    Said he first build the shed to take his daughter to school, wonder what his daughter did that was so bad that she was being punished like that.