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  1. ID Question to Checkin for Flight

    "My passport is with Immigration for 2 days to process my work permit." Immigration doesn't process work permits.
  2. Alleged loan shark’s perjury sentence upheld

    "This perjury charge will surely be overturned. Lying is part of the culture." You either didn't read the story, or you didn't understand what was written. This was the appeal court upholding the sentence.
  3. "Normally the consulate in Amsterdam gives Multiple entry Non-imm "o" visas in two days. I stay in Thailand about 7 months each year. This year the rules were changed....nothing new for Thai immigration - and they would give me only a single entry 90 day visa." Thai Immigration has nothing to do with visas issued by consulates.
  4. "...if get in wife's name and she dies then you cannot be the beneficiary so property goes to her relatives in a pre-determinded order; children (any from anyone) parents, siblings and so on." I don't think that's true. You can be left the property, but you can't keep it. I believe you have one year to sell it.
  5. "I was doing a year extension based on having a Thai family and a minimum income of 400 000 Baht per year. Nothing unusual about it - I had all the documents I was told by them to bring, but they suddenly asked for additional documents." Isn't it actually 40K a month? It's only 400K if you use money in the bank. If you do have the 400K in the bank, or an income of 40K a month from another source, you're better off not telling them you work. Just extend for reason of marriage. Much less paperwork.
  6. "Chances are not too good but worth a try." Why not too good?
  7. Sneaky True Visions

    You can download a Thai app from VIU that shows Korean dramas with Thai subtitles.
  8. "And what about the compulsory travel insurance in danish or dutch, that won't slow down anything, right?" What compulsory travel insurance?
  9. Is This Typical Moo Baan Behavior Or...........

    "People who rent are not liable for maintenance fees. Anyone who pays part or all of the fees are very naive and being taken for a ride by the landlord..." Isn't it naive to think that the fees aren't built into your rent? Whether the landlord passes the fee on is another matter.
  10. New 10 year Visa

    Thanks Ubonjoe I was hoping that the income alone would work. I guess I'll just keep doing one year at a time. Thanks, Terry
  11. New 10 year Visa

    That is the info from a couple of months ago. Have you seen something more recent that says the same thing? The article I saw was just a couple of days ago. I'm hoping the most recent article is accurate, but I've seen what a mess is made of many facts in the local news. One thing I didn't remember from your list is the 'unlimited entry valid for 5 years'. Do you recall if that is with or without re-entry permits? Thanks Terry
  12. New 10 year Visa

    "100 K baht per month = 1,2 million annually" Your point? I understand the math. UJ says you need both the deposit and the income. The news article I provided a link for says deposit or income. They both can't be right - can they? Just trying to figure out if this will work for me. Terry
  13. New 10 year Visa

    UJ says: "It is a combination of the 2. It is 1.8 million in the bank and 1.2 million of income. No 100k baht income is mentioned." It is mentioned here in a new news release. see below. "To qualify for this people must be over 50, have 3 million baht or earnings of 100,000 baht per month up and sufficient health insurance." So is that another example of bad reporting, or have they gone back to what was originally reported some months ago? Terry
  14. Energy Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
  15. New 10 year Visa

    The newer info says that you can use 100k income instead of the 3M deposit. That was in the original proposal some time ago, but not mentioned in the more recent news releases - until now.