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  1. Only if she was there under the 30 Baht plan. Even then, I don't think they would send her to Bangkok unless she has something only they could fix. More likely a regional hospital in the CR area, or CM. But I agree, if it's a government hospital she shouldn't be charged more.
  2. If married, it might be easier to apply for citizenship instead of PR. Some of the same financial requirements though. Also much cheaper.
  3. I believe the 5th is Father's Day this year.
  4. Thai medical care

    Since he mentioned both, I supplied info regarding SS. If not him, it might help someone else.
  5. Thai medical care

    If she wants to use her Social Security she'll have to register her new address with SS and be assigned a hospital there.
  6. money transfering

    You do know, don't you, that you can only get an O-A Visa in your home country?
  7. They will also be closed 3 December.
  8. Yes, you could have a problem if she goes to the police, since initially they would only be hearing one side of the story.
  9. "Along with the statement and ID card their house book to prove ownership would be needed." Is the house book proving ownership new?
  10. Wording of Will

    I don't think that's just a Thai thing.
  11. RID backs off on Mae Wong Dam project

    RID backs off on Mae Wong Dam project By webfact, 7 hours ago in Thailand News
  12. There are exemptions, private schools being the one in play here. Private school employees are not able to pay SS through their employment. If they had been employed and paying into SS for a year, then lost eligibility for any reason, they can sign up to pay on their own. They have 6 months to do that. As for having two contracts, a Thai and English version, it has been my experience that foreign teachers generally get a English version, and a Thai version is sent for the work permit. Your employer may be paying, or saying they are, your taxes, but you are ultimately the one responsible for making sure the tax form is filed every year. Your employer is required to give you a form showing the annual salary and all the deductions for the year. That would include deductions for SS and taxes. If you are having a problem with the deductions, or lack of them, I'd suggest contacting the Revenue or Social Security office to try and resolve the problem(s). In the past I found both offices very helpful. Terry
  13. KKU Hospital (Srinagarind)

    Most of the evening clinics are on the first / ground floor in the main hospital building. Not sure which area would be what you need. I've sent you contact info of someone who works there as a patient liaison and should be able to give you contact info. They usually start about 4:30 PM. Good luck. Terry
  14. Animal Cruelty law and soi dogs

    You lose credibility when you make numbers up.
  15. Can I ask why you get an O-A Visa every year? If used right, you can get 2 years with an O-A Visa. Just curious. Terry