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  1. Can I ask why you get an O-A Visa every year? If used right, you can get 2 years with an O-A Visa. Just curious. Terry
  2. Need some info

    How do you think it's done?
  3. Over 30 days

    Don't they have to be registered in a house book to get a passport here?
  4. The US for one. Those benefits are built into the system.
  5. No such stipulation. Bad info. You do know, don't you, that immigration officers don't have anything to do with work permits? I've personally had many WP's with a Non O based on marriage. My first one was in 1995.
  6. "...then obtain either a single (1,900 baht)or a multi entry (3,800 baht) re-entry permit..." I think the cost for a single entry permit is 1000 baht.
  7. Blacklist

    The earliest you can appeal is after you 'serve' your time? What is the personal number that does not change? Terry
  8. I assume you're traveling during the under consideration period.
  9. It's the same for everyone - 12 months. You can continue after the 12 months paying into the system if you lose eligibility through employment for any reason. Actually I don't think it is the same self pay that others are talking about. Social security is initially gained only through employment. The scheme mentioned for migrant workers that was incorrectly open to all foreigners was/is not the same thing. That cost was just a couple thousand a year, and requires a physical. It is not supposed to include anyone except migrant workers from the surrounding countries.
  10. "I have been refused just that on several occasions. Always told work permits are province specific." That's true if you have different employers.
  11. Not sure. That is the rate if you were paying the maximum amount (750 baht) while working.
  12. Package at customs

    "I have no choice in the matter the online shop uses a courier service." You could always look for another shop. Check out Lazada or Aliexpress.
  13. Once you've been in the SS system for a year - you can continue in it if you become ineligible through employment. The monthly cost will be 432 Baht per month. You sign up to continue at your local SS office.