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  1. How is that relevant to crossing to Cambodia? Maybe you should read the post again.
  2. TerryLH


    Why do you feel you were unlucky to get a stamp that is routine for overstayers?
  3. That's between the school and the agency, not your business. If, however, they are using money they are supposed to be paying you, per your contract, that makes it your business. The Labor Office is generally good with helping employees.
  4. If that is the case, as Norrad suggested, contact the Labor Office.
  5. If the school is paying them to provide a teacher, the money should not be coming out of your salary. The school has contracted with you, apparently, to teach there. Any money going to the agency is above what they pay you, so not out of your salary. If someone gets you a WP to teach at the school, why would it matter who got it for you?
  6. It's been reported that the current occupants moved there in April. The agreement to not use the residences was in May.
  7. I don't think he meant that it was you doing the jumping.
  8. TerryLH

    Where to get weighed in Bangkok

    Any mall should have a store or stores that sells scales. Find a store and try out the machine(s).
  9. When you talk to them ask about their 'lottery' accounts. With every 50 baht deposited you get a number. During the lifetime of the account that number will act the same way a lottery works. It has the potential to make a lot of extra cash for the account. I don't think you can add money to 'that' account. Instead they open up a new account with added money. The exception is you can roll over winnings into the account. I'm sure that wasn't explained very well. The bank should be able to do that. There has been topics on here about this i the past. Good luck. Terry
  10. TerryLH

    Australia - Departure Prohibition Order

    You mean besides clearing up the child support issue?
  11. Where is your wife from? Where does she want to move to?
  12. If you have a work permit, you have a contract. It's one of the required documents to get a WP.
  13. You need 800k OR a letter from your embassy showing income of 65k per month. ( Or a combination of the two equaling 800k.) You don't need both.
  14. TerryLH

    retirement visa

    No. You apply for a conversion to a Non Imm entry, not an extension. The money needs to be in the bank the day you apply. When you do an extension after the 90 days, the money will have been seasoned.