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  1. A 60 day tourist visa obtained at a Thai Consulate? Or are you thinking a 'visa exempt' entry for 30 days is a tourist visa? Terry
  2. When and where are you going to get your tourist visa? Terry
  3. Where can I buy a leather eye patch ?

    It would be interesting to hear the other side of the story.
  4. How to Show Bank Statement?

    He is asking about a visa. No immigration officer involved there.
  5. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Good luck Gonzo. If you're referring to Social Security, don't forget to sign up to pay on your own. I think you have 6 months to do that. Very inexpensive. As you said, a goldmine. Terry
  6. Non O A expiration

    Good luck with that. Do, though update us on how that works out for you. Looking at your original post, it looks like you have changed the story a bit on exactly what the immigration officer told you.
  7. Just curious. Which school/faculty costs 26,000 tuition a term? Thanks. Terry
  8. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    Since when does 7-11 take credit cards? Serious question. Some banks will stop cards from being used if the pattern of use changes, or they are used where there hasn't been a pattern of use. Most have a way to notify them you'll be traveling here or wherever and will allow purchases.
  9. Amazon purchase

    I would think ordering Avon products would be better done from Avon in Thailand.
  10. Is it one, or the other?
  11. He could fly to a neighboring country and cross by land.
  12. It's 40k a month, so more like 480k for the year. Has a Thai bank folded, easily or not, in the past?
  13. TM30

    "Not quite the answer I was looking for, but , thanks for the effort." If you know the answer you want, you can post it yourself.